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(1) 17 February 2009.  One year ago today Perry was arrested.  One year.  It’s hard to even think in terms of ‘thank goodness it’s all over.’  Everyone knows it’s not over.  The hearings have come to a merciful end.  That’s it.  The blame game continues.  The denial of cover-up continues.

Keep Perry and his family in your prayers

(2)  A reader brought an article to my attention.  I posted Man Accused of Assaulting Officer at courthouse yesterday and forgot to make mention of the fact that yes indeed, that “Special Const. Ron Lefebvre” who was prompted “ to help restrain the accused” is one and the same Ron Lefebvre who managed to get a sick slip to avoid testifying at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

(3)  Looks like our hard earned tax dollars have been slipping through commission fingers like water, the social engineers have been as busy as little beavers getting their research reports in, another raft of pockets were lined, and a few more nests are about to be well feathered.

I have comments but am just too fed up right now to do more than post the links.   I scanned through the works today in sheer disbelief.  It all makes me sick.  There’s the Men’s Project prattling on about “homophobia” and a “sexist” and “heterosexually biased” culture.  This is the group which was founded once upon a time to aid male victims of sexual abuse – exclusively.  That is now a thing of the past.  For whatever reason the  group  broadened its horizons and now publicly advertises that it welcomes female victims, lesbians, homosexuals and transgendered and whatever.

It strikes me as ironic that after becoming all things to all people the Men’s Project should come out with a paper on male victims.   And the draft completed on Christmas Eve no less!

Anyway, I will hold my comments till tomorrow.  I am disgusted.

Here are the links

(i) 13 February 2009: Child Advocacy Centre of Cornwall and Surrounding Communities 

(ii) January 2009:  EKOS Research Associates Inc.:  Views of Youth Regarding  Sexual Abuse Prevention Education, Dangers on the Internet and the Boys and Girls Club – Final Report

(iii) January 2009:   EKOS Research Associates Inc.:  Environmental Scan Report

(iv) 23 December 2008: Men & Healing:  Theory, Research and Practise in Working with Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

Enough for now,



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