Blame game begins

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Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Monday, 27 October 2008.  Rick Abell resumes his examination in chief.

Witnesses scheduled for the week are:

Richard Abell– (Retired) Executive Director, Children’s Aid Society of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

Chief Superintendent Carson Foughre (Retired) – Ontario Provincial Police
Detachment CommanderJim McWade (Retired) – Ontario Provincial Police

Carole Leblanc– Supervisor, Children’s Aid Society of the United Counties of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry

Arthur Lalonde

Detective Constable Chris McDonell – Ontario Provincial Police


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Note the new picture:  

When I heard that Perry and Shawna were going for lunch I asked Perry to promise to send me a picture.   And, there it is.   There’s 11-year-old Shawna Deroy treating  her hero Perry to lunch at Just Jake’s in downtown Duncan, B.C. 

Some time ago Shawna had said when Perry came back to Duncan, B.C. she planned to take him out for lunch – and she would pay :).   Saturday was  Shawna’s treat 🙂  What a sweetie. 

You may recall that after Perry’s arrest Shawna wrote to Premier Dalton McGuinty and the commission telling them they should put “BAD people” in jail and that “Perry Dunlop is not a “BAD PERSON.  PERRY DUNLOP IS A HERO.”   More recently, on 06 Sept. ’08 she sent a letter to the Ontario premier reminding him that “what goes around comes around.”  The link takes you to Sound Off!  Scroll down.

Shawna sent cards and notes to Perry in jail.  She even, if you  can imagine,  ensured that  her $100 B.C. carbon tax refund went to Perry because she wanted to ensure he would have lots of money to order pop and chips from the jail’s canteen!

She is quite the fascinating and very special young lady that Shawna Deroy. 

I realized last night that by happenstance Perry and Shawna had their luncheon date at Just Jakes in Duncan on the same day and, if not exactly the same time, almost the same time, that Perry was being honoured with the Golden Whistle Awardat a breakfast gathering in Biago’s Italian Kitchen in Ottawa.

How apropos. 

Had I realized the coincidence I would most certainly have conveyed the anecdote to Allan Cutler and Ian Bron,  whistleblowers,  and members of Canadians for Accountability who recognized and honoured Perry with the Golden Whistle Award.

 I believe. In fact I am certain, they would have enjoyed hearing how Perry’s incarceration has so deeply moved and captivated the heart of one spirited 11-year-old in Duncan B.C. For that matter, I do believe everyone at the breakfast meeting would have enjoyed the tale – a gentle and heart-warming reminder for us all that good things often happen and lives can be forever changed for good amidst the pain and suffering of others. 
And, yes, not only was Allan Cutler at the Saturday morning breakfast gathering, so too was Ian Bron. All 6’7” of him!  He’s a tall tall man 🙂  Figuratively and literally.

Check the Sound Off! Page again, and scroll down for Ian’s 09 September 2008 Letter to the Editor published in the Cornwall Standard Freeholder.  An excellent letter.

And take a moment to check Ian’s website for further information about his background. 

Whistleblowers are indeed a courageous and special breed of people. 

Hats off to every single one of you!


Note that as Perry was honoured in Duncan and Ottawa the Toronto Globe and Mail jumped into the inquiry fray alongside Canadian Press on Saturday.  

Note the finger pointing :).   The blame game has officially begun.

Perry’s name of course is right in there.  Somehow we’re to believe that the time the commission spent changing horses mid stream, refusing to accept that “no” means “no,”  and going to mammoth lengths to force Perry to testify accounts for a hefty portion of the months – years!! – spent at the Weave Shed?

Rather pathetic. But, to be expected.

The truth is that the hearings came to no grinding halt because of Perry.   It was business as usual before and after his brief time on the stand.  Witnesses were sworn in.  Witnesses testified.

But here we go, watch as the finger pointing begins and the blame game for this ruse of an inquiry unfolds. 


I hear OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino is at the Weave Shed this morning 🙂  
Must run.  Hearings are about to resume,

Enough for now



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4 Responses to Blame game begins

  1. Reality Checker says:

    So is Fantino planning on sitting in on the OPP testimony???
    Yeah right – to watch that his officers don’t say anything wrong. Fantino is known to be a bully and intimidating. He already testified….in my opinion it’s no place for him to be while OPP officers are testifying!!!

  2. Reality Checker says:

    Well….with friends like that – who needs enemies. Perry, and Helen – sadly it`s his loss not yours.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Are you talking Abell’s testimony? I just blogged a few thoughts as your blog came in. I am sick 🙁

  4. Reality Checker says:

    Yes – Abel`s reference re: the Order of Canada did me in!

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