Four more days

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Four new articles posted – check New to the Site on the Home page.  This is unbelievable – clergy of every denomination after our children – and another Roman Catholic priest charged!  

Note that the layout on these postings is a little bizarre.  I got some new software which converts files into pdf documents.  It will save me a lot of time and allow me to still get articles posted when I am busy – with Christmas just around the corner and me still doing catch-up from my time overseas I decided I had to find a way to cut corners.  I think this will do the job 🙂  Once I really get the hang of it it will make a world of difference for me time-wise.  So, bear with me as I familiarize myself with my new toy 🙂 . 

As I said when I posted on a blog just moments ago, I will heading down to Cornwall for the lock-up.  I really would like to have an idea of the contents of the report before Justice Glaude makes his comments.  Believe it or not, I had actually forgotten that Tuesday is the 15th – had to do some quick rescheduling when I realized I had committed myself elsewhere for Tuesday without realizing the date.  Thankfully I am now free to go 🙂

 These final days of waiting have to be exceptionally difficult for the victims, their families, and the Dunlop family.  Keep them all in your prayers as we count down these final days.  Four more days. 

And on that quick note, I must run – I am off to the States bright and early this morning (in a matter of a few very very very short hours!!) – a very short pre-Christmas Santa visit 🙂 

Final note, would someone with news of the  the Grecco trial please, please give us an update.

 Enough for now,



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