Who’s pulling the strings?

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Two new postings and, of course, a few comments: 

(1) 16 July 2009:  Ontario grants extension for final report from Cornwall sex abuse inquiry

Another win for the Glaude/Cornwall Public Inquiry.  As anticipated, the McGuinty government has granted Justice Normand Glaude’s request for an extension to file the final report. 

I recall that once upon a time Glaude referred to this whole mess as a research project, so, as it stands, and barring additional requests, the Glaude research project is due 15 October 2009.  I would venture a guess that while that’s not quite end October, it’s close enough for commissioner comfort.  The long suffering real and “alleged” victims will have to wait – again!  They have the dubious solace of knowing the politically-correct research project will eventually be unveiled in both official languages.

(2) 09 July 2009: Three year $48 M Cornwall inquiry requires more time to deliver

And there it is.  The article I was looking for.  And here’s the quote that stuck in my mind:

“ supporters of Dunlop became a group of media-savvy conspiracy theorists who exacted maximum damage on those targeted “

That’s become the favoured Canadian Press line: “conspiracy theorists.”  Now they’ve tacked on “media savvy” 🙂 

Makes you wonder doesn’t it, who but who is feeding and pulling the CP strings? 

“Media savvy” Perry Dunlop supporters,?  I think not! 

“Media savvy” supporters of Cornwall’s real and “alleged” paedophiles?  I think perhaps that hits the mark 🙂

Anyway, there it is.  CP pumps out the story and off it goes across the country.  One obviously biased opinion to feed and engineer the naïve masses.

Notice, not a CP boo about Claude Marleau who was passed around like a used toy? 

And not a boo from CP about former Alexandria-Cornwall Bishop Eugene Larocque who  knowingly brought in Father Carl Stone, a notorious and convicted American clerical molester into the diocese? 

 Not a boo about the ‘honourable’ politicians who aided and abetted Larocque in his endeavor to harbour Stone.  And, fr that matter, not a boo about the recently deceased Father Gary Ostler who started the ball rolling to subject the diocese’s faithful to a known clerical molester.

Not a boo from CP for that matter about the multitude whose testimony wasn’t deemed meritorious enough in the eyes of the commission to be put on the stand, namely the real and “alleged” paedophiles of Cornwall. Ditto Justice Colin McKinnon.

No research.  Not a whiff that anyone at CP has undertaken to actually read the transcripts and find out what exactly transpired in the Weave Shed for nigh on four long years.  No CP interviews with, say, Ron Leroux.  A good chat with Ron would blow a hole or two in  the CP’s tried and true anti-Perry line and demolish its  ‘conspiracy theorists’ apple cart. 

Perhaps as RealityChecker says, it’s summer and the media sleeping?  That however would mean we can expect better when they wake up in the Fall, and I wouldn’t count on that – not at least from CP.  But …………..the Glaude press release did indeed give CP opportunity to take another run at Perry.  Is that what this non news press release was all about?  A chance for CP to undertake a little more social engineering?  Occasion to Give the minds of the masses another little going over in preparation fot the Glaude research project final report?  The report which will, I do believe, be in keeping with Glaude’s statment, uttere before he heard a word of testimony, that the “rumour and innuendo” circulating around Cornwall on his arrival were false.

And perhaps you’re quite right RealityChecker.  Perhaps there was decision that the report would go absolutely nowehere if it were released smack dab in the middle of summer?

No matter, the CP coverage of what boils down to a non event is so predictably and pathetically outrageous that it’s somehow good for a welcome laugh 🙂

Media savvy conspiracy theorists?  Too too funny.

I share your thoughts prima facie when you say “ it is my opinion, the “Canadian Press”… continues to follow its “lapdog-policy”.  It’s nothing for a media outlet to be proud of., is it? 

But, ah yes, lest we forget, at the end of the day it works, and the “alleged” paedophiles/molesters/abusers/homosexual paedophiles/heterosexual paedophiles/bisexual paedophiles – whatever they may be – can sleep tight.  

And while the real and “alleged” molesters sashay the streets and sleep tight at night CP valiantly and frantically circles the wagons and hurls rocks here there and everywhere to sway public opinion.

Who’s pulling the strings?  That’s what I’d like to know.  Why is CP eagerly dancing to the tired old tune trumpeted by Cornwall’s real and “alleged” paedophiles and those who cover up on their behalf? 

What media savvy individual or group is pulling CP’s strings?

Enough for now,



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5 Responses to Who’s pulling the strings?

  1. RealityChecker says:

    Q- “What media savvy individual or group is pulling CP’s strings?”
    A- Justice Normande Glaude and his cronies

    WHO ELSE???

  2. RealityChecker says:

    OOPPS…..thought about that one – maybe his BOSS!

  3. wildone says:

    Any word of the outcome of the resolution hearing on the Grecco case? Would like to hear as soon as possible. Thanks!!

    John Mac Donald

  4. wildone says:

    Just want to let everyone know that Sylvia is in Ireland attending to her ailing brother. At present she is having a difficult time gaining access to the internet, but she is dealing with the problems and will be in touch with all just as soon as she is able. My warmest regards to your brother and your family on the Emerald Isle.

    John Mac Donald

  5. Cheryl Thomson says:

    Greetings in the Name of Our Lady, today First Saturday, September 5th. I’M HERE IN NEWFOUNDLAND, so I wish I could have met with you in July! But I’m in Musgrave Harbour, north of Gander, & you were probably elsewhere on this Huge Incredible Island. I remember now I came across your Cornwall material a long time ago, which I recognized after finding it today – WHILE just doing a Google search FOR YOUR LOCATION, on behalf of GEORGE WELCH in Manhasset, New York. George is a recent ‘internet acquaintance’ of mine; and he has wanted to get in touch with you again, after some years of losing track of you, he says, on subjects of mutual interest — as you are both courageous Catholics. I was just baptized & confirmed myself on April 11, 2009, in Quebec City, where I lived for two years. (Long story.) Anyway, please call George at 516-627-2469. He has fond memories of “The Orator” and the St. Bridget Society (which I am probably spelling incorrectly). He is actively supporting The Sisters of Life. God bless you, Sylvia. If you’re anything like me, you won’t check your WordPress mail for weeks at a time… but I do hope you respond soon. By the way, my own phone number is 709-655-2794. As a former Pentecostal/Baptist/Confused Christian, I have to wonder if the ecumenical movement means that these perverted priests were taught the deadly doctrine current among Protestants today: “Once-Saved-Always-Saved” (OSAS). How else can you explain their hubris? – God bless you, Sylvia!

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