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I posted the media of the day plus a couple more articles related directly or indirectly to the OPP porn bust, including the OPP press release of 05 February and an article from the 4th which tells us the discomfiting news that there are so many individuals involved in interent kiddie porn that they could never arrest them all! 

The whole thing is bothering me.  Certainly the language is bothering me.  It’s looking as though kiddie porn is now being referred to as child sexual abuse.  Yes, it’s a form of re-victimization, but it is not sexual abuse.  The molestation is one thing, the distribution of pictures of the abuse is another. 

All I can say is that when people start tampering with language something is up. Take the time to read the articles.  I am interested in the thoughts of others on this.  It truly is disturbing me, as are the various attempts to excuse, rationalize and/or justify what can only be called gross sexual depravity.

In that vein, look at this link re sexual misconduct in the classroom: http://www.cbc.ca/fifth/teacherspet/shakeshaft.html   There’s some interesting information in there, but note the familiar language re “situational predators” who don’t know “boundaries” because they are “sexually immature.”  That’s akin to the language used by various Church officials to excuse the sins and crimes of clerical sexual abusers.  It gets tiring. And disgusting.  The same old same old at every turn. 


If you sent a letter to the Freeholder in response to the invitation to share your thoughts would you please consider sending me a copy?  Or if you made a phone call and gave a verbal account of your thoughts would you give me a bit of a recap?  I am interested in what people had to say and what makes it into print. 

Enough for now,



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3 Responses to Tiring

  1. Mayer says:

    Here are my thoughts from having attended several conferences on the child pornography/abuse issue.

    Canada has lead the way in many ways with the use technology to track down and convict the sex offenders who make images of children for the sexual consumption of other sex offenders. These images either contain children in suggestive sexual poses or they are actual images of children being abused (or as the police say more accurately, pictures of crime scenes). The thinking (which I agree with) is that the term “kiddie porn” does not accurately convey that the act of posing and taking images of children in sexually suggestive ways or actually abusing them while taking images is child abuse – The act of distributing these pictures is re victimizing to the child.
    Pornography is legal in this country. Pornography using children is illegal. The move to drop the term pornography is because so many of our citizens see pornography as a freedom of expression issue and considered it harmless or at least minimally harmless. (Again not my view but the view currently being held by society) Pornography itself and the creation of it, is not a crime; whereas possessing or distributing sexually explicit pictures of children is a crime.
    The concern with the use of the term pornography when it comes to children is that it minimizes the gravity of harm to the victims. Further the term kiddie is considered “cute”. Many folks have spoken out against the use of a term that can be considered “cute” for a crime that is so heinous and damaging the child victim.
    So, for what it is worth, that is my understanding of why this crime is being more accurately labelled as child abuse.

  2. Sylvia says:

    I have a number of thoughts and questions on this Mayer. First thought is that I can not conceive anything more despicable than “kiddie” porn. I could be wrong, but I think most people would agree. I don’t think of it as cute in any way shape or form.

    But, are you saying that according to the new way of thinking the man who possesses pictures of child pornorgraphy is as guilty as the man who rapes a little girl and captures the act on camera?

  3. Mayer says:

    Possessing child pornography is a crime. Plain and simple. Raping a child is a crime. Taking pornographic images of a child and passing them around is another crime. They are all atrocious.

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