Whose nest is being feathered?

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Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Tuesday, 06 January 2008.  Former Cornwall Crown attorney turned defender of a number of Cornwall’s real and “alleged” paedophiles will take the stand.  He will be followed by Alain Godin, assistant Crown from the North Bay, Ontario region. 

I must say I am not looking forward to these last 19 days of testimony in the slightest.  Not at all.   I think it will all be as hard to stomach as the bulk of the institutional testimony to date.  But, away we go.  I will stay tuned to catch the crumbs falling, but that aside I have long lost any hope that any good will come of this.  The best I find myself hoping for now is that, in his recommendations Justice Normand Glaude will do the honourable thing and advise the powers that a truly independent and impartial judicial inquiry into the whole Cornwall scandal and cover-up must be commissioned, one that is solely mandated to delve into the allegations of a ring and cover-up.  I would add that such inquiry must be mandated to delve into the commissioning of this inquiry, the crafting of the mandate and the choice of commissioner.


Note the Shelter 2015 Report.   What pray tell is this all about?  An “emergency” shelter for the homeless in Cornwall?   Under the mantle of the inquiry?  With an annual and astounding budget of $490,000?

What are you doing Jamie?  What are you doing? 

Whose nest is being feathered here? 

And look who was (is?) part of this Shelter 2015 committee.  Crown Murray MacDonald himself!

Why Murray MacDonald?

And why consult Claude MacIntosh?

No matter.  A shelter for the homeless!    Thanks to the Cornwall Public inquiry Cornwall may well wind up with a politically-correct nine bed “woman positive, gay/bisexual/transgender positive and culturally sensitive” emergency shelter.

If Cornwall needs an emergency shelter for the homeless then by all means set it up.  But, courtesy of the inquiry?  

Too much!  Too too much.

Just about time to start.  Must run,

Enough for now



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9 Responses to Whose nest is being feathered?

  1. David Price says:

    Inquiry Cost= $60,000,000? Probably a low estimate.

    Counselling = -$ 400,000? Probably a high estimate.

    Shelter = -$ 490,000? Proposed funding?

    Package for
    Lawyers = $59,110,000?

    Of course we are all good sports, these numbers are just for fun. Merry Christmas.

  2. RealityChecker says:

    WELCOME BACK to the circus Sylvia! Hope you had an uneventful rest and joyous holiday season.

    Hmph – “Shelter 2015” WHAT A JOKE!!!
    Looks like these clowns from the Inquiry have found the government systemic loopholes to have people of questionable character proposing, “researching” and attempting to take care and/or managing “projects” for some of the most vulnerable in our society. Money grubbers with no real interest in the people they are targeting.

    I read thru the report – where the hell is the research or statistics to show Cornwall needs an Emergency shelter for the homeless and WHAT exactly does THIS publically funded study have to do with the Cornwall Public Inquiry??? (where the $$$ are – isn’t it?) THERE IS NO RESEARCH OR STATISTICS IN THIS PUBLICALLY FUNDED STUDY FOR THE CITY OF CORNWALL!!! NOT AVAILABLE – Gee I wonder why? This is an opinion piece by a select few with $$$ signs in their eyes and with Ottawa shelters used as a guideline – do proper research and get the proper statistics before you jerks propose anything!!!

    I could go on and on about this joke.


    …and were suppose to respect these clowns???

  3. RealityChecker says:

    Jamie and co-horts want this new proposed shelter to operate under an existing agency – Agape Centre. All funding would be delivered through Agape as necessary (read the report). Agape already has many different avenues for funding coming in from various sources including, from what I can see – the Trillium Foundation.

    So…if I interpret this right – they want half a million from the Inquiry to open a 9 bed homeless shelter in Cornwall but don’t have any true research and/or statistics where it is indicated that Cornwall definitely needs a shelter of this sort. They want this money/funding for the proposed shelter to go to the Agape Centre to be distributed as necessary. They need a $50,000 a year manager to run this place (Jamie – perhaps???). They need a $40,000 a year case manager to work Mon – Fri….and 6 other support workers for $15/hour.

    Hmph…we have “Jamie”, MacDonald and McIntosh consulting on this proposal….real EXPERTS huh??? Bet they have all the credentials and professional designations to make a good and honest half a million proposal and “research” study. BTW – a familiar name pops out as a Director of Agape’s Board who obviously must be involved too – Father Kevin Maloney. Can’t be anymore obvious what these guys are after – can it??? Self – serving you know whats!!!

  4. RealityChecker says:



    Agape recently asked city council for a $225,000 grant to cover costs for the $450,000 the Centre owes on it’s new digs in the former St. Columbans Hall.

    Yeah – uh huh – can’t get it from city council so why not propose a homeless shelter (with no research and/or statistics done) and where $450,000 funding will go to Apage to be distributed as necessary. Coincidence that this proposal for a homeless shelter is the same amount Agape owes??? I don’t think so!

    Looks like Agape – Jamie, MacDonald, MacIntosh and Maoloney are getting desperate!!!


  5. Sylvia says:

    Way to go Reality Checker. Way to go!!

    I came across this quote by Charles Johnson:

    “Is this a coincidence, an example of amazing cluelessness, or something more deliberate?”

    Under the circumstances, good question.

  6. David Price says:

    Once again RealityChecker comes through. Woweee! good work.

  7. RealityChecker says:

    Ah shucks….a pat on the back will suffice 🙂

    These guys should have gone to work for the ad agencies during the sponsorship scandal!

    Don’t forget – crooks and scam artists eventually get caught. Mainly because of their STUPIDITY!

  8. RealityChecker says:

    As expected – the Freeholder is in DAMAGE CONTROL mode.

    Check it out…..


  9. Sylvia says:

    Indeed they are 🙂 I will post the article during the day.

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