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As promised I have posted Protecting Our Students – Executive Summary and Recommendations (The Robins Report – The Honourable Sydney L. Robins, 2000).  It’s in six parts as I found it.  None is too long.

Check New to the Site on the Home pagefor the links.  The links are all listed there, or can be accessed via Institutions/School Boards (scroll down).

I have a few comments to make about all of this, but want to check out one more thing first – too late now so will get them up later this morning.


John MacDonald’s  quest for justice drags on…

John received a response from S/Sgt Garry Derochie re the obstruction of justice allegations against Murray MacDonald and Justices Robert Pelletier and Peter Griffiths .  Short and sweet:

Subject: Your email dated 27th January
Date: Thu, 29 Jan 2009 11:23:19 -0500
From: derochie.g

To: xxxxx

Good morning John,

Just a quick note to let you know I received your email. I’m working on something else right now that has me fully engaged. I’ll get back to you at the start of next week.



Garry Derochie
Cornwall Community Police Service
340 Pitt Street, P.O. Box 875
Cornwall Ontario  K6H 5T7
Tel: (613) 933-5000 ext: 2411

That was in response to John’s email of Wednesday 27 January 2009 which reads:

S/Sgt. Garry Derochie.:

John Mac Donald here. I would like to set up a meeting in the next few days to discuss the complaint that I filed in January of last year. Mr. Pelltier, Mr. Mac Donald and Mr.Griffiths have had the opportunity to take the stand at the Inquiry and present evidence. I feel that I have been more then patient and have been willing to hear their side of the events that transpired before acting on the complaint. Please get back to me as quickly as possible.

Anticipating your prompt reply,

John Mac Donald

Hang in John.  With luck S/Sgt. Derochie will be fully or partially disengaged today or tomorrow.  After two years of waiting for action another few days will be water off a duck’s back.  As you say so often:   “It’s all good.”  🙂

Enough for now,



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