Where were they?

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Two more pages of media coverage posted, one for 27 February 2009, the other for 28 th Feb.

I spent some time following the distribution of these articles.  I included a few but by no means all.  Not included for example are those posted on KBS West Kootney Region BC the Brockville Recorder and Times, Sympatico MSN, and the Toronto Sun.

In tracking down the coverage I came across a website called 365 gay beta which has posted at least one CP article from last week.  I also came across several U.S. media and/or legal websites  which reprinted or have links to CP articles.

This is no scientific study but seems to me the widest distribution of CP articles from submissions week goes hands down those which include reference to a ‘recanting’ Ron Leroux, Perry the rogue cop, and the Citizens for Community Renewal advocacy of rampant homophobia in Cornwall.

Where was Canadian Press when, for example, Bishop Eugene Larocque was on the stand?  Where oh where was CP and the rest of Canadian mainstream media then?  Not a boo back then from them about the preferential treatment afforded known clerical molester Father Carl Stone  by Bishop Eugene Larocque, and Father Gary Ostler, ……and former Federal Liberal cabinet ministers Lloyd Axworthy and Ed Lumley.

Interesting indeed.  Mainstream media silence.

Where was the mainstream media when Geraldine Fitzpatrick was on the stand?  A little investigative journalism there would have been nice. But, no, mainstream media silence.

Where was the mainstream media when we learned from one witness after another that allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up were never really investigated? And we heard that men considered suspects in the cover-up were treated with kid gloves but never investigated?

Where was the mainstream media when we heard testimony that at least once upon a time there was indeed ring?  Based at the Cornwall Classical College.  And Father Paul Lapierre – now, thanks only to the Quebec justice system,  a convicted clerical molester –  was investigated as part of it:  ditto Father Don Scott.

No one came running to Cornwall to put that out on the CP wire.  No interest in that little tid bit.  None.

Where was the mainstream media when we got word that Justice Colin McKinnon had actually been Charlie’s lawyer?  McKinnon took the bench at the sex abuse Project Truth trial of lawyer and Church canon lawyer Jacques Leduc, this despite the fact that he had previously (i) been Charlie’s lawyer, (ii)  former Chief  Claude Shaver’s lawyer, (iii)  been longtime lawyer for the Cornwall Police Service, and (iv)  recommended Perry Dunlop be charged under the Police Services Act for going to CAS.

Where were they then?

Where was CP and the mainstream media when Lorne McConnery testified that allegations of conspiracy were looked at only in the “narrow” sense and not the broad sense by the AG’s office, and that reduced it to deciding that Ron Leroux was a liar and hence there was no VIP meeting on Stanley Island and hence if there was no meeting on Stanley Island there was no conspiracy period.

Where was CP and the mainstream media when we heard that during the sex abuse trial of Marcel Lalonde Perry was being hounded to disclose documents which he had already disclosed to the Cornwall Police Service and CPS failed to disclose them to the OPP – and Perry was the one hounded and vilified?  The paper trail from that mess is consistently and erroneously used to prove that Perry was refusing to disclose.

Where was the mainstream media then?

I could go on and on and on.  Bottom line is the mainstream media seems to get excited and involved only when there is opportunity to pillory and vilify Perry and/or paint those who allege paedophile ring and cover-up as deranged imbeciles and/or crazed homophobes.


In November 2000 Dalton McGuinty, then leader of the Liberal opposition, wrote that an inquiry:

will burn off the fog of innuendos and allegations that has been shrouding the Cornwall area and shed light on the truth.  The inquiry will enable us to see justice served and will also clear the names of people who may have nothing to do with sexual abuse.

How will this inquiry see justice served?  The veracity of the victims allegations is inconsequential?  How can justice be served if no one cares wheter or not a victim truly is a victim and a paedophile/child molester truly is on the loose?

In that vein, how can the inquiry “clear the names of people who have nothing to do with sexual abuse?”  If the truth of a victim’s sex abuse allegations is inconsequential how can anyone be cleared of anything?


I received an email this morning:

hi sylvia. correct me if i am wrong, but i was thinking this morning that i didn’t hear/read anything about anyone suggesting the “fine” for not reporting, is not enough of a deterrent for failing to report. It’s only $1,000 and I don’t think I heard any stats on how “often” this fine is ever enforced.

Good point.  I don’t believe there was one single recommendation from any of the gathered throng to stiffen the penalty for failure to report.  I personally think that it should be a criminal offence.  Put them in jail.  If those who have a duty to report fail to report and thereby wilfully leave vulnerable children at risk, put them in jail.  If jail was good enough for Perry for reporting it’s certainly good enough for those who don’t.

Another matter which wasn’t raised in recommendations was offering victims an alternate police force to contact when coming forward with sex abuse allegations.  After watching events unfold over the past 16 years many victims want nothing to do with CPS. What is a victim to do and where does he go?  The reality is that many will never come forward if they are forced to deal with the CPS.


