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Three new postings:

(1) 10 November 2009: Priest sentenced to five years and other related articles (access via Of Interest page)

Note that the judge ruled that former Sault Ste. Marie Bishop Gerard Dionne did indeed interfere to prevent those victims of Father Cloutier from laying charges back in 1983.

Dionne is still alive.  He moved on to become Bishop of his home diocese of Edmundston New Brunswick.  Dionne is 90.  I wonder what explanation he could offer for obstructing justice so effectively – but thankfully temporarily?

I also can’t help but wonder what role, if any, Bishop Alex Carter played in saving Cloutier’s hide back in 1983?  In other words, was Carter involved in the cover-up?

I wonder too if there are post 1983 victims who,  barring the episcopal obstruction of justice, could have been spared a life of shame and suffering ?

Alex Carter was the Bishop of Sault Ste. Marie back then – Dionne was his auxiliary.  I personally am hard pressed to believe that Dionne stepped into the fray without order or at least consent from Carter.

Carter was a brother of the now deceased Cardinal Emmett Carter and a member of the influential “Gang of Five.”  Alex Carter was also mentor of Adolphe Proulx, Bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall 1967 to 1974.  Later, as Bishop of Gatineau-Hull, Proulx went to bat for his very dear friend, clerical molester Gilles Deslaurier (Deslaurier had followed Proulx from Sudbury to Cornwall and was later ordained by Proulx).

If anyone can fill in any details re Alex Carter’s role in this particular cover-up I am most interested

(2)   10 November 2009: Former priest denies child sex abuse charges (Access via Of Interest)

I could be mistaken, but my guess here is that James Robinson was quietly shipped out of the UK to cover up reports of sexual abuse.  If so, I wonder what the Archbishop of Los Angeles was told and knew?

I would also guess that Robinson was eventually defrocked because he got caught in Los Angeles. If that’s the case, was the public ever warned? And, if that’s the case, have any “alleged” victims of Robinson ever come forward in Los Angeles?

We shall see…..

(3) 14 October 2009:  Order in Council (extending due date for final report to 15 December 2009) (access link via The Inquiry page)

Yesterday I noticed the following notice posted 28 October 2009 on the Cornwall Public Inquiry website.:

Counselling Support concludes January 15, 2010. This is for those clients already approved by the Inquiry under the Counselling Support Program. The date was set by the Order-in-Council establishing the delivery date of the Report of the Cornwall Public Inquiry as no later than December 15, 2009.

I was of the understanding that counselling stopped three months after the production of the Glaude Report.  Perhaps victims receiving counselling are aware that 15 January 2010 is the day?  I decided to draw attention to the change in the event that some do not.

That’s it for today.

One final thought.  If indeed Justice Glaude waits until 15 December to release his report, then it will be the Glaude Report one day and Bishop Raymond Lahey in court the next.  Which do you suppose has the potential to overshadow which?

Enough for now,



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  1. Nellie says:

    My best guess is that they are hoping that all the Perry Dunlop blaming will take the heat off Lahey and keep the media’s focus elsewhere.

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