It’s etched in his mind

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10 DAYS TO FREEDOM DAY:  04 October 2008.

 Time served behind bars for caring about children and losing faith in the administration of justice: 

221 days.

 Perry served a six month sentence for civil contempt of court!!!  He is now serving an additional 30 day sentence for criminal contempt of court. No early release.  Unlike other inmates Perry will serve every single day.

This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


I am back in the land of the living 🙂  All dental work taken care of.  A Relief!


Hearings resume at 1 pm, Tuesday 07 October 2008. The schedule for the week isn’t posted yet. Witnesses for the Children’s Aid Society will be testifying.


I just talked to Perry – hadn’t heard from him for several days but heard via the grapevine that there were phone problems at the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre.  

The phone problems are obviously alleviated. 

Perry sounds good. 

He tells me CIA has taken to drumming over the past few days.  He’s driving everyone crazy. He bangs and ‘drums’ away on his table, or on the round metal stool, with anything he can get his hands on.  Apparently he is relentless:  bang, bang, bangety, bang. 

I asked Perry does CIA at least have rhythm?  No, he does not 🙁


Yesterday was a significant day for Perry.  Fifteen years ago yesterday – 23 September – Perry happened on word of the sex abuse allegations against Father Charles MacDonald and probation officer Ken Seguin.   As he wrote in his Will State

On September 23, 1993, while attending to my professional and official duties related to my assignment to the Criminal Investigation Bureau Drug Unit. I gained knowledge of a sexual assault complaint involving allegations of abuse by a Catholic Priest, Father Charles MacDonald and a Cornwall Probation Officer for the Ministry of the Solicitor General and Correctional Services, Ken Seguin. The alleged victim of the abuse was D.S.

Perry sensed at the time that his life  – and that of his family – would  never be the same again.  Little did he know that fifteen years downstream he would be sitting behind bars!  Serving more time locked than many a convicted paedophile.  

Fifteen years of torment, vilification, prosecution and relentless persecution!!!   Finally,  incarceration!! All because in the first instance he cared enough about the safety, protection and well-being of children to do his duty – morally and legally.

Perry will never forget the 23 rd of September 1993.  Never.  It is etched in his mind. Indelibly etched in his mind.


There is much excitement and anticipation everywhere as we count down the days to Perry’s Freedom Day. 

Only ten more days!  Can you believe it?  Ten more days and Perry will be back where he belongs – with his family and friends.    Somehow this seems as surreal as his persecution and incarceration.  It’s just a little hard to believe it’s actually happening.  But, it is happening.  Sanity prevails and the Dunlop family ordeal is finally winding to a merciful end.  I remind myself frequently that if I think this has all been like a bad dream what must it be like for Perry and his family?  

So, one more Sunday, one more Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday for Perry.  Soon he’ll be down to his last Sunday behind bars, and his last Monday – and then his last night!

I hear Perry’s dear mother is afraid to believe it’s really happening.   It will happen Heather.  It will.  You’re boy will be free. 

And great excitement with the girls – Monica, Heather and Marlee.  Great excitement.  Dad’s coming home.

Helen is busy as always – trying to find out when exactly Perry will be released, and who’s paying for his transport back to British Columbia.  Past experience proves true – such information doesn’t exactly flow freely. 

I personally think the inquiry and the office of the Attorney General should pick up the tab for Perry’s flight home.  They set the wheels in motion to have him arrested in British Columbia and flown to Ontario – it should be incumbent upon them to pick up the tab to fly him back.

Perry and Helen will have a few days to themselves when Perry is released.  People are chipping in to give them a short get-away somewhere in the Ottawa area  – just the two of them.  

All contributions to this worthy cause are welcome.  Cheques and money orders can still reach Helen in Duncan, B.C. 

1895 Alma Road
Duncan, B.C.
V9L 5M7

To deposit by bank the best route to go is T.D. Canada Trust.

Deposits can be made to any T.D. Canada Trust branch.

Account number: 6315829

TD Canada Trust Branch number: 2312

Or mail cheque to

T.D. Canada Trust61 – 9th Street East

Cornwall, Ontario

K6H 6R3

Make cheques payable to

Carson Chisholm in trust

Or, if you want to contribute a few dollars and have the opportunity to do so you can  pass donations on to Carson Chisholm, or John MacDonald, or me.   We will see that they get to Perry and Helen to give them the enjoyable get-away we all believe is their due – and long overdue.


I have a few letters to post.  Also some emails to answer.  I will get caught up over the next few days. Bear with me again.

Enough for now



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5 Responses to It’s etched in his mind

  1. AbsentObserver says:

    On Sept. 23, 1993, the residents of Cornwall experienced what is known as a tipping point. From that day on, no longer could the community as a whole deny its terrible and sordid history. Whatever you may think of Perry Dunlop and those that would dare stand by him, to this day he is the one person who has put everything — EVERYTHING — on the line in an effort to protect children from harm.
    To Perry and Helen and all of their family and friends I say, “Bravo!” It’s been a difficult time these last 15 years but those of us who know you understand none of you would have it any other way. If a family must be tormented day and night by phone calls and ringing door bells in the name of protecting children, so be it. If a good man must be vilified by those who would rather not think their priests, lawyers and police officers might be the opposite of truth and goodness, so be it. If a family must be forced to leave their home in order to survive, so be it. If a man must be jailed in order to draw attention to a corrupt justice system, so be it.
    Perry and Helen, you have served us well and I’m certain you will continue to serve us in the future. You may not be able to save every child in need of saving but you have created hope in a place where there once was no hope. Your sacrifices will not be in vain. We, those who believe in you and stand by you, will never forget what you have done for us, our families, our friends and our community.
    Words can sound cheap sometimes, but thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

  2. Sylvia says:

    Well said Absent Observer. Well said.

  3. Reality Checker says:



  4. Reality Checker says:


    Perry, Helen, Monica, Heather, Marlee – thank your lucky stars you are far far away from Cornwall!!!!

  5. Reality Checker says:

    It’s becoming very obvious to me there is this “MENTALITY” in Cornwall – I don’t know any other word to describe it. They certainly are not focused on erradicating the stigmas of the past – they just continue with the same old crap. Nothing changes. It’s what primafacie has described as “frozen in time”. They are stuck!

    After all is said and done I cannot believe CPS would (today) charge and put truant youths into probation programs and they think it is wise!!! – I just can’t believe it!!!

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