Cheap shot!

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It’s amazing, a day away from the computer really sets me on my ear.  Catch up is hard.

The transcript of yesterday is posted.  I believe I am also now caught up on media postings 🙂  Check New to the Site on the Home page.


Note “ Crown says she was disappointed with Dunlop – Inquiry”

Narozniak said:

“when you contrast what the victims went through, the days of gruelling cross-examination –…. I was truly disappointed that Mr. Dunlop did not show the same kind of courage the victims did.”

Perhaps Narozniak forgets?  “The victims” didn’t get near the stand at Leduc “trial” #2.   There was not an ounce of interest in what “the victims” had to say about what Jacques Leduc did or not do them.   It was all Perry, Perry, Perry.  All technicalities – with a mind to getting Leduc off the hook.

That aside, what a cheap shot!  Very revealing!!

Perry had been sandbagged.  She won’t admit it outright but Narozniak knows that all too well – she was part of the sandbagging.  The truth of the matter is that Perry couldn’t have been sandbagged without her.  She knows that too.  It was only Narozniak’s dalliance with Marie Henein(Leduc) which allowed Perry Dunlop to be deceptively called to testify as a Crown, not defence, witness.

Perry logically thought he was being called to give testimony about his limited and benign contact with C-16’s mother.  In truth he was being called by the Crown to scapegoat him and literally set him up for vilification and tarring and feathering by Marie Henein.

Narozniak thinks that’s fair game?  Really?!  And she thinks that once Perry caught on to  the Narozniak-Henein game plan he had no right to ask for a lawyer, never mind be both taken aback that he had been duped by the Crown and upset that Henein was doing nothing remotely Crown-like in there?

And Narozniak is upset that Perry didn’t show the same courage “the victims” did?  What a cheap dirty and unbecoming shot to emit from the mouth of a Crown.

I suppose one could or might say Narozniak and Henein conspired to entrap Perry?  By entrap I mean “To lure into danger, difficulty, or a compromising situation.”

And I suppose that that particular kind of conspiring isn’t a conspiracy because I suppose Crowns can conspire, even if they’re conspiring with those whom “the victims” and we unwashed public might consider to be the ‘enemy.’


I shall carry on with the transcript after I take care of a few odds and ends at home.  Will blog as I get a handle on various bits and pieces of testimony.

Enough for now,



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4 Responses to Cheap shot!

  1. prima facie says:

    My Comments, My Therapy Continued: I am not a victim of sexual abuse.

    “Make No Mistake About It”

    “The Good Shepherd” sacrificed his life rather than violate his principles, his sense of honour and his convictions.
    Make no mistake about it, Perry Dunlop has “sacrificed” his life. The entire Dunlop family has sacrificed. “Things” will never be the same as they once were or the way they/we all wish they were going to be.

    On the other hand, I suspect Lidia Narozniak, like minded people, “parties” and their agents attending at the “Glaude Inquiry”, know little about courage or honour in the same “light” as the Dunlop’s.
    I suspect “they” know a lot about entrapment, collusion, coercion, intimidation and blindly following “their marching-orders” for “the greater good”, as defined by the current “powers that be”.

    Make no mistake about it, years would not be “spent away” and tens of millions of dollars would not have been “tossed about” on a public inquiry of this nature, if the “issues” and potential ramifications were not enormous and “hazardous” to “the powers that be”. To believe this inquiry is designed to “get it straight” as far as “institutional response” is concerned and therewith “comforting” for the Cornwall community, is delusional at best. This is an inquiry, which I believe has accomplished little but provide supporting evidence for the so-called “conspiracy theorists” and the assertions of “cover-up” etc.
    I believe this “Glaude Inquiry”, the related years and dollars, have been dispensed for the purpose of securing an official “INTERPRETATION” and declaration from Commissioner Glaude, that Dunlop was a rogue cop who’s behaviours were borderline criminal. I believe Commissioner Glaude will further assert that the so-defined rumour and innuendo spread throughout the community, was malicious and fuelled by Dunlop supporters, Carson Chisholm and others, consequently causing many innocent prominent people, unnecessary pain and suffering. Believe me; none of these anticipated assertions, among others, by Commissioner Glaude will be “new”.

    In fact, before the millions of dollars were “displaced” into the pockets of the gathered lawyers, the very same assertions were declared by various prominent and not so prominent characters in the community. Nothing new, but millions of $$$$ and years later….strange, wouldn’t you say? How high up and how wide across does this go?

    Not one objective lawyer at the “Glaude Inquiry”. Not one lawyer, cross-examining from the “cover-up”, conspiracy, perspective. Just high priced, very affluent, mal practice/ liability insurance defense lawyers. Quasi-defense proceedings?

