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I’m still here.  Will continue to be  busy baby sitting until the end of the school year.  Off to Newfoundland for a wedding in bit of a holiday in early July and then will have the time I need to get back at the website. 

This I had to post.  Another one!

Monsignor Robert Borne of the Diocese of Pembroke charged.  I had a tip off on this and have  been waiting and waiting.  Here it is. 06 June 2009:  Local priest charged

Wonder where he was that he was charged in April and only now ‘turned himself in?’  Presumably he “…wasn’t in an area where he could be arrested.”  I recall that Msgr Martin Wain on the Diocese of Peterborough was holed up in the Bishop’s palace when he was charged.  Bishop Doyle (now deceased) had him squirreled away.  I don’t know that that’s the case here, but, who knows?  Perhaps he was in Southdown?  Perhaps he had an inkling that charges were in the offing and off he went to Southdown or one of the countless other ‘rehab’ centres for real and “alleged” clerical predators?  It goes down well at trial 🙂  ‘He recognized he has a problem and took steps to deal with it.’ 

The fact that he ‘turned himself in’ will probably serve him well too – even though, for whatever reason, the warrant for his arrest had been out since April.

Anyway, that’s another one from Pembroke.  That’s the same diocese from which Monsignor Bernard Prince hailed.  Word is that this one will be even bigger than Prince. 

We shall see….

It’s also the diocese of the now deceased Father Lorne Whalen, a priest who sued me for $3.5M.  The action against me was dropped after six long years and $36,000 in legal fees.  That’s another long story, one that I will probably tell in due course.

It’s also the diocese which had Cornwall native William J Smith at the helm as from 1945 to 1971.  Smith was gone when Borne was ordained in 1974, but without doubt it would have been Smith who gave Borne the episcopal nod to pursue studies for the priesthood with incardination in the diocese.

Anyway, there it is.  I will watch this one unfold with great interest.

I have other articles on hold to post.  And I still must get that section of the Timelines which incorporates the Brian Skinner testimony posted.  I vow to get that accomplished somehow before months end 🙂


Note that I started a new page “Of Interest.”  That will allow me to centralize media coverage on Don Grecco, Bernard Prince, Borne and others.  Eventually I will add the names of the many Canadian Roman Catholic clergy I have on hand who have been charged and convicted.  When I get the chance I will, as promised, add the articles I wrote on Ottawa’s Father Ken Keeler here. 

Would that I could list the names of those known Canadian clerical molesters who were squirreled out of a diocese or out of the country and never charged.  Alas, until victims come forward I can not 🙁  Barring that, sad to say they got away with their atrocities and will continue to masquerade as men of God. 

Enough for now,



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2 Responses to Another one

  1. Sylvia,

    Thank you for your website! I am grateful for two reasons: first your site is accurate. There are far too many blogs throwing wild allegations about. Yours is a refreshing change. Also, please accept my assurance that we priests who have faithfully ministered to the people of this Diocese for many years do not want to have predators in our midst. I will link to your site from my blog and will share it with anyone who wants to know the facts about these various cases.

    You have my email address as part of my registration, please drop me a line and we can share Whalen horror stories.

    Fr. Tim Moyle

  2. Sylvia says:

    I will most definitely be in touch Father.

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