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Recent commentaries on the Standard Freeholder website articles have been added.  Check New to the Site on the Home page.

I have been trying to post four AM 1220 audio clips/interviews without success.  I think they are too large.  I know there is a way to work around that but, right now I give up. So, I will give the external link to the AM 1220 site where the links are posted:

Be sure to listen to the audio montage put together by Shannon Simpson.  It is well done.  Also check:

(1)  30 January 2009 John Bolton interview Peter Engelmann interview

(2)  29 January 2009  John Bolton interview Dallas Lee

(3) 29 January 2009:  Shannon Simpson on the Inquiry 

Just wanted to get those out and accessible to everyone. 

Enough for now,



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