Time to smell the shamrocks :)

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Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Tuesday 28 October 2008.  Rick Abell will return for cross-examination.

I am beside myself.  I can not believe what I heard yesterday.  As a I said in another blog, this is déjà vu. 

Did Steven Skurka feed Abell his lines to ensure that Perry and Helen were by-passsed for the Order of Canada?  Or, was it perhaps Jacques Leduc?

It’s just the same old garbage that poured out into the courtroom at Leduc’s first sex abuse trial, the one which started with Colin McKinnon taking the bench despite all his connections to the Cornwall Police Service and former Chief Claude Shaver,  moved on to McKinnon recusing himself about six weeks into the trial after proof positive of his past affiliations was publicly brought to light, and was picked up by Justice James Chadwick who most sympathetically granted Leduc a stay.

All the same old tried and true lines, two in particular:  (1) Perry was involved with the Leduc victims (False – a victim’s distraught mother contacted Perry not knowing where to turn or what to do.  Perry talked to the poor soul by phone.  He asked about her son.  That was it.  Period!), and (2) Perry forced C-8, a victim and convicted molester, to lie (False.  I have yet to see any transcript which proves that one. If C-8 lied he did so of his own volition) 

Smack Perry the left cheek.  Smack him on the right cheek.  Smack left.  Smack right.  Smack. Smack. Smack.

It’s all Perry’s fault.  Whatever the sex problem besetting Cornwall, it’s all Perry’s fault.  Not the fault of lawyers who played with the truth, hypothesized and spun the facts.  Not the fault of the judge who previously spent years as legal counsel for the Cornwall Police Service, looked out after former Chief Shaver’s legal interests, found a way to have Perry charged under the Police Services Act, and then dared to put his derrier on the bench at Leduc’s sex abuse Project Truth trial.

And not the fault of police.  And not his fault or that of CAS.

So very Skurka!

Then there’s a few additional verbatim condemnations of Perry and Helen which Abell hurled their way when he told the Order of Canada gang at Rideau Hall Perry and Helen should not be inducted into the Order, i.e:

“The conduct of Helen and Perry over the intervening years has, in my view, badly tarnished the merit they deserve for first bringing the police statement to the Children’s Aid Society.”

“Public condemnation, accusations of many people in the community of sex crimes…”
“…characterization of the entire city as a ‘haven for pedophiles’.”

“the integrity and veracity of some and possibly all alleged victims is now in question.”
“The genuine victims may never see justice done”

“It is unlikely that this community will ever see the ‘clearing of the air that so many have asked for’.”

“Some innocent people will have to endure a lifelong cloud of suspicion over them because of public accusations directed against them.”

 “Some guilty parties will escape being held to account for their crimes.”

“The respect and appreciation the Dunlops actually did earn has been stained by their single-minded and self-promoting crusade.”

Do I detect a slight hint of a Claude McIntosh there ?  🙂

And then there’s the business of the mistake.  Abell told the Rideau Hall folk that Perry was convicted on the Police Service Act charges and then exonerated on appeal.

Perry was NOT convicted.  Ever.

But, Abell told those in the upper echelons Perry was convicted.

No problem there:  “I was incorrect about that.”

No big deal.

Why?  What was he incorrect?  What kind of good friend was he?  He truly didn’t know or recall that Perry was exonerated?

How could he possibly have misled people with an error like that.  How? 

And all Abel has to say is “I was incorrect about that.”

(Perhaps Abell might consider letting Rideau Hall and Madame Beverly McLauchlin know so at least that part of the record maligning Perry can be corrected?)

And then, shortly after affirming he stands by the 2002 letter, believe it or not, Abell said on record that Perry and Helen are very good people, and that the loss of their friendship is one of the things he regrets to this day!

Certainly, the issue, the whole matter with Perry and Helen; the loss of that friendship I regret to this day. We were very close and they’re very good people, and so that was a loss for us.

A platitude.  An oxymoron.  A contradiction.

 “Very good people” don’t do the things Abell accused his once dear friends of doing.

On the subject of friends, according to the Dunlops, the Abell friendship turned sour when Abell was beaten up by three men in broad daylight. Things changed after that.  That was the year and around the time of Abell’s 50th birthday.  Prior to that they were the best of friends: The Dunlops were sponsors for Abell’s daughter’s confirmation; they holidayed at Abell’s PEI cottage, and Abel even had his own chair at the Dunlop house.  They visited back and forth frequently.

What today will bring to this particular mess remains to be seen.  I must say it has bothered me deeply. 


On a slightly different and happy note…

Tomorrow I am off to Ireland 🙂  A huge family reunion.  Time for family.  Time to walk the fields. 

A last minute decision.  I felt I couldn’t go.  One day my husband said you’re going.

So, I’m going.  I won’t miss too terribly much.  I’ll be back 11 November, and, unless things change there’s a one week recess coming next week.

I don’t think I will have opportunity to access a computer.  I will try, but it’s highly doubtful.  So, as of tomorrow, no blogs, no postings, no emails.  Everything will go on hold until I return.  If you have something you want to get off your chest before tomorrow, now’s the time 🙂

Please save any news coverage for me.  I will post it after I get home.  Be sure the media outlet is identified – also the date.

And, it would be great if you could jot down notes and/or observations on testimony from Wednesday, Thursday and Friday this week, and the 10th and 11th of November.  Hang on to it until I get back and then, once I do my first blog, post it as a blog.  That way I’ll get back on top of things much faster and everyone can catch up. 

I will keep the webcast running today as I get myself ready to go.  Will blog during the day if I can, and one final time before day’s end.  

