In cahoots

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There are four articles here, each with details re the hot off the press report on clerical sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Dublin, Ireland.  I don’t know enough about the cases to comment on the “no paedophile ring” business, but, take a look, surprise – police in cahoots with clergy and archbishops!

 26 November 2009:  Irish church and police covered up child sex abuse, says report

Heart breaking and disgusting to see what was going on there – one priest acknowledging 100 victims, another that he molested every two weeks for 25 years – and no one did anything!

The big thing now will be to see where this goes – by the look of it any number of police (gardai) and clergy should be charged with obstruction of justice.  I hope the Catholics of Ireland clamour long and hard to see that finally some small semblance of justice is finally done and those who were complicit in the cover-up are charged.  Unfortunately only one of the four archbishops is still alive, but – he should be charged.  And he should be defrocked.

Finally, I think it goes without saying charges should be laid against every priest identified in the report as an ‘alleged’ molester.

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