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Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Tuesday, 21 October 2008.  Greg Bell will return to resume his testimony.  Bell was sworn in at 4:30 pm yesterday and was on the stand for all of 38 minutes before the commission called it a day!

They’re making a mad dash for the finish line.  As I’ve said before these institutional witnesses seem to be on and off the stand at break-neck speed. Shawn White (CPS)  finished his testimony.  On and off in less than a day.   

Dallas Lee (Victims Group) wanted to enter a document called the Morale Report into evidence.  Peter Manderville objected.  Glaude ruled that the document would not be entered in because “We have to — if we start doing that,then we’re not going to finish at the time that I’ve indicated we should be finished.”

It seems the Morale Report was authored by White.  Lee wanted to ask questions about the report including  who assigned White to wrote the report. 

No go.  Neither Dallas Lee nor we the unwashed public at this “public” inquiry will find out.  The commissioner is racing for the finish line.  The institutional witnesses are the beneficiaries of the time constraints :).

That aside, White’s testimony was the same old same old:  foster children alleging sexual and physical abuse at the hands of CAS employees – no reasonable and probable grounds for conviction so no charges.  That, and of course the impression conveyed that once upon a time –  contrary to today! –  society condoned child sexual abuse.  

Same old same old.   I will post the transcript and link here shortly.  Or check New to the Site on the Home page.

It all gets tiring.  And sickening. Sometimes a need and take a time out 🙂

I will get media of the day and yesterday’s transcript posted.

Greg Bell is just testifying that when he first spoke to David Silmser in 1993 there was “a tenor of anguish” as Dave tried to recount his sex abuse allegations.  A good descriptor.  Anguish.  I’ve seen and heard it often in the courtroom.  Sheer anguish.

Enough for now,



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2 Responses to Anguish

  1. Reality Checker says:

    Sylvia….I get the impression these guys are retiring from CAS (obviously with their full pensions etc.) then CAS is hiring them back as CONTRACT WORKERS.
    Greg Bell testified he was rehired by CAS between 2002-2005 as a contract worker for Intake.
    I gather that’s probably what they have done with Carriere and MacLean after they retired….hired them back as contract workers….they wouldn’t be on CAS books as employees – they are independant outside contractors!!!

    ….and OPSEU agrees to this????

    ….I really don’t think the union members would be too happy with this. Contract workers taking their jobs!!!

  2. Reality Checker says:

    …under what kind of liability does these contract workers have to the CAS or the public (including wards of the Crown)they serve???

    Doubt that there’s any.


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