I’m getting excited.  Good and ready to get away.  I’m so very sick and tired of the filth.  Time to smell the shamrocks 🙂

Enough for now,



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12 Responses to Time to smell the shamrocks :)

  1. Reality Checker says:

    Sylvia….there is something else I noticed in the testimony yesterday that I wanted to bring to your attention and may have eluded some. When Abel was giving his insights and recommendations – the creep (Sorry don’t have any other words for him) said….

    “I had Bill across from me at lunch and he said, ‘Keep in mind what I said and what Mr. MacLean said’ and I do. I’d likee to support — those two wise gentlemen and I hope you listen well to their comments”

    Mr. Abel is under examination in chief!!! Under rules of proceedure he is NOT to talk to anyone about his testimony. Yet we have Bill Carierre COACHING the witness during the lunch hour and Abel lets it slip!!!

    That is CONTEMPT!!! There’s no other word for it!!!

  2. Sylvia says:

    I missed that. Sure looks like coaching a witness to me. Sex abuse victim Steve Parisien wound up with a charge of obstruct justice for somethig along those lines – had to pay thousands of dollars to mount his defence after Glaude turned him over to “the proper authorities.”

    Guess execution of policies practices and procedures now in place in the Weave Shed rest on whether a witness is viewed by the gathered throng as a goose or a gander.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Just made a correction re Perry and one of the “alleged” Leduc victims. Perry never ever ever spoke to the victim. Due to a typo my blog was mis-worded – made it look as though he had. Not so. There was no contact between the boy and Perry. None. And the only contact between Perry and the mother came after she broke down at a socail services office or some such place and an employee recommended she call Perry.

    The contact was benign and minimal. Perry called back once to find out how she and her son were doing. That was it.

    That’s why it’s time for me to go smell the shamrocks 🙂 Ready for a break when I start making typos like that.

  4. Reality Checker says:

    You have no idea how much I can`t stand arrogant people with power!!!
    He gives the air that he`s so much better than anyone else and knows it all!!!

  5. Laurie Johnson says:

    Enjoy your holiday Sylvia, it is well overdue. Family is always first. Thank you for your kind words about Shawna.


  6. Sylvia says:

    Two things which have come up in testimony this am

    (1) Probation officer Ken Seguin was allegedly regularly picking up a female ward from a group home and molesting her. The OPP were aware of these allegations in 1994. CAS was allegedly never advised of the allegations. CAS has been unable to locate its log books which, in this instance, might verify Seguin was picking the girl up.

    (2) Things unravelling re duty to report and CAS’efforts to protect children. On the one hand CAS launched amassive investigation into the sex abuse allegations against Father Charles MacDonald. On the other no action whatever was taken when CAS learned of the sex abuse allegations against Jacques Leduc. In fact, if I heard right, according to Abell, Project Truth officer Pat Hall told CAS officials children weren’t at risk. And seems if police told CAS that that was fgood enough. And this well on the heels of Charlie/CPS/diocese fiasco.

    The amazing thing here is that at the time Project Truth honed in on Leduc one young lad was trying to avoid going back to work for Leduc because the lad allegedly wanted the abuse to end. That wasn’t twenty, thirty or forty years ago!!! That was right then!!!

    Even after Leduc was charged it seems there was no concern on Abell’s or other CAS’officials part that children may be at risk while Leduc, an “alleged” sexual predator who had been molesting recently, was out and about pending trial!

    All this from a CAS official who told Perry he had a duty to report re Father Charlie to CAS because chidren may be at risk! Perry would have carried on anyway. But Abell has acknowledged he told Perry he had a duty to report. CAS in turn launched Project Blue, it’s first and last such investigation, into allegations against a priest, because children might be at risk.

    Makes no sense.

    Did the fact that Leduc used to do legal work for CAS play a role in the CAS response to sex abuse allegations against Leduc? I have no idea, but, I do find there is lot of contradictory tap dancing on this issue by Abell.

  7. Sylvia says:

    Thank you Laurie. Shawna is a dear. You can be justly proud.

    Reality Checker, the word which keeps bouncing around in my mind is “glib.”

  8. Reality Checker says:

    Truth be told – I didn’t know what the definition of “glib” was. I had to look it up.

    Sylvia – you nailed it right on the mark!!!


  9. Nellie says:

    Reality Checker, this keeps resonating with me “Mr. Abel is under examination in chief!!! Under rules of proceedure he is NOT to talk to anyone about his testimony.”

    Who could/should we write about this breach and request that it be dealt with?

  10. Reality Checker says:

    Dear Sylvia;

    I know you are leaving soon for Ireland. Have a wonderful holiday!!! Do not think one minute of this crap going on back here – clear your head – clear your mind and enjoy yourself. Time to smell the shamrocks! You have done so much keeping us all up to date and posted on the events and going ons. The time, the research, the commentaries and most of all the support you have shown to Perry and Helen and ALL the victims is beyond measure. You deserve a good one – rest and be free – enjoy your trip!!! We’ll keep an eye out and fill you in when you get back.
    Be safe and be good 🙂

    Reality Checker

  11. Reality Checker says:

    Nellie – question and write to Glaude and the commission. Maybe they missed it. Maybe it was an honest oversight. Maybe I’m just too naive to believe they would do something?
    I don’t know what else to do.

  12. Reality Checker says:

    What a circus today in the Weave Shed. If amyone ever said there was never any animosity betwwen CAS and CPS they are full of crap! WOAH – obvious they hate each other and there were problems!

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