The Greatest Cornwallite past?

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Perry Dunlop has finished 202 days in jail.  He has served a six month sentence for civil contempt of court!!!  He is now on day 2 two of a 30 day sentence for criminal contempt of court.

This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse. 


Hearings resumed at 0930 hours (9:30 am).  Angelo Towndale, a former CAS employee, will resume his testimony.


As far as I know Perry is still at the Don.  I had a chat with him yesterday.  He sounded good, and relieved that the court process is over.


Had hoped to finish the media postings yesterday.  Not quite.  There’s still a bit of catch-up.  I should be able to get on top of it today 🙂


Note AM 1220 is looking for the greatest Cornwallite past.  I’m not sure if Perry will pass muster with the panel, but I urge you to fill out the forms or call the radio station.

Check at this link: The Greatest Cornwallite Past:


Bill Carriere, also of CAS,  had originally been scheduled to take the stand after Bishop Durocher.  Apparnelty Carriere’s lawyer is sick so Angelo Towndale took the stand yesterday and will return today.

As I worked on media posting I kept an ear open to Towndale’s testimony.

I am intrigued to hear that Towndale, originally from India and without a background in social work, was essentially directed to Cornwall CAS by a priest friend in Chicago who was acquainted with Father Rudy Villeneuve.  Villeneuve, a diocesan priest in what was then known as the Diocese of Alexandria, was on the CAS board.

Towndale worked with CAS for 30 years, from 1965 to 1995.  It seems he retired voluntarily in 1995 due to cutbacks.

Towndale was responsible for the founding of the Big Brother/Big Sister organizations in the Cornwall area.  He also spearheaded the campaign to found the Children’s treatment.  Assisting him in the latter were, among others, Father Kevin Maloney and Claude Shaver (Shaver was then Chief of Police).  He is still actively involved with the Children’s Treatment Centre as Project Coordinator in which capacity he is involved in fund-raising.

Derry Tenger and Bryan Keough, both case workers with CAS, were described as very close friends. There was some issue of Derry Tenger always dressing in black.  As for Keough it seems he headed off to a seminary around 1990.  I gather he was planning to become a priest.! (There have been sexual abuse allegations against both Tenger and Keough)

Ron Adams was described by Towndale as “our lawyer.” It is unclear whether Adams was lawyer for the CAS or the Laurencrest group home, I think the former.  Ron Adams was Sean Adam’s father.  Sean Adams, who was one of the three lawyers involved in the $32,000 pay-off, does fund-raising for the Children’s Treatment Centre.  Jacques Leduc articled and practised with the law firm Adams, Bergeron and Sherwood for four years. I understand the Adams is Ron Adams.

Towndale was certainly in contact with a lot of very interesting people over the past 40 plus years.


A lovely blog yesterday from “Bird”– Perry and Helen’s youngest.  Bird, you took us right into the depths of your heart and soul.  You write beautifully.  A gift.  Your excitement and joy are contagious.  Your Dad is coming home!  He really and truly is coming home.  We are so happy for all of you.   Yes, your family will be whole again.  It will take a bit of re-adjusting for all of you, but, you have that Chisholm/Dunlop blood running through your veins, you’ll come out on top, and stronger than ever.


Helen will be flying back to Duncan, B.C. some time next week.  She will return for 04 October 🙂

There will be a need for tickets for Helen’s next trip as well as an extra ticket to get Perry home.  Please use your AIR MILES card.  Anyone with Air Miles to contribute can arrange to have them transferred to Helen’s card.

Also, there is talk of making arrangements to let Perry and Helen get away together for a couple of days.  Just a couple of days alone.  No media.  No one.  Just the two of them.  We will get some sort of collection under way to make it happen.  Any suggestions on that count are welcome.

I think there will also be a need for the family (Perry, Helen and the girls) to have a few days together and away from it all.   Any suggestions there are welcome.

Finally, the issue of pardons and waivers.

Perry will have to/should seek a Queen’s pardon and a waiver.  To my great astonishment, there is a hefty price to be paid for pardons and waivers!  In fact, there is two for one special on right now:  $790!!!  Check:

Any contributions to help defray those and all costs arising from Perry’s return home and the family’s attempt to pick up the pieces of their lives would be most welcome.  There seems to have been some problems with the bank processing deposits so I suggest cheques or money orders be sent directly to Helen.

Helen Dunlop

1895 Alma Road

Duncan, B.C.

V9L 5M7

Cards, notes and letters can be sent to Perry at OCDC.  He will be back there within the next few days.  Keep in touch with him over these last 30 days.  Every letter and card is  so deeply appreciated.

Perry Dunlop c/o OCDC

Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre
2244 Innes Road
Ottawa ON
K1B 4C4 

And prayers.  More prayers.  Returning to the outside world won’t be easy for Perry.  Welcome, but not necessarily easy.  He has been cooped up on his own for over 200 days.  He will need time to settle back into family and social life.  He will be still be the Perry we all know and love, but, he will have changed.  The same goes for Helen and the girls.  It’s not the easiest thing in the world for a family to pick up the pieces and carry on as usual after an event like this shatters their lives. So, prayers.  And Masses.


RealityChecker, such a  pleasure and privilege to finally meet 🙂  I have met so many wonderful people who have enriched my life since I first got involved in the Cornwall scandal and cover-up.  You are without doubt one 🙂  What a pleasure!


Keep an eye on New to the Site on the Home page.  As I get things posted I’ll note it there.

Back to media posting 🙂

Enough for now,



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13 Responses to The Greatest Cornwallite past?

  1. prima facie says:

    “We who have lived in concentration camps can remember the men who walked through the huts comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread. They may have been few in number, but they offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of human freedoms—to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances—to choose one’s own way.” (“Viktor Frankl”)

  2. Shirley says:

    As much as we’d love to rush over to the Dunlop’s home to give Perry a huge welcome back hug, we respect the need for the family’s privacy. I suggest to all their friends and supporters that we let this family regroup without intrusions. When Perry is ready to socialize, he will let people know….until then, it’s ‘time out’.

    Marlee, Heather and Birdy Bird..we are so happy your dad is coming home…lavish him with all the love your hearts hold…the three of you are truly amazing girls!

    Helen, you have proven yourself a true warrior! We know this has been probably the worst time of your life and your love for Perry has never faltered even a tiny little bit….what a woman!

    Sylvia, you deserve a medal! Your loyalty to this family has made such a positive impact on their lives. It will be an honor to meet you someday.


  3. Reality Checker says:

    I think the media are going to bombard Perry and Helen once he’s released on the 4th. Do you really think they are going to leave them alone??? These reporters that they send out to cover proceedings etc. know it’s a big story but as we have seen they know nothing of WHAT IT IS they are reporting or covering!!!

    Helen’s right – they just don’t “get it” and when Perry is released I really don’t think it would be an appropriate time to make sure the media and whoever “get it”.

    Do you really think the 2 of them can be whisked away from the detention centre to someplace private and unatrusive from the media throng??? I honestly think that would be in their best interests. Perry’s already been humiliated and embarrassed enough. He doesn’t need anymore!

    I’m NOT impressed with the media the past few days!!!
    What a joke!!!

  4. prima facie says:

    Regarding the “S-F” column referenced today suggesting Perry let down courageous victims. Again I ask WHAT VICTIMS? Has anyone officially acknowledged there were/are REAL victims? Investigations? Charges? Prosecution? Consequences? What victims???? Who victimized them??? C’mon, how about an “official declaration” and hold the guilty pukes criminally responsible. Inform the community!!

    Desperate people will take desperate measures to ensure the secret remains a secret.

    “Dumb and Dumber”, and the “Standard-Freeholder” editorial staff. Are you ignorant or is it a veiled attempt to influence and shape public opinion?
    Cornwall “Standard-Freeholder” editorial staff (columnists) and the likes of “Itinerant” and “2sides”, the “one-two-three”, “one-two-three”. The “tag team”. The “S-F” editorial staff et al more than not, have historically ridiculed contributors and re-worded “letters to-the editor”. Always, with one member of their staff, he has directly challenged opposing viewpoints and chastised contributors.

    As if no one else is allowed to express an opposing opinion, without ridicule from these buffoons. How typically Cornwall.
    The “Standard-Freeholder” editorial staff, columnist’s et al leading the way. The time is near you poor, poor souls at the “S-F” editorial/column writing staff desk.

    Your misinformation has been noticed.

    Readers, during my residency in Cornwall, Ontario, CANADA, I witnessed these characteristics as typical day to day behaviours, being displayed by many of the selected, “senior” business people, local newspaper, religious people, justice system people including police, political people and other prominent citizens and their loyal, obedient servants; not to mention the loyal but “Secret Order” of one footed “Water-Buffalo” clique.

    These are typical abusive and controlling behaviours, displayed by the “powers that be” and their surrogates, to maintain “power and control”; especially in a smaller, closed-system.

    In my humble opinion, the Cornwall “Standard-Freeholder”, some of their columnists and editorial staff, the likes of “blind followers” such as “Itinerant” and “2sides”, are dangerous and always have been. I mean really, readers; study the publications from way-back, see for yourselves. Form your own opinions.

    We must question, is the “S-F” et al employing a room full of idiots or are they complicit to this whole sordid affair and cover-up? Are they desperately trying to influence readers through their intimidation, veiled implications, and dis-information. NOTICE the great thrust in “desperation” by the “S-F”, “Itinerant”, “2sides” et al, as one of the hero’s, Perry Dunlop is finishing his sentence. What a group of COWARDS? Fear!! Desperation!! “Cannot let the person who “broke the silence” get away”, is the typical symptom of an abusive, closed system. How typical of the Cornwall “selected”, blind followers.

    I mean, what are you clowns going to do when this inquiry wraps up and when Perry is “long gone”… out of the picture? Cornwall will be just the same, if not worse than it always was and will be, despite blaming Perry for EVERYTHING!! You fools!! This is the difference between truths and lies. LOL!!

    The same old, same old “good old boys” will get the government dollars that will flow into the city, temporarily, trying to “put on a new face”. However, if “nothing changes, then, nothing changes”. Just more dollars for the controlling, autocratic and medieval thinking, prominent citizens of Cornwall and their blind followers.

  5. racie gracie says:

    I have been reading your rantings for some time now. I have the following comments.

    YOU told the world where Roger Peterson would be and when, and then you have the audacity to wonder why the police and/or the SIU were waiting for him. Hmmmmmm.

    As for Perry Dunlop, he and his I-wear-the-pants-in-the-family wife wanted an inquiry. When they got what they wanted, they shunned it. He got what he deserved. HE let down the victims that he professed to be campaigning for.

    A pardon for Perry??? Why? He chose to go to