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New Year’s Eve.  Imagine!  Tomorrow is the first day of the year 2009.  And April 2009 is four full years since the inquiry was commissioned!

No matter.  Here we are.  Nineteen days of testimony left.  I thought it was 18, but I just counted – nineteen days!  Nineteen days for testimony from all the witnesses on deck from the office of the Attorney General.

O happy days for Premier McGuinty, the AG and his witnesses 🙂  No need to fret.  Nineteen days.  Total.   When each AG witness could/should be on the stand for a least a week a measly total of nineteen days is a piece of cake.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

And don’t they know it!

So, the final dash for the finish line starts next week:  0930 am, Tuesday, 06 January 2009.

The witness roster for next week is posted:

Donald Johnson, (former) Crown Attorney – Ministry of the Attorney General

Alain Godin, Assistant Crown Attorney – Ministry of the Attorney General

Don Johnson, a former Cornwall Crown attorney, went on to defend a number of Cornwall’s real and “alleged” molesters.

Alain Godin lost every Project Truth sex abuse trial he was assigned, i.e., Sandy Lawrence and Fathers Kenneth Martin and Paul Lapierre.  My memory is that he prosecuted four “alleged” Project Truth molesters, and all four were defended by Don Johnson, ….and Godin lost every case.

It was sheer agony to sit through those trials.  A disaster.   Why an assistant Crown was assigned to those high profile cases has always floored me.

I was told that Godin was once an assistant Crown in Cornwall – to Don Johnson.  I have never gotten back to checking that one out – will watch and listen with great interest to see if that is indeed fact.

So, two AG witnesses for next week.  That leaves 15 days to spread around amongst others:  James Stewart, Curt Flanagan, Lorne McConnery, Murray Segal, Robert Pelletier, Peter Griffiths,  and Shelley Hallett.

And what of former Attorney General Michael Bryant?   Will Bryant be put on the stand?

I doubt it.  But he should.

Bryant is the one who once promised in the Ontario legislature:  “We will get this right, we will have this inquiry and we will see that justice is done in Cornwall.”


Wouldn’t it be nice to have Michael Bryant tell us what exactly he meant when he said “we will see that justice is done in Cornwall”?

Does that mean charging victim Steve Parisien with obstruction of justice?

And charging Perry Dunlop with contempt?  Not once but twice?

And locking Perry up behind bars for seven-and-a-half months?

And refusing to put the real and alleged paedophiles of Cornwall on the stand to tell us what and who they know?

And refusing to put Justice Colin McKinnon on the stand?

And refusing to determine the veracity of the sex abuse allegations of the “alleged” sex abuse victims of Cornwall?

And allowing suspect molesters to prowl the streets?

Is that what Bryant meant when he assured us the McGuinty government would see that justice is done in Cornwall?

Anyway, nineteen days to go.


I took a few hours yesterday to post several media articles from before Christmas and to catch up on the latest.  Also scanned and posted pictures of (1) Ron Leroux, (2) Malcolm MacDonald, and (3) Ken Seguin and his waterfront home.

The picture of Malcolm isn’t the greatest but suffice to get an idea of his general looks.  All pictures are undated – I am guessing all are at least 20 years old.


Happy New Year!  My prayers and best wishes for a happy, holy, healthy and prosperous year for all.

Enough for now,



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