Figment of my imagination?

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1724 hours (5:24 pm):  Ian McLean, CAS employee,  was just sworn in.  At this late hour of the day he is commencing his testimony!

The sprint for the finish line is on!  Push them on the stand.  Get them off.

By the way, is it just a figment of my imagination or did some called Geraldine Fitzpatrick give explosive testimony, specificially that David Silmser was rebuffed by the CAS before he went to the Cornwall Police Service, and that Cornwall police offcer Heidi Sebalj wanted to charge Father Charles MacDonald and said Crown attorney Murray MacDonald had quashed her investigation, and that she was taking the Jeannette Antoine interview tapes to lawyer to find out what she should do, and that a family member named Wayne Murphy who worked with CSIS was apprised of all of this and was looking after it?   

Must have been a figment of my imagination.  Seems not a soul in the Weave Shed heard.  

Now it’s get these institutional witnesses on and off the stand lickety split.  They’re dashing for the finish line.

Yet again my stomach churns :(.

Enough for now



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  1. Reality Checker says:

    We must be sharing the same the same fantasy Sylvia cause I could have sworn I heard thee same exposive testimony. Must have been a whisper in the breeze that missed a few ears.

    Seriously, you can’t tell me the Inquiry Gods didn’t hear it and don’t recognize the implications….lets just hope no one noticed. That’s probably why the OPP didn’t cross examine her or any of the BIG players! Didn’t want to draw attention to it!

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