Counting the days

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12 DAYS TO FREEDOM DAY:  04 October 2008.

 Time served behind bars for caring about children and losing faith in the administration of justice:  

219 days.

 Perry served a six month sentence for civil contempt of court!!!  He is now serving an additional 30 day sentence for criminal contempt of court. No early release.  Unlike other inmates Perry will serve every single day.

This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Two pulled this morning.  Three to yanked tomorrow morning 🙁   As it is I have one sore mouth 🙁


I missed Perry’s call yesterday.  I did talk to him on Saturday.  He’s counting the days:) 

I didn’t ask about the five-legged fly and Perry made no mention of him, so, I have no idea on the present whereabouts of the physically-challenged fly.

There’s a little squirrel that did catch Perry’s attention though.  The little fellow climbed to the top of the wall encircling the jail.  The top of the wall is covered with razor wire.  Believe it or not the squirrel made his way across the wall!  Perry said the little guy would stop every few steps, check his little paws, look about, wait, and off he’d go for the next few steps.  He eventually made it the full width of the wall.   Once at the other side he scaled his way down to the ground, and then he just sat there.  And sat.  And sat.  And sat.  Like a little statue.  For a good fifteen minutes.

Why the trip across the razor wire?  Hard to say.  Squirrels do what squirrels do, but I think he’s got to be nursing a few sore paws.


Imagine.  Perry has one more Sunday behind bars!  One!!  There is great excitement and relief from coast to coast.   The past year has truly been a nightmare.  At last it is coming to an end.


Keith Ouellette is in jail.  I am uncertain of the details.  Please keep him in your prayers.

Enough for now



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  1. Myomy says:

    I thought that when you blogged about “get them out” you were talking about priests that were abusing children ;- )

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