Note the article re children meeting with judges.  I have it posted on the Attorney General page under Institutions – have to post on New to the Site on the Home page, but it’s posted 🙂

According to the article:

Renaud explained to the students the importance of treating those charged with an offence respectfully in court because their guilt or innocence has not yet been proven.


(i) Did Justice Renaud explain to the children that they should observe caution around “alleged” molesters such as paedophiles/ephobophiles/pederasts who are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law because they may in fact be bona fide paedophiles/ephobphiles/pederasts?

(ii) Did Justice Renaud explain to the children that the Charter gives more protection to child molesters such as paedophiles/ephobophiles/pederasts than it does to children?

(iii) Did Justice Renaud explain to the children that thanks to the Charter and tolerant judges sexual predators such as paedophiles/ephobophiles/pederasts are out and about in their community enjoying the presumption of innocence?

(iv)  Did Justice Renaud explain to the children why he believes house arrest is an appropriate sentence for a man who sexually abused his little brother time and time and time again?

Did he tell the children why he thinks a paltry 18 month conditional sentence is an appropriate sentence for possession of kiddie porn?  Or why the six month less a day slap on the wrist he gave James Lewis for sexually molesting Jamie Marsolais is appropriate for a paedophile who indulges in kiddie porn?


Speaking of justice and the Charter, where is Perry Dunlop’s presumption of innocence?


Not a word from Cornwall Police on John MacDonald’s complaint against Justices Robert Pelletier and Peter Griffiths and former Cornwall Crown Attorney Murray MacDonald.

How long does it take for the CPS to swing into action?  Not long when they were going after Perry.  Not long when they went after Steve Parisien.  A little longer going after Ken Seguin.  Ditto Malcolm MacDonald.  A whole lot longer going after Charlie.

Over two years since John filed his complaint.

This is a disgrace.

Nothing has changed.  Nothing.  John’s complaint of obstruction of justice against three Crown attorneys is being treated as a joke.  I do believe they they think that if they ignore it long enough John will go away.

How long does it take CPS to “review” a complaint?

Where oh where does a Cornwallite go to see justice done?  Particularly when those accused of criminal activity are ‘somebodies’?

Another thought on this….

Why is CPS hanging on to John’s complaint?  Seems to me they are conflicted up their eyeballs.  Why has CPS not turned this over to the RCMP or some outside force which can view it objectively?

Enough for now,



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5 Responses to Where were they?

  1. RealityChecker says:

    The media has spun this story so far out of line it’s sickening!!! It’s my belief it all started way back after CBC reported on it. Because of divisions in the big name media camps Margaret Wente from the Globe and Mail pounced after all the work CBC had done. Wente is big name in the upper media circles for her work with the Globe. She crucified the work that the CBC had done – their reporters and their producers debunking any truth to the CBC reporting. It was devestating to those who worked on the original CBC stories. She also held a very big bias towards Leduc. If you remember too – what’s his name (Sukara???) from CTV represented WHO from the Diosese???
    So you have CTV (globemedia) vs. CBC – obviously CP took sides!!! What’s the connection with these CP to those upper echelons at CTV??? (Wente and/or Sukara)

  2. RealityChecker says:

    Why would any big name national reporter get involved with this when you risk the wrath of your esteemed peers and get your reputation shot to hell???
    It happened!!!

  3. Sylvia says:

    Steven Skurka is the name. He defended Jacques Leduc. It was Skurka who had the behind closed doors meeting with Project Truth officers – the one after which he did an about turn and moved from accusing Project Truth officers of wilful non disclosure to pointing his finger at Crown attorney Shelley Hallett.

    Re connection between CTV and CP. I don’t know of any but honestly haven’t checked. I do know that once upon a time the local CTV station did some fairly decent reporting on Cornwall.

    I think budget has been a issue for some outlets. Cornwall is out of the way – a one-hour drive from Ottawa in good weather. With increasing cutbacks I think the idea of sending a reporter down to Cornwall day after day was an issue. I often think it’t too bad the inquiry wasn’t held in Ottawa where mainsteam media could pop in and out for a few hours at a time and stay abreast of testimony.

    I also believe threats of legal action was another issue.

    All that said it’s a scary day when one media voice becomes the voice for the nation. We’re heading in that direction.

  4. RealityChecker says:

    I can only hope and pray someone eventually gets the story straight and does their research prior to reporting!!! My eyes were open at Osgoode!!!
    I’ve long followed the reporting about the Cornwall saga – it’s disgusting where this has gone – absolutely disgusting!
    You’re most likely right Sylvia – holding the Inquiry anywhere BUT Cornwall would have done the trick!

  5. Sylvia says:

    At least they could have bounced in and out enough to have a bit of a feel for what’s been going on from day to day. And equally if not more important they would have had the visuals first hand. How can anyone recap Snyder? Derochie? or Larocque? or Shaver? etc., etc.

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