Where is he coming from?

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Hearings resume at 1000 hours (10:00 am) this morning, Monday, 01 December 2008.  Detective Constable Steve Seguinsill finish his testimony which just whipped through lickety split.  He will be followed on the stand by Detective Inspector Pat Hall.

A few points:

(1)  I think the porn problem has been rectified.  No sign of it :).  I blocked out bloggers in the process.  I will fix that up today.

(2)  Steve Seguin testified that he didn’t know about the investigation at the Classical College in the late 60s.   I was thinking on that and realized it makes no sense that he or any of the other Project Truth officers wouldn’t know.

We have been told a number of times that the Project Truth officers regularly shared information gathered from their own respective interviews and investigations.  Are we now to believe that  Joe Dupuis did not say a word to anyone about his interview with Ron Wilson?  The one in which Wilson said there had been an investigation at the college in 1967, and the college was under surveillance, and the ring emanated from the college, and Father’s Don Scott and Paul Lapierre were involved, and Killer Gagnon was the only one charged?

How could such information not be considered vital enough to share?  Makes no sense. No sense at all.

(3)  Take a deep breath and please do take the time to read 30 November 2008:  Confessions of a Peace Geurrila:  Ben Hoffman.

This article ran in the Pembroke Observer on Saturday past.  A reader was kind enough to draw it to my attention.  As I note at the top, the article was a little jumbled on Observer website, but the details are there and easy enough to sort out.

A few questions which spring to mind:

(i) What exactly does Hoffman mean: “Forgiveness is giving up all hope for a better past”?

(ii) Why would Hoffman think Cornwall of all places is fit to show leadership by setting up a centre “which specializes in the detection, prevention and treatment of child sex abuse”  in the country”?

(iii) Hoffman says the people of Cornwall won’t tolerate sex abuse? And he cites the petition as an proof?   Does he not realize the people of Cornwall have been hammered into the ground? That they are tired of fighting the system?  Does he not realize that Cornwall has been a win-win for paedophiles and a lose-lose for the victims?

(iv) Hoffman says “it is easier for victims to forgive than for murderers to admit guilt.”  He goes from that to “then I realized it is those who are victimized who would have to lead the promotion of healing.”

Where is this man coming from?  Where oh where is he coming from?

(v) Hoffman says: “This is an opportunity for Cornwall to show real leadership and set up a centre of excellence to deal with this problem”?

What problem?

(vi) Who exactly does Dr. Hoffman have in mind to staff his centre of excellence?

(vii)  Would the centre of excellence perhaps share space with the Children’s Treatment Centre?   Seems logical to me.  A grand spanking new centre housing the Children’s Treatment Centre, the Centre of Excellence – and perhaps even the Men’s Project?

All government funded and/or politically controlled.  All marching to the tune of Ontario government.  Sort of the same old same old?

Enough for now,



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