In ever decreasing circles

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Dave had two stints inserted today.  He was transferred as planned to Kingston.  Now that the procedure has been done he will be transferred back to Brockville.  That’s all I know at this time.  I will keep you posted when I hear anything new.

Keep the prayers going 🙂

One rather moving dimension to this…

A victim walked in to see John MacDonald at his place of work today.  They had met once in the past.  The victim handed John $200 and said “ Give this to Dave.”  He left.

There are good, thoughtful  and kind people in Cornwall.  


It’s all “over” 🙂  I did go down to the Weave Shed – probably a bad decision on my part – I was tired and realized once I arrived that I just wasn’t in the mood to be there.  Met up with a dear friend I came to know years ago in the courtrooms of Cornwall  a long time ago.  We were sorting out dates today and realized that our first meet was eight years ago at Leduc trial #1.  Hard to believe. 

So, I decided I had had enough.  We left, headed for lunch and then I headed for home. 

The oral submissions for Phase 2 were short and sweet.  Several parties decided for whatever reason not to submit. 

A number of the Advisory Panel members were seated in what I call the VIP section of the Weave Shed.  Cornwallpolice D/Chief Danny Aikman was back.  Chief Parkinson was there.

Keith Oullette was there.  He was thrilled beyond measure that his suggestions for a safe house and greenhouses have been promoted and that his name received honourable mention a number of times.  He proudly told me he was given $1,666.66 (or $1606.66) for two hours work putting the plans and pictures together.  Needless to say he is thrilled J  $800/hr is pretty nice.   I don’t begrudge it to Keith for a heartbeat, but I do wonder at all the monies which seem to have been dispensed for what I had naively thought was volunteer work.    I have heard of one victim being given $5,000 to buy a computer system, and another receiving $5,000 for working on some report.

Somehow I missed the gravy train 🙂

Two observations before I get supper together: (1) with all the talk of healing I heard not one of the gathered throng utter the word justice, and (2) when it comes to “healing” the gathered throng seem to be singing from the same song sheet.

Of course the question again becomes, healing from what?  and for whom?  If we are to believe what we hear there are no victims in Cornwall, and there are no paedophiles/epheobhiles/pederasts/men who prey on children.  And Perry is gone, that means no more villainous Perry Dunlop stealing about with a gun in a paper bag coercing and coaxing men to pretend they’ve been sexually abused and point the finger of allegation at some poor unwitting pillar of the community.  No Perry to coerce means no influx of “alleged” victims.  

So, healing from what?  and for whom?

And facilities for whom?

“They” run themselves in ever decreasing circles.  Facilities for victims in a community which has a dearth of real victims and a host of “alleged” victims?  Government funding for facilities for “alleged” victims who are “alleged” victims for life because Glaude has no interest in the veracity of their allegations?

Are there victims or not?  If yes, let’s be honest and admit that by extension there are also a gaggle of real paedophiles (etc) running around who have obviously never been brought to justice.  And what oh what are we going to do about that? 

Another way of looking at it…

Are there government funded programs and services for “alleged”paedophiles?  Something akin to those for “alleged” victims?


Media coverage to come – perhaps some tonight, by tomorrow evening for sure.  Will sort out my thoughts too.  Keep an eye on New to the Site on the Home page.

That’s the only problem with my forays to Cornwall – it’s such a job catching up.  But, as of today –  lots of time 🙂

Enough for now,



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  1. Myomy says:

    Good Point Sylvia – Why have the Phase II for healing if Phase I shows no real need for healing?? Are we pandering to an imaginary problem? Also good for you in getting in all the synonyms of Pedophile in every time. It helps foreclose any new distractions from verbal engineering.

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