Dick must be rolling in his grave

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Another batch of articles posted.  Check New to the Site on the Home page.

Note that Bishop Raymond Lahey won yet another reprieve – his case is now scheduled for 13 January 2009 – more time for his lawyer to sort out what to do with this mess.  Once again the clock ticks away.  I would bet my bottom dollar that if these fellows were incarcerated pending trial their cases would sail through the system at break neck speed.  And I can’t for the life of me understand why they aren’t locked up!  If there is sufficient evidence to lay charges then seems to me there is sufficient cause to deem them a threat to children.  I thought I had an article posted on that but just noticed an error.  For now, here is a brief report:

Bishop Child Pornography Case Delayed

Daniel Proussalidis
Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There’s a new date for the resumption of the case of a Roman Catholic bishop facing child pornography charges.

A lawyer for Raymond Lahey has requested more time to prepare his case.

So the next court appearances has been pushed to January 13th.

The 69-year-old Lahey was charged in September with possessing and importing child pornography. He’s been out on bail and living in Ottawa since October 1st.

Note too that the deal Lahey hankered with sex abuse victims in the Antigonish will proceed without him.  From what I can see that’s no surprise.  The diocese stands to gain +++ in this one.  As far as I can tell the deal ensures that any victims who are not ready to come forward to opt in or out of the deal will never be able to launch a lawsuit.  Since most victims are not ready to come forward and tell a soul of their abuse  for decades this ensures the diocese will save a fortune – without doubt there are countless victims who either know nothing about the settlement and are therefore unable to opt in or out, and also without doubt there are countless victims who just can not bring themselves to reveal their abuse by either opting in or out.  Is that the plan? 

I am also concerned that, from what I can see of the deal,  there is no duty to report new allegations.   In other words, if a priest is identified as an alleged molester there is no onus to relay those allegations to police.  If anyone in the know on the details can set me straight on this I would appreciate your input.

And back to Cornwall.  I can’t help but think that poor Dick Nadeau must have rolled in his grave when Cornwall mayor Bob Kilger came out with the line that since there is no evidence of a ring ergo there is no ring!  For a variety of reasons the sex assault allegations against Kilger of  a 19-year-old employee at a chicken outlet were particularly close to Dick’s heart.  No charges were laid.

Here’s the article re Kilger ‘s notion that no evidence of a ring means no ring:

Mayor hoped report would snuff pedo ring claims
Ottawa Sun

17 December 2009 Last Updated: 17th December 2009, 4:00am


CORNWALL — Mayor Bob Kilger said he’s disappointed that Commissioner Normand Glaude’s final report on the Cornwall Public Inquiry didn’t rule out claims of a pedophile ring operating in the community.

“I would have hoped that … that matter could have been addressed with greater conviction,” said Kilger yesterday. “The time and the resources were certainly available to the commission to come up with a far stronger answer to that question.”

In his final report, Glaude did not make a pronouncement on the long-standing claims of a pedophile ring, saying the issue was not fully explored and it was not within his mandate to make such a finding.

Much of the public interest and media attention surrounding the sex abuse scandal has focused on claims that a “clan” of pedophiles — many of them prominent members of the community — were working in concert to abuse boys.

The allegations originated from Ron Leroux, a key figure in the scandal who recanted most of the claims while testifying at the inquiry.

In delivering the report on Tuesday, Glaude noted that contrary to popular belief, the OPP’s Project Truth investigation did not look into the larger issue of sex abuse in Cornwall. The investigators handled sex abuse allegations as individual cases and not as “one part of a possible interconnected whole,” he added.

“The Ontario Provincial Police concluded Project Truth by saying there was no pedophile ring in Cornwall. Since they did not investigate this, they could not have reasonably come to this conclusion,” Glaude told the audience.

“This does not mean that I find there was a ring of pedophiles. It is not my role to make such a finding. But I do find that no investigation provided conclusive evidence on this point.”

Despite Glaude’s conclusion, Kilger doesn’t give much stock to the pedophile ring claims.

“I never believed it for a moment and I haven’t read or seen anything to change my mind,” he said. “The fact he (Glaude) wasn’t able to say there was (a ring) tells me that there wasn’t (one).”

As for the rest of the report, Kilger said he was pleased with Glaude’s finding that there was no evidence of a conspiracy between Cornwall police and the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall over the church’s $32,000 non-disclosure settlement with former alter boy David Silmser in 1992.

“That (fact) should strengthen the resolve and confidence that people have and continue to have in the police service of Cornwall,” said the mayor, who sits on the city police services board.

Finally, I am sick and tired of reading that Ron Lerouxrecanted.  Everyone who watched Ron Leroux on the stand knew from the get go when he hit the stand that he didn’t know if he was coming or going and was in no shape to testify.  Further to that Commission counsel also were aware that Ron recanted most if not all of his recantations after he testified, and that he told anyone he talked to that he felt pressured to testify as he did.  And, finally, on that count, I still have the tapes I turned over to the inquiry.  I have found one more. 

I was willing to testify had those tapes been entered into evidence.  That did not happen.  I believe they would have gone a long way to substantiating the fact that Ron’s allegations were consistent for years.  I also have another tape of a conversation I had with Ron after he testified in which he stands behind his allegations of a VIP meeting on Stanly Island.   Ron had no hesitation  allowing me run the tape.

I will say yet again that Ron should never have been allowed to take the stand.  Barring that he should have been pulled once it was apparent to one and all that he was in no shape to be there.  Barring that the commissioenr should have struck his evidence in its entirety.

That said, must now get on with the business of decorating, finding a tree, Christmas cards and Christmas shopping – so so far behind 🙁

Enough for now,


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