Golden Whistle Award

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This morning (Saturday 25 October 2008) Perry was the honoured recipient of the first Golden Whistle Award. The award will be presented annually “for service to Canada in the pursuit of truth in government.” It is a program of POGG Canada, sponsored by Canadians for Accountability to recognize “whistle blowers” for their Integrity, Courage, and Resolve in the service of Peace, Order and Good Government.

POGG (Peace Order and Good Government) began in March 2004 as a serious discussion group among a group of conservative-minded friends and others.  A keynote speaker presents a 20 to 30 minute talk, followed by an active Question and Answer period of up to 60 minutes.

Canadians for Accountability is  “a new organization created by a group of grassroots whistleblowers and accountability activists, “whose mission is “to advance integrity and accountability and to help and advocate for whistleblowers in all parts of our society.”

The Golden Whistle Award was presented during POGG’s regular breakfast meeting.  I had the honour of receiving the award 0n Perry’s behalf and reading his speech.  A truly humbling moment in my life.

Guest speaker was former PC Ontario MPP, lawyer and judge Garry Guzzo. A healthy Q & A session followed. 

A lovely morning.  Good people.  Interesting conversations.  Perry a worthy recipient of the first Golden Whistle Award.  Such a privilege to be there. 

Some shopping and it’s now late afternoon and I’m just back home.  I see there are several media articles to post.  Also plan to post further info re the award.  For now, supper and  a few household chores beckon.  Will get at the postings later this evening 🙂

What a great day 🙂

Congratulations Perry! A well deserved honour!!


Keep an eye on New to the Site on the Home page.  Once I get the articles posted I will make note there. 

Enough for now,



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4 Responses to Golden Whistle Award

  1. Nellie says:

    Perry and his family have been through hell and back. I am so pleased for him that after all he has been through that he is receiving some recognition for his sacrifice. Bravo Perry!!

  2. Nellie says:

    One last thing I wanted to say….I also want to thank Canadians for Accountability for bestowing this honour on Perry. I also want to thank them for all they do to make Canada a safer and ethical country!

  3. Reality Checker says:


    Thank You – Canadians for Accountability for recognizing Perry Dunlop as the true hero he is and bestowing him with this honor. It is well deserved.

    Perry – you are SPECIAL! 🙂

  4. prima facie says:

    Congratulations Perry; well done.

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