Hearts and flowers

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Retired Detective Inspector Pat Hall finished his testimony just before 3 pm.  Deputy Commissioner Chris Lewis took the stand at 3:05 pm.

Is it just me or does it look like the only reason Lewis is occupying time and space in the Weave Shed is to do PR for the OPP?   Perhaps I missed something but seems to me Lewis’s very brief exam in chief relating to anything else is of little relevance to anything.  As far I can see the bulk of his testimony, ably led by commission counsel Pierre Dumais, is nothing shy of OPP PR. 


We had heard glowing words from Lewis about the ever evolving OPP policies, practices and procedures, and more hearts and flowers for courses on male victimization which were started last year – yes – last year.  On and on and on and on. 




Lewis assured us that the OPP of today is in no way shape or form the same as the OPP of the 90s and right through Project Truth.  It’s all changed. It’s just honest to goodness not at all the OPP we all thought we knew.  It’s changed!


We even heard how great things are since Julian Fantino became commissioner.  And yes, that’s the same Julian Fantino whose lawyer is none other than Brian Gover, and the same Julian Fantino who was accused of trying to halt disciplinary hearings in the midst of his own evolving testimony by asking the Ontario Divisional court to stay the proceedings.


We heard nothing about that, just hearts and flowers.


The bottom line is, that, according to Lewis, OPP is just all plain spanking brand new.  The old OPP is finished.  Dead.  Gone.  A figment of our imagination.


Trust.  Believe.  The new OPP has emerged from the cocoon.


Why is this inquiry framing evolutionary stuff surfacing in the Weave Shed right now?   If the commission wanted to hear all of this why did they not call Lewis to testify back in 2006 when Glaude was seeking help from “experts” to “frame” his inquiry?  It would have fit right in. 


But, no sign of Lewis in 2006. He’s here now.  While the clock is a-tickin’. 


A mystery.


A bigger mystery is why several hours of valuable time is being tossed down the drain to nurse out these hearts and flowers for the OPP from none other than Julian Fantino’s right hand man?


But, I forget. The mandate.  Heaven forbid the commission lose sight of the mandate, the one craftily hobbled together for him by the AG, or someone working in the AG’s office.


Policies, practices and procedures.  Yes, indeed.  The institutional ace in the hole.  Ever evolving policies.

So, here we are, with time for AG witnesses to actually take the stand becoming increasing scarce, an OPP witness has been tossed in as the OPP point man to tell us all what we already know – the OPP policies, practices and procedures are now evolving at the speed of light.  And, oh, yes, – we have a new OPP commissioner. And we have a new OPP.


This is an insult to our intelligence.


The real puzzler in this little charade is that I thought the OPP did no wrong?   I thought the message conveyed loud and clear by OPP testimony is that Perry Dunlop was the source of any and all OPP woes. 


The OPP made no mistakes.  Perry made every mistake in the book. 


 The OPP disclosed everything.  Perry disclosed nothing. 


The OPP diligently made notes every waking moment 24/7.  Perry was conducting an unauthorized off-duty investigation.


The OPP conspired with no one.  Perry conspired with a host of good-for-nothings.


We are supposed to believe that the OPP was without spot or blemish.  Any little quirks that anyone noticed along the Project Truth  road were Perry’s doing.  Perry and everyone he ever rubbed shoulders with, victims included.  It was absolutely and definitively not the OPP.


But, no.  Today we hear the OPP has changed.  It’s brand spanking new.


Why?  Why is it new?  Why the “change”?  After all, the OPP did no wrong.  And Perry is long gone. 

Why then the driving need for all this change Lewis speaks of?


And why the need to waste precious time telling we the unwashed public that the OPP has indeed changed? 


The long and the short is that Lewis took the stand at 3:05 pm.  About an hour was committed to both CV stuff and a few little incidentals which might be misconstrued as justification for calling Lewis as a witness.


I was scratching my head in that first hour trying to sort out what this was all about.  And then, well, and then away Lewis and Dumais went.  Right into the OPP’s evolving policies, practices and procedures, and the wonders of Commissioner Julian Fantino.  Right until 5:30 pm.


I do believe that was the bulk of Lewis’ exam in chief.  OPP PR. 


By the way, I heard nothing about evolution of OPP policies, practices and procedures regarding the fine points of officers who don’t disclose notes, and the finer points of shifting the blame and focus for that non disclosure away from the OPP by blaming Perry Dunlop and the Crown attorney for not disclosing. 


I am disgusted with the lot of them.


Enough for now,



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7 Responses to Hearts and flowers

  1. Shirley says:

    Sylvia….what a bunch of HOT AIR blowin’ in a COLD WIND today! I was so disgusted with the so-called session this AM and PM, I had to leave it for awhile….It’s a bit too confusing to follow at times, thank Goodness you put things into perspective for us ‘no-mind public viewers’!.

    And you are so right….tick tock, tick tock, time is running out. Is this what we call a 40 million dollar blackout? So, what have we all learned here so far folks?

    Tons of innuendo, speculations, hearsays of witnesses, I would have done this, I would have done that, shoot Perry down some more….blast the rogue cop for not dislosing this and that and so on and so forth….all repeating every little thing all over again!

    The same lawyers asking the same questions and yadda, yadda, yadda…..just WHAT the hell is going to be accomplished here when we, the public, know full well what really went on way back when kids were being molested by creepy prominent citizens of the community????

    Nothing! Gut wrenching Nothing!

    Enough for now:


  2. RealityChecker says:

    HMPH….big announcement in the Standard Freeholder today “alledgedly” made by Desrocher.
    Larocque has apparently been “exonerated”.
    No witness statement.
    No statement from the victim’s lawyer
    No statement from the accused
    Says no statement from Desrocher but what the heck do you call the announcement???

    I think it’s obvious WHO runs the town of Cornwall!!!

    How STUPID can Desrocher and his buddies at the Freeholder be???

  3. RealityChecker says:

    Sorry spelling mistakes!

  4. We saw nothing says:

    will the next former crown attorney be asked about his relationship with the young court stenographer who lived in an apartment near second and york streets in cornwall.He always had time to denigrate defendants in court but his own conduct should shame him

  5. Sylvia says:

    “the next former crown attorney”? Do you mean Murray MacDonald, about to depart Cornwall for Ottawa in January?

  6. Sylvia says:

    Or Don Johnson, soon to take the stand?

    Or, someone else?

  7. We saw nothing says:

    Don Johnson as Crown…throw the bumbs in Prison
    Don Johnson defense attorney….all my clients are innocent

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