Perrynoia or Perryphobia?

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Phase 2 submissions commence at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Friday 27 February 2009.  The roster for the day is as follows:

9:30 am – 10:00 am:  Citizens for Community Renewal

10:00 am – 10:15 am:  Coalition for Action

10:15 am – 10:45 am:  Victims Group

11:00 am – 11:30 am:  The Men’s Project

11:30 am – 12:00:  Children’s Aid Society of SD&G

1:00 pm – 1:30 pm:  Ministry of the Attorney General

1:30 pm – 2:00 pm:  Cornwall Community Police Service


David Silmser is still in the Intensive Care Unit in Brockville. 

A report from John MacDonald who was able to visit last evening…..

Dave definitely had a heart attack.  He is understandably a bit scared.  He has a blockage in an artery and will be having a stint inserted when he is transferred to Kingston.  He is still in a lot of pain.  He wasn’t transferred to Kingston yesterday as planned because the morphine he was receiving to control the pain was causing severe nausea and vomiting – he has to be stabilized before he can be moved.  He is now on Demerol – still nauseous but the vomiting is apparently under control.

Keep the prayers going.


A poll on the AM 1220 radio website.  The question is:

O.P.P. lawyers tell the Cornwall Public Inquiry there is still no evidence suggesting a conspiracy between public institutions to cover up child sex abuse. One lawyer says there was possibly “sloppy lawyering” and “bad management” in the past but no criminal offense. Do you think there was a planned cover up of child sex abuse in Cornwall?

Cast your vote here:


I spent the day at the Weave Shed yesterday.  Home late in the evening.  My friends and I were going to stop in for a bite to eat before hitting the road for the drive home.  We decided to pop into a little shop called Laura’s to look around.  It must have been two or three hours before we emerged 🙂  Quite a store.  Beautiful giftware.  Interesting and unique items.  So much to see.  A treat.  In Cornwall.  I planned to look only, but exited with a beautiful cuddly teddy bear for one of the grandchildren 🙂 

And so, a late supper and started the drive home.  Late return. 🙂

Quite a day it was.  So much nonsense.  No logic.  Just spin and twist and extrapolate and “suggest” and theorize and hypothesize and excuse and rationalize and vilify.  It’s getting so ridiculously illogical that at times that it’s almost laughable.  I did actually laugh at one point, that was when John Callaghan (CPS) announced that Ron Leroux actually told the truth in one instance!  Seems it suited the CPS story line, so in that one instance the CPS powers that be decided Ron told the truth! 

Too much!

Much to pass along but the hour is late and I am ready to call it a day.  I think I may head back down for a few hours today for the grand finale – so up at the crack of dawn.  Must catch forty winks.

A few notes on the day:

(1)   Perry’s mother Heather was there.  So was his sister Rosalie.   Not easy for them I am sure but they wanted to be there for Perry and the victims.  Good company.  Rosalie had us in stitches at lunch.  A great sense of humour.  Quite a character 🙂

(2)   Dick Nadeau’s widow Carmen was there.  She is watching events in the Weave Shed closely.  She has become a good friend to many. 

(3)   Bishop Paul Andre Durocher was there for a spell, sporting two small band aids on his right temple.  He sat in front of Carmen and I.  I nearly didn’t recognize him – he is a shadow of the man who was installed as bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall a few short years ago. 

Durocher was probably there for the diocesan submission, but for some reason he didn’t stay around for long.  Perhaps he realized Perry’s mother and sister were sitting behind him?  If yes he may have felt a tad of discomfort?  If he wasn’t he should have been.  I could be wrong but would guess Durocher gave Sheriff-Scott his marching orders to vilify Perry and paint him as a mental basket case.

Not what one would expect of a Roman Catholic bishop, and certainly not the approach of one who of all people should aspiring for sainthood.

 Perhaps the bishop’s conscience bothered him?  If that’s the case, I would say that’s a healthy sign.

