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Who’s pulling the strings?

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Two new postings and, of course, a few comments:  (1) 16 July 2009:  Ontario grants extension for final report from Cornwall sex abuse inquiry Another win for the Glaude/Cornwall Public Inquiry.  As anticipated, the McGuinty government has granted Justice Normand Glaude’s … Continue reading


Some thoughts

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I’m back!  Had a wonderful whirl-wind visit to Newfoundland.  What a spectacularly beautiful province, and the people ….well Newfoundlanders are a special breed of people – friendly beyond measure.   It truly was a wonderful visit.   **** Yesterday I nabbed the … Continue reading


The best laid plans….

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The best laid plans of mice and men…. It’s been a rather unpredictable and chaotic few weeks – try as I might no chance to get back to wrap up the Skinner portion of the timelines.    Getting set for Newfoundland … Continue reading

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