    Don’t forget. Because of the way news stories are disseminated in Canada today, hardly anyone outside of Cornwall and Area or outside Ottawa east to Cornwall, ever heard of these entire issues since 1992. I mean many, many people I interact with in the Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Nova Scotia, Edmonton, Vancouver etc., etc., etc., areas, have no knowledge about or interest in this story or related stories, to this day.
    Only in 2008 and as a result of Dunlop’s arrest and a “very few” news publications, did parts of western Canada (Duncan, B.C.) “take notice”. In addition, the Dunlop’s currently reside there.
    Furthermore, I believe only the perspectives disseminated by a “corrupted”, lapdog, mainstream news media, were published; i.e.” brief press releases faxed to “CP” from Divisional Court, the “Glaude Inquiry” and “officials” prosecuting Perry Dunlop.
    How did this influence public opinion?

    But, “make no mistake about it” ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, it is my opinion and belief, this “entire story”, as it has evolved since 1992 and/or before, including EVERY “move” and “counter-move”, has great potential to “bring down” many powerful and influential people; hence the $$$$, the years, the perceived abuse of power and the perceived abuses of the “administration of justice”, among other perceived abuses.

    Back to “The Good Shepherd”: “Make no mistake about it”; whether the Dunlop’s or we, completely “accept” it or not, the Dunlop’s have been destroyed. It is my belief that a day will come when they learn to live with the acceptance of the destruction and not get caught up in the revenge seeking anger, which is an automatic reflex; it will destroy their personal “family unit” interpersonal relationships.

    In addition, Perry decided to “fight the system”. This has compounded and augmented the strength and “will” of the “powers” attempting to suppress his words.

    Experientially speaking, on more than one occasion I was advised, “if you fight the system “prima facie” you will have to do it alone.” “Do not expect any help from anyone, for anything, despite how “wrong or corrupt” you know or believe things to be.” “If you decide to go it alone, then you will have to go all the way alone.” “There are ways to fight the system, but it must be managed, to save face.”

    Make no mistake about it, Perry Dunlop, at least in an official capacity is alone. He will continue to be maligned and persecuted. I believe this is important for me to accept as being fact. I/we don’t have to accept what is being said, just the fact that it is being said and will be said….”for the greater good”, as interpreted by the current “powers that be”, and, there is nothing I/we can do about it.
    Widespread public interest is zero as a result in part, of our information dissemination policies/practices and protocol (limited to Cornwall and Area). I also believe the local news media is biased and corrupted by local interests. Additionally, alleged victims have been paid money and other benefits for their silence and they will not talk, even if they want to after the money is gone or they begin to experience “other” problems.
    One “alleged victim” who had agreed to accept money for silence contacted me wanting me to help them write a book disclosing ALL. I discovered they had signed, inter-generational, confidential, non-disclosure, release of all claims, stipulations. No way!!
    Also, I followed an alleged victims website (not Dick Nadeau) when he/she was declaring being victimized by a clan of paedophiles in the Cornwall Area. A few weeks later that alleged victim modified their website praising a local police officer (not Dunlop) for directing them to the Ontario Victims Compensation Board. The alleged victim further wrote that the “board” believed his/her story about a clan of paedophiles and awarded him/her monies.
    By the way, I believe maximum payout is $25,000.00 (25k). Do you believe that is enough and who was that mysterious “cop”?

    For various obvious reasons, no lawyer will “represent” Dunlop as Dunlop or I believe a lawyer should. No one with “authority or influence/affluence” will “speak out” for Dunlop. Yet, I believe some of these lawyers will receive “The Order of Canada” in future years.
    Again, experientially speaking, I was told, “prima facie”, “do you think I want to lose everything like you and end up driving trucks for the rest of my life, waiting for the next action against me?” “I might not be as courageous as some people, as you define courageous, but I’m not going to end up totally destroyed.”
    “Do not expect the truth to be told, where the truth cannot be told.”

    The following is not advice. The following is what I believe to survive:

    Make no mistake about it. I stopped the fight and re-directed my energy.
    I would not surrender or sell the truth I knew/know, so I would experience positive and negative consequences; assess them.
    Study, research, know and understand my enemy or opposition.
    I accepted the evil attacks as being part of the “systems” method of survival for “the greater good” as interpreted by the current “powers”. Most of all, I must love my loved ones and the ones I trust. I try to help others.
    ….and write a book about the experiences from “my perspective”.

    Everyone knows, “The Good Shepherd”.

    ….and Sylvia. Your work is magnificent!! Have you noticed how the “Glaude Inquiry” defense lawyers inject cross-examination, which suspiciously seems related to many of your blogs; ex) method Dunlop was treated at Leduc #2 as well as many other blogs you made. Maybe you should get a little of the $$$$$.

