Repeat the mantra

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Hearts and flowers, and huggy-bear-kissy face at every turn in the last hour.

There were cudos to Cornwall Crown Murray MacDonald from Peter Chisholm, Children’s Aid Society.

But the grand-daddy of praise that was heaped upon Murray’s shoulders came from none other than Father Charlie’s lawyer, Michael Neville.

I blogged just a little while back wondering what happened to the Coalition.  The Coalition missed its turn to cross-examine.

Well, after he  wrapped up doing damage control trying to re-vilify David Silmser as a lying good-for-nothing money grubber, Neville stepped squarely up to the plate to offer praise for the Cornwall Crown.

It went pretty much like this:

Neville:  I want to say something.

There is a party here whose members have contributed to the personal anguish you and your family  – who have felt – who for whatever reason have not seen fit to be here to ask you any questions

Glaude:  Wow. Wow. Wow.

Now come on.  I can’t …

Neville:  I’m going to simply say that Mr. MacDonald should take that as recognition that his character and integrity speak for themselves. 

Consider yourself honoured and privileged Mr. Murray MacDonald.  Hearts and flowers for you from Charlie.

Praise where praise is due I suppose?  Or one good turn deserves another?  Whatever, just huggy-bear-kissy face time in the Weave Shed.

Yes, indeed one big, big, big, big, very happy family.  It keeps getting bigger and bigger doesn’t it?  The family may be a tad nasty and vicious and inclined to hit below the belt to smite its ‘enemy,’ but, no matter,  it’s just plain big, and happy and so very free with accolades for its friends 🙂

Never ever ever forget the mantra: 

There is no ring.  There is no cover-up.

There is no ring.  There is no cover-up

 Repeat.  Visualize.  Believe!

Enough for now,



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10 Responses to Repeat the mantra

  1. Sylvia says:

    More hearts and flowers. Now from the OPP/Neil Kozloff. This one went something like this: ‘Thank you for coming. I want to recognize your courage and integrity over the past 15 years.’

    Time for the violins in the Weave Shed!

  2. Sylvia says:

    Frank Horn just surfaced. He and Ian Paul have been tied up in court for the past number of days.

    This is a disgrace! A major wintess like Murray MacDonald hits the stand and the Coalition pair are busy elsewhere.

    This whole mess is heart-breaking.

  3. Myomy says:

    And did you catch the snide remark from Neville about their absense and the repremand from Glaude to Neville saying there should be no such “editorializing comments”.

  4. prima facie says:

    Sylvia. Can you tell me what events took place that caused Mr. Murray MacDonald and his family to suffer? What was Neville and others referencing? Were they referring to the passing of his father or suggesting, citizens angry at him, for who know’s what,were causing him grief or were they suggesting some accused he prosectued over the years, was “after him”. so-to-speak

    Mr. Murray MacDonald stated his car was “keyed” once….in twenty-five years? What else? Speak up Murray!
    Well, I had a head on collision or I lost a job or someone called me and hung up…..or or, etc., etc., who’s the conspiracy theorist here…please….get real!!

  5. Sylvia says:

    Good question prima facie. Good question. Too late to find out from Murray. He’s long gone now – finished with the Weave Shed and moving to Ottawa and right up the AG ladder of success, right on up to the bench I’d say, right in the footsteps of his regional director predecessor Peter Grifiths.

    But perhaps Neville could or would enlighten us? Or Charlie? They seem to know.

    How insane is this?

  6. Myomy says:

    The clock is stopped. All of the posts above were entered at 1:18:34…. Amazing…

  7. Sylvia says:

    I don’t know how to set the time on wordpress:( I’ve tried – will try again 🙂

  8. Sylvia says:

    Testing. I think I found the right code 🙂

  9. prima facie says:

    “IT’S SHOWTIME” boys and girls.

    “pain and suffering”, “pain and suffering, I say”.

    I have heard several times how the likes of Pat Hall, Murray MacDonald, and other “elitist-strawmen-witnesses” and their loved ones, have experienced, so-called pain and suffering.

    Pain and suffering, I may suggest, that is in reality, the stress and anxiety that goes with the trade, you idiots.

    These “pearheads”, yes, “the powers that be”, are completely out of touch with the real world. These arrogant, condescending, self-serving, egotistical, narcissistic, elitists and their surrogates, have NO IDEA what “pain and suffering is”.

    Would it be fair to suggest….;to these abusive “powers”, pain and suffering is the personal stress they experience when they have to trust whether a “server” at the Law Society Christmas Party, will deliver a single malt or a blend.

    What a “show”.

    Oh, Merry Christmas.

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