But, did Durocher, a Roman Catholic bishop, in fact request, or if not request, approve, the pillorying of Perry Dunlop

I tried to find out.  As a Roman Catholic I am interested.

I asked Sheriff-Scott if the bishop had pre-screened the diocesan written and oral submissions.  Sheriff-Scott refused to answer!  He wanted only to curtly advise that he has never visited my website and has no intention of doing so!!

Back to my question.  Did then this Roman Catholic bishop condone the base, vile and very public attacks on Perry Dunlop?  I can’t prove it, but, as I say, I think he probably did, and if perchance he didn’t then I am certain Bishop Derochie will do the right thing and a public apology to Perry and his family is forthcoming.

There could be another reason for the bishop’s departure well before his lawyer finished the dirty deed.  I think it’s possible the bishop took his leave because of the mini showdown which erupted between Justice Glaude and David Sheriff-Scott.  The showdown ensued when the latter made clear that, contrary to ruling of the commissioner years ago, the diocese still does not consider itself a public institution.   The diocese failed to appeal the decision, but apparently decided the decision has no merit.  There may well be something about this in the diocese’s submission.  I will eventually get to it.

Regardless, it was rather tense in there for a spell.  The tension was palpable.  It was around then that the Bishop had his hands folded and seemed to be in prayer.  I could be wrong, but it certainly looked like a gesture of prayer. 

Anyway, praying or not, as a matter of record. the bishop made an appearance at the Weave Shed.  He didn’t stay long.  The diocesan submissions presented by Durocher’s lawyer are an affront to the office of bishop.  With any luck an apology to Perry and family is in the offing, but I’m not holding my breath waiting.

(4)  Quite a showing for the Cornwall Police Service submission. 

S/Sgt Garry Derochieof course was there.  Ditto Cornwall D/Chief Danny Aikman.  Ditto OPP Deputy Superintendent Colleen McQuade.  Ditto former Project Truth officer Steve Seguin.

OPP lawyer Gina Saccoccio Brannan arrived for the occasion,  Ditto OPP lawyer Diane Lahaie.

For whatever reason, much interest in the CPS submission in OPP quarters.

(5) John Callaghan (Cornwall Police Service) started his oral submission by essentially advising Justice Glaude that what’s happening in Cornwall is not unique to Cornwall – it’s happening right across the province and that’s why Glaude’s recommendations will be targeting the entire province.

That’s where Callaghan started.  Then he rolled right into that old chestnut about all of Cornwall’s problems boiling down to that villainous Perry Dunlop holding a gun to the head of that lying and recanting Ron Leroux.

Say what? 

If the same problems which have afflicted Cornwall have afflicted every city and town in Ontario then Perry Dunlop and Ron have apparently been busy little beavers. 

In they go to Kingston. 

Perry with gun to Ron’s head. 

A twist of the arm.  Ron spits out a raft of false sex abuse accusations against several notable pillars of the community. 

Rumour and innuendo swirl.

Allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up abound.

Reputations destroyed.

Mission accomplished.

Time to move on.

In to Toronto.  Perry, gun, twist, Ron, false accusations, rumour and innuendo,  allegations of paedophile ring and cover-up, reputations in tatters.

On to Sudbury.  The stereotypical Dunlop/Leroux heist.

Timmins.  More of the same.

Peterborough.  Pembroke.  Brockville.  Carleton Place.  North Bay.


You name it, the Dunlop/Leroux duo have been there.

A little bi-location here.  A little bi-location there. 

The same old Cornwall sex abuse scandal everywhere.

(6)  Had a chat with lead commission counsel Peter Engelmann regarding  (a)  information I have regarding home made porn tapes, and (b) the status of Ron Leroux’ evidence and the status of the cassette tapes I turned over to the commission.  It’s too late to get into that.  I will do so on the weekend. 

(7)   What is the “moral panic” sweeping Cornwall and beyond? 

(a) Perrynoia? 

(b) Perryphobia? 

(c) Both of the above


No time to get media coverage or transcripts posted.  Will get at it later today.

Enough for now,



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