  2. David Price says:

    Great comments prima facie.

    We must stop fighting and redirect our energy. We can battle the Beast but we can not defeat it. That did and will require an act of God.

    Personally speaking, this whole Cornwall experience has led me closer to Christ. Not the liberal, industrial, god Jesus of the mainstream but the grass roots Christ Jesus. “Where two or three are gathered in my name I will be there,” Jesus. This is what gives me hope and of course a glorious vision of eternity. I also believe the Holy Bible gives us a vivid and dramatic vision of our day and of those days to come.

    I am no scholar but my belief is that the scripture of most faiths predict these trying end times with great accuracy.

    With the ancient wisdom of so many wise and prophetic scribes readily available one might wonder why, as a seemingly intelligent people we wander hopeless.

    Could it be that the Beast has persuaded us to abandon the ancient scribes for a spin based modern media?

    We have thrown God out of our churchs, schools, justice system and government, so to whom do we honor?

    The only thing left that offers some kind of real or perceived security.

    The Beast.

    An entity designed for self preservation and growth.

    For the Christian, Jew and Muslim hope and comfort lies in the coming of Messiah.

    For the unbeliever hope and comfort may lie in an intimate knowledge and understanding of the self protective Beast system.

    Ironically the Book of Revelation seems to indicate that at some point even Satan becomes disgusted with the wretchedness of his Beast System minions. Of course Satan knows scripture and he knows what lines not to cross. His followers however having been handed over to a reprobate mind will go anywhere. That is scary. The incarceration and persecution of a few survivor dissenters may soon look trivial as perhaps the hangmans noose is used to stifle truth.

    So hang on folks, make a loud vocal conviction for truth now, while you still can. The voice of truth is the only thing holding back the tides of evil.

    I know, I’m preaching to the choir but those are my thoughts.

    God Bless.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Yes prima facie. Yes David.

    Time for deep thoughts.

    The Good Shepherd. And let us never forget that Simon helped to carry the cross. He wasn’t afraid to step in. Perhaps he should have been, but he wasn’t. And perhaps what he did wasn’t a big help, but for just a wee while he was able lighten Christ’s heavy burden. And the burden was Chirst’s alone to carry. No one could carry it for Him. But one lightened His load.

    And Mary and Mary Magdalen and John stood at the foot of the cross. They weren’t afraid to be there, or if they were, they overcame their fears. They couldn’t take our Lord down, nor could they stop His pain, but they could be there to comfort Him in His suffering. And they were there.

    I think one form of doing “battle” here is merely lifting the heavy load carried by another, just for a moment. When the opportunity arises to take it.

    I have slowly come to believe that that’s all part of fighting the big battle in Cornwall. Each do what we can in our own small way to try to ease the burden of those who suffer. There is the suffering which comes of sexual abuse, and the added suffering which comes of an injustice rendered.

    I firmly believe too that someday the truth will out. Meanwhile we each build on the work of another. I believe we need to seek justice, not with a mind to expecting it in the here and now, but with a mind to ensuring that some day others won’t suffer as they have in Cornwall, and with a mind to history and with the hope that history will not repeat itslef. Some day I do believe this will be looked upon as the travesty is is, and people will wonder how could that possibly have happened? I don’t think I’ll be around to see that day – once upon a time I naively thought I might, but no longer. But I do believe that that day will come. In the here and now there will be books. There will be books saying there was no ring and no cover-up, and no more than a handful of victims and a lot of liars. There will be books that say there was a ring and a cover-up, and a terrible travesty of justice. There will be books for Perry and books against Perry.

    I believe too that while there may not be justice on earth the day comes when we will each stand face to face before our Maker, and we will each answer for our sins of ommission and commission, and we will each be welcomed or sent on our way accordingly. The Good shepherd again. And I do believe that there is a Heaven and a Hell. I don’t wish Hell on anyone.

    Will leave it at that. I was working on my blog before I decided time to take a break and turn to this. Had enough of the trancripts and going through notes from 2004. The stomach churning. I will wrap up in the morning.

  4. RealityChecker says:

    So long as ordinary people stand for the right things and do not retreat in their rightness before those who seem to have more power, what ’s right will prevail. It’s their kingdom — a kingdom organized not from the top down, but from the bottom up.

    This was a promise made and one to be believed in. Don’t ever give up in seeking justice or for what’s RIGHT!!!


    Blessed are the poor in spirit: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.
    Blessed are the meek: for they shall posses the land.
    Blessed are they who mourn: for they shall be comforted.
    Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill.
    Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy.
    Blessed are the clean of heart: for they shall see God.
    Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.
    Blessed are they that suffer persecution for justice’ sake, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

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