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I posted a series of articles yesterday – didn’t have a chance to get to the blog to draw attention to them.  Keep an eye on New to the Site on the Home page.  I should be slowly getting back into the swing of things now 🙂

Here the articles posted yesterday with very brief comment on each:

(1) 02 November 2009: Child porn lands Yellowknife man in jail 

Note that twice convicted molester Charles McGee was taken in by the Diocese of MacKenzie-Ft. Smith  as webmaster – given a “second chance.”  Then he was caught with child porn.

(2) Articles re James Rennie, a Scottish gay rights activist sentenced to life in prison after his conviction on numerous sexual offences, including possession and manufacture of child pornography, sexual abuse of baby boy and conspiring to sexually abuse children. To date at least six men have been convicted in a sting codenamed Operation Algebra.  The sting has uncovered evidence of numerous suspects across the U.K. and throughout the world. 

This was on the news while I was in Ireland.  I decided to look it up on my return.  I have pulled several articles together in one post.  I do believe this horror story puts to rest the politically-correct notion that individuals who are homosexual can not be paedophiles. 

(3) 03 October 2009: Missionary busted with child porn  

Another one caught at the airport with a stash of kiddie porn
(4) 04 November 2009: Lawyer for Nova Scotia Bishop Raymond Lahey asks for more disclosure of evidence in child-porn case  

As you say RealityChecker, here we go!  Stall and delay.  Biding time.  So predictable.  So very tiring!!!

I have another one to post here which gives the next court date as 16 December 2009.  I will post it shortly.  (Here it is)

(5) 02 November 2009: Former Archbishop Penney returns from holiday, but says not well enough to speak to media  (and comments

 Archbishop Penney is well enough to travel but not to speak to media!  Yes, it reaaly does all get a wee bit tiring doesn’t it?

(6) 24 November 1999: Bishop Lahey says he was unaware of Bennett abuse

This is an old article, but interesting on hindsight.  If we are to believe all that we hear and read these days, even as he was ‘forgetting’ to make note of the fact that one of his priests was a convicted molester. Lahey was feasting his eyes and energies on kiddie porn. 

This is the same man who  took the stand as a character witness for convicted molester Bros. Burton.  And again, if we are to believe all we hear and read these days, even then Lahey was feasting his eyes and energies on kiddie porn!

Enough for now,



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