Am I missing something?

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23 DAYS TO FREEDOM DAY:  04 October 2008.

 Time served behind bars for caring about children and losing faith in the administration of justice:  

208 days.

 Perry served a six month sentence for civil contempt of court!!!  He is now serving an additional 30 day sentence for criminal contempt of court. No early release.  Unlike other inmates Perry will serve every single day.

This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Hearings resumed at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Thursday, 11 September 2008. Bill Carriere is back on the stand – his examination in chief continues.

As I said yesterday, I am disgusted.  Totally disgusted by the lack of concern for the safety and well-being of children in the Cornwall area (Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall).

Why a Children’s Aid Society if it doesn’t see fit to track down a sighting of a known abuser (Jean Luc Leblanc) in the company of an 8-year-old boy? 

Why a Children’s Aid Society if it places a male victim in the home of an “alleged” abuser (Earl Landry Jr.?)

CAS officials can’t sort out who is and who is not a known risk to children?

It’s disturbing to put it mildly. 

Then we hear of Bill McKinnon.  Another molester. 

CAS knew McKinnon had molested three young lads.  But,  – McKinnon was “senile.” No action taken!

I believe this McKinnon was mentioned way back – two years ago? – as a man with a military background?  Is that the same man?  I think perhaps it is but am unsure. Regardless, since when was paedophilic senility grounds to allow a paedophile to roam unfettered and free?

Unbelievable!  The poor man is senile! Senile or no, he was molesting little boys.  Does a paedophile’s senility change the impact of his abuse?  Does it make a difference to his victims, both present and future?  

I think not.

An aside but an obvious question here. 

The name.  McKinnon. 

Any relation to Justice Colin McKinnon? As a lawyer, and before he took the bench at Jacques Leduc’s Project Truth sex abuse trial, Colin McKinnon was rather involved in the Cornwall area, specifically with the Cornwall Police Service and former Chief Claude Shaver.

Is there any relationship between this Bill McKinnon and Justice Colin McKinnon?  One way or the other, I think we should know.

Speaking of which, why no sight of Colin McKinnon on the stand?  Where is he?  Never mind that he can’t testify as a federally-appointed judge because federally-appointed judges are beyond the scope of the flawed mandate.  Let him take the stand and tell us about his Cornwall connections – the ones he had before he took the bench at the Leduc trial.

A final thought.  Is it just me or does it seem passing strange that the CAS went to such great lengths to investigate after learning of the sex abuse allegations against Father Charles MacDonald?  There seemed to be finger twiddling at every turn with other “alleged” molesters, but things were different with Charlie.  With word of the Charlie allegations the CAS initiated Project Blue, it’s first ever full fledged project/investigation into such allegations and, by the sound of it, the last.

I’m happy Project Blue was undertaken, but – I’m puzzled.  Why no such CAS response and concern for children with the sex abuse allegations against, for example, Earl Landry Jr.?  Or Jean Luc Leblanc?

Am I missing something?  Did I miss something?  As it stands, it all makes no sense.

Enough for now,



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3 Responses to Am I missing something?

  1. Shirley says:

    Sylvia, I don’t know how pertinent this is to your ‘missing something’ but, on page 16, lines 8 to 25, 29 January 2007 David Silmser transcript of testimony….Comissioner states in his speech that he sent out ‘invitations’ to alleged offenders and their families.

    How many ‘alleged’ offenders replied to this ‘invitation’? Certainly not CHARLIE or MCKINNON.
    Why weren’t these so-called ‘key’ figures not supeoned like Perry was?


  2. Sylvia says:

    One important point Shirley: McKinnon is not one of the alleged offenders. He is the judge who took the bench at the Project Truth sex abuse trial of lawyer Jacques Leduc.

    As for the “invitation” – good for digging that up. I recall hearing more than once that not one real or “alleged” offender took up the invitation. And that’s the way it was left. Just an invitation – declined.

    Not so for Perry!

  3. Sylvia says:

    I think I didn’t get my point across in the blog, specifically why the apparent sudden and deep CAS concern for the well-being of children when it came to these allegations against Charlie and Ken Seguin? Why a Project Blue? It was never done before, and apparently has never been done since.

    That I suppose is akin to the equally puzzling and deep desire of the commission to force Perry on stand and into jail while turning a blind eye to all the real and “alleged” molesters who without doubt know more about who knows who and who did what to whom than Perry could ever know.

    Perhaps that’s just the way cover-ups go? 🙂

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