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A lengthy but, I believe, important read here:

01 December 2009: Cardinal Edward Egan Protected Abusive Priests At Victims’ Expense: Secret Documents On Priest Abuse Released After Seven Year Battle (with links to transcripts of Cardinal Edward Egan’s October 1997 and September 1999 depositions

There are two links in the first article to transcripts of the 1997 and 1999 video depositions of Cardinal Edward Egan.  I have read parts but not yet all of the transcripts, but what I have read of both, along with the media coverage, is suffice to guess that our canonically inclined bishops and clergy must all have the same choreographer when it comes to dancing on the head of a pin – same old same old. 

Wonder what steps they’re working out for Bishop Raymond Lahey? He’s due oin court 16 December 2009.  I’m thinking that perhaps they and he haven’t got his routine down pat yet – not ready to do justice to the dance just yet.  We shall see…

Enough for now,



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8 Responses to Dancing

  1. Nellie says:

    I can conceive them handling this one a little differently, Sylvia, so they can prove how “changed they are”. No one will bring up how they were told eons ago how pornography was found in Lahey’s residence. No one will mention how odd it was that Lahey’s favorite travel spots for vacations were well known havens for men who liked to have sex with children. Just listen to the interviews with the head of the CCCB now who repeatedly says without any proof that we made mistakes in the bad old days, we are now leaders in how to handle these problems, just read from “Pain to Hope” and no one challenges him that they have “guidelines” that they have no power to enforce and no transparent audit. They have already started in the PR piece in MacLean’s Magazine this month.

    I think that Lahey may be their sacrificial lamb…

  2. prima facie says:

    ….and just hours after Laheys arrest, which was days after he was missing “without a trace”;the “Nuncio” “flew the coop” under the cloak of darkness.
    No farewell; no fanfare; no replacement; no investigative journalism, no probing eyes, nothing….he just disappeared “without a trace”, “without a word”, “without questioning”……and everyone has forgotten or have just given up. Oh and, how about that “diplomatic baggage”?

    “Praise The Lord” Dear God “Give Me The Strength”.

    Brace yourselves friends, we are coming in for a landing!!

  3. Nellie says:

    Seems like the press are in bed with the bishops

  4. Reality Checker says:

    Did anyone get a chance to listen to Dallas Lee’s interview on CBC Ontario Today on Monday December 07 regarding The Cornwall Public Inquiry???

    Here’s the link to the program….


    I caught it on the radio as I was out and about….good interview and interesting!

  5. prima facie says:

    Well Sylvia: I’m sure you have reviewed the press-release of today from “The Cornwall Public Inquiry”, detailing the “report” and public disclosure scheduled for next week.
    As you may know, the “press release” includes information/conditions about the “mainstream news media” and a closed-door session they will participate in.

    I believe “they” have you recorded as a journalist and other people may have described you as an “investigative journalist”, but it appears, you may have to be hooked-up with the “mainstream” to get in the “closed” session. (conditions seem pretty strict…what happens to those hardline reporters/journalists, who are smokers)…..oh, the “good ole days).

    Maybe “Canadian Press” will retain you as a freelance journalist……lol!! Or maybe,…….ah……

    How about it readers…..anyone know of a “bigtime” media corporation in Canada or the U.S. or worldwide, willing to hire on someone to get the whole story from the “inside”?

    AND for me, I’ll be right where “Judge Roy Bean” sent me a couple of years ago; one of the last times he lost his cool; ie) sent to the corner, to stand against the wall….remember! “For The Greater Good”
    No, just kidding, I won’t be there.

  6. Sylvia says:

    Right you are prima facie. I get a strange sense that I might not pass muster as one of the “recognized media outlets” 🙂 However, those who do pass muster will only see the report itself. We can get a copy ourselves after the press conference – all that’s gained for those in lock-up is the opportunity to try to get a handle on the report in the limited time avaialble, and then of course spin out a tale to captivate the nation.

    It should be interesting. How many reporters know enough of what has been going on in the Weave Shed for the past three plus years to graps the import of what Glaude does or does not say?

    Anyway, I just posted the press release with details of the lock-up. Here it is: 09 December 2009:


  7. Nellie says:

    I would sure love to see you in the lock up so you can hear the spin and sound bites that will be thrown at the press. Are you going to try to get in?

  8. Sylvia says:

    I told them I will be there 🙂

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