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I’m back!  Had a wonderful whirl-wind visit to Newfoundland.  What a spectacularly beautiful province, and the people ….well Newfoundlanders are a special breed of people – friendly beyond measure.   It truly was a wonderful visit.  


Yesterday I nabbed the media of interest and this morning got it posted on the website.  Five articles and some thoughts:

(1) 13 July 2009:  Bishop Grecco to lead Charlottetown diocese

Bishop Richard Grecco is a brother of ex-priest and now married alleged molester Don Grecco.  One can only wonder if Bishop Grecco nestled in Toronto during the pending Don Grecco trial wasn’t viewed as bad PR by the Episcopal powers that be – perhaps deemed a little too close to the St. Catharine’s diocese scandal for comfort? 

(2) 15 July 2009:  Ottawa Valley priest faces more charges

More charges for Monsignor Robert Borne!  No surprise there.  I hope and pray all those men who allege childhood sex abuse by Borne can summons the courage to come forward.  I also hope and pray that someone ensures that Borne has waived his Charter rights before the charges from the two sets of victims are married.  We don’t need any more “alleged” clerical paedophiles like Father Charlie “walking” claiming their Charter rights to a speedy trial were violated. 

(3) 09 July 2009:  Glaude asks for more time

And Justice Glaude is seeking more time!  No time to let Steve Parisien take the stand to give his side of the story before turning him over to “the proper authorities”  who in surprisingly short order had Steve charged with obstruction of justice.

I would say that Steve was soundly exonerated at trial , but, no matter, the charges took their toll, both financially and emotionally.  A few hours to put Steve on the stand and let him have his say and be cross-examined could easily and compassionately have prevented this crass re-victimization of a victim of childhood sex abuse. 

But, Glaude wants more time, and, in my humble opinion, he will get it.  I don’t think it’s warranted, but, I think he will get it.  The AG and  Premier Dalton McGuinty I am sure are quite content with the prevailing silence.  As for the victims being left waiting another four months hanging onto to their hopes of some semblance of justice, well, what can I say?  Glaude is a judge, they are victims.  Traditionally the victims of the Cornwall sex abuse scandal have not fared too well when it comes to judges taking their concerns and pain into consideration.  Has anything changed?

(4) 09 July 2009: Justice Normand Glaude press release re request to AG for extension to late Fall to submit final report

This is the press release issued to let the world know that Justice Glaude is begging time from the AG. 

Why the press release?  That’s my question.  Why not have a chitty chat with the AG and, if an extension was granted, let the world know, and, if not, get the report out on time.  I personally think that whipping off a press release on this bit of inquiry ‘news’ is a bit odd. 

A thought…

Why did it take the commissioner until early July to determine that he needed more time?  If indeed, as the press release implies, the report is done save editing and translation surely Glaude knew long before this that time was running short? 

Another thought….

In which language has Justice Glaude penned the report in?  English or French?  Either way, translation will no doubt cost a fortune.  Which reminds me – some had asked if the key testimony of Claude Marleau which was given in French could be translated and made available to the English-speaking populace but, no, too expensive!   The final report however will go out in both official languages.

A final thought…

Four months to write the report (March to end June) and four months for editing and translation (July to end October)?  Strange.  The editing and translation take as long as the writing?  That I find a tad odd too.

One final thought…

If late Fall constitutes end October – which I think it does – there’s a fair to middling chance the RCMP may have wrapped up it’s ‘investigation’ or whatever of John MacDonald’s complaintre former Cornwall Crown attorney Murray MacDonald and former Crowns turned judges Robert Pelletier and Peter Griffiths.  One way or the other that would take a lot of pressure off the commissioner:)  As I have said before, it would be a bit embarrassing if Glaude put halos on the trio only to have the RCMP come in on his heels and charge on or more.

(I have no word on the progress of the RCMP investigation.  Not a boo.)

(5) 16 July 2009:  Fantino to open Maxville games 

Sheer politics!  Sheer unadulterated politics!!!! 


I just realized I am missing an article re Justice Glaude’s request for an extension – will have to hunt it out and get it posted later.  There is some comment in it about Perry Dunlop’s ‘media savvy’ supporters which caught my eye and gave me a chuckle – must find it.

Enough for now,



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3 Responses to Some thoughts

  1. wildone says:

    Just a thought but…..instead of Glaude asking the AG and Premier for an extension should he not be begging and pleading with the victims for an extension? Again….just a thought!!!

    John Mac Donald

  2. wildone says:

    So sorry….”alleged”!!!

  3. RealityChecker says:

    Media is asleep during the summer months – there’s no big story that any reporter works on over the summer months. My bet – the delay is a public relations ploy. Need to get the best media coverage on the release (not going to get it when everyone is off on vacation!!!)

    This extension is nothing more than a media ploy – PERIOD!

    ….and you think we’re stupid???

    ….nah – just “media savvy” !!!

    heh heh heh!!!

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