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Hearings resume at 0930 (9:30 am) Monday morning, 26 January 2009.

Five days of testimony left before Premier Dalton McGuinty’s ax drops.  I do believe things are rolling along according to the pre-ordained plan.  Next week’s busy busy schedule is as follows:

The Honourable Mister Justice Robert Pelletier – Ministry of the Attorney General

James Stewart, Crown Law Office – Criminal – Ministry of the Attorney General

The Honourable Murray Segal, Deputy Attorney General – Ministry of the Attorney General

Jean-Paul Scott, Superintendent of Education (retired) – Prescott & Russell Separate School Board

Factual Overview – Upper Canada District School Board

David Thomas, Director of Education and Secretary to the Board of Trustees – Upper Canada District School Board

Carol Tyrell – Transportation Manager (retired) – for the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry


I caught snatches of today’s testimony.  Perry this.  Perry that.  Perry the other thing.  After watching Lidia Narozniak in operation with Marie Henein (Leduc) in 2004, none of this unexpected, but none-the-less hard to take.  The same old same old.  Perry sports horns and weilds a pitchfork.  Never mind what Jacques Leduc did or did not do to those young lads.  Redirect and focus on what Perry did say, might have said, could have said and/or should have said.  Pour the resources into going after Perry.

It works.   It worked for Leduc. It worked for Charlie.  It’s working at the inquiry.

I heard a number of things which warrant comment but heard it on the fly and I do want to go through the transcripts to catch what I missed and get verbatim some of the testimony which caught my ear.

In the meantime I will say with certainty that Perry Dunlop did not know C-16 or his family.

C-16’s mother, God rest her soul, would have been devastated to hear the nonsense and  misinformation that was entered into evidence as fact today.

Enough for now,



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1 Response to It works

  1. RealityChecker says:

    I finally found some time to read through the transcripts of what I’ve missed in the web cast.

    My God Perry….I knew it was bad but I didn;t realize it was THAT bad.


    technical glitches – the original reporter retired – they won’t repeat the transcription???

    Yeah – and Mickey Mouse lives on the moon!!!

    Obviously – Naroziniak is a “COVER YOUR ASS KIND OF GAL!”


    My heart goes out to you Perry Dunlop – boy did you ever go for a ride!!!

    BTW – all one has to do is look at the court system in Hamilton (mob city)to explain how Naroziniak operates!!!

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