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Sick to death

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PLEASE NOTE:  Hearings resume at 0830 hours (8:30 am) tomorrow morning, Friday 05 December 2008.  Retired Detective Inspector Pat Hall will continue his examination-in-chief. **** I am running out of words.  I truly am. Sometimes it’s all just too much.  … Continue reading


Another read and weep

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Hearings are about to resume (2:00 pm, Thursday, 04 December 2008) A few notes on retired OPP Detective Inspector Pat Hall’s testimony of the morning: (1)  “Alleged” molester Harvey Latour attempted to commit suicide.  This on the same day he … Continue reading

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The bewitching hour

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Hearings resumed at 0900 hours (9:00 am)this morning, Thursday, 04 December 2008.  Retired Detective Inspector Pat Hall’s examination-in-chief continues. Hearings wrapped up bang on schedule yesterday.  The commissioner said “It’s 4:30.” Engelmann asked Hall:  “How are you doing, sir?” Hall … Continue reading

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