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I was shocked and saddened on Saturday to belatedly hear of Barb McCrimmon’s death.  My deepest sympathies, love thoughts and prayers go out to MacCrimmon family. 

Barb was a kind lady who cherished her family.  Although our contact was brief I was privileged to know her and considered her a friend.  I think of her often.

May she rest in peace.


Has anyone heard a single reference to the break in at the Project Truth offices in the early days of the probe? 

I may have missed it, but if there was it must have been short and sweet.

I can’t imagine Project Truth officer/witnesses not being asked about the break-in.  Word was that all files and computer hard drives were stolen.  I think the word too was that there was no sign of forced entry?


Good for Frank Horn.  Sometimes Horn’s cross-examination is all over the map and hard to grasp.  This morning however Horn put some good questions to Steve Seguinand got some good information on the record or back on the record.  Justice Glaude was not at all happy that Horn estimated he would need 30 minutes for his cross-examination.  Horn started at 10:00 Am.  Just before 11 am an obviously impatient Justice Glaude interjected: “ You said you’d be half an hour.  How long are you going to take?”

Tick. Tock.

Anyway, a few more crumbs and reminders:

(1)  We know that Malcolm MacDonald molested a boy at the Quebec family cottage of now convicted molester Jean Luc Leblanc.

We now know there a black dog involved at the cottage.  Bestiality. 

That information was turned over to Quebec police.  Nothing ever came of it, at least not in the way of criminal charges.

That’s not the first instance of bestiality I have heard of in Cornwall.  Ex priest Richard Hickerson springs to mind.

Bestiality.  Perversion +++. 

These aren’t men.  They’re animals.

(2)  There was apparently an instance in which Leblanc put a knife in a victim’s rectum.    He also was into bondage and would apparently tie some of his victim up before molesting them.  It seems there was blood all over the place after some of this debauchery transpired.

(3)  There was an instance in which a child or children were molested in a plane while flying over Cornwall.  The pilot of the plane apparently participated in the abuse.

It seems there was some investigation into the pilot but nothing ever came of it.

Likewise nothing ever came of the debauchery at the Leblanc cottage in Quebec.

(4)  According to a Jos van Diepen’s statement to Project Truth lawyer and a Cornwall  Crown attorney Guy DeMarco was ‘buddies’ with Ken Seguin and Father Charles MacDonald.

We heard this before, but now the question put to Seuin was – was DeMarco ever interviewed by Project Truth officers?

Seguin said there were no allegations against DeMarco and no indication of evidence that could assist the team!

The truth of the matter is that DeMarco, as a ‘buddy’ of the pair, would obviously have had information on Malcolm and Ken, two prominent “alleged” molesters. 

So, in an investigation that concluded no ring, no cover-up, De Marco, a Crown attorney and friend of two prominent “alleged” molesters was never interviewed.

According to van Diepen DeMarco my have been present at a dinner party at which David Silmser was sodomized.

That wasn’t checked on either.  Seguin said that, well, DeMarco wasn’t implicated!!! And that DeMarco wasn’t necessarily at the dinner party.

Guy DeMarco, a Cornwall Crown and close friend of Ken Seguin and Father Charles MacDonald, was never interviewed.  On anything!!!

(3)  A victim with the miniker  C-5 made reference in an interview to a situation whereby, by the sound of it, Ken Seguin was going to introduce C-5 to someone “high up” in the Cornwall Police Service.  C-5 apparently understood that the introduction would be for sexual purposes.

Seems there was no follow up on that either!  Seguin said this information came early in the investigation and that afterwards all the evidence including that would have been put together.  Who knows what exactly that means?

However, when pressed by Justice Glaude Seguin said he finds it hard to answer what if any follow up was done.  Seguin again actually said there was no “allegation.”  

But, no ring.  No conspiracy.  No cover-up.

No hesitation from Project Truth when it wrapped up some years ago on that one.

(4)  Both Danielle Robitaille (Leduc) and Michael Neville (Father Charlie) objected to Horn asking Seguin if he, Seguin, was upset when Leduc and Father Charlie ‘walked.”

Neville’s emphatic words when he made a dart for the podium to tell the commissioner:  “ None of this is helpful.  None of this is within your mandate. And I invite you to stop it.  It is becoming an abuse by this man, his questions.”


Anyway, Seguin said he was very disappointed when Leduc ‘walked.’ And he said he was disappointed but understood it was coming when Father Charlie ‘walked.’

(5)  Neville did his usual derogatory spin on victims of male/male sexual abuse.  Neville’s stereotypical inference is that if a victim was around Father Charlie after the abuse started then that becomes proof positive that Father Charlie never laid a wayward hand on the boy.

I highly doubt that Neville doesn’t know better than that.  I really and truly rather doubt it.  Why he is allowed to get away with it time and time again is beyond me.  Why any lawyer can stand in a courtroom or at an inquiry and come out with this disparaging of victims is beyond me.  The fact that it can and does continue reminds me that nothing has been done and there is therefore obviously much work to be done on the education of lawyers and the judiciary about same-sex sexual abuse of boys and its virtually stereotypical aftermath.

(6)  More inference from Neville that Perry Dunlop forced witnesses to lie or doctored their statements.  This time Neville was on about C-99’s statement.

It has long been known that Father Charlie made his walk to freedom on Perry Dunlop’s back.

Nothing has changed.

Enough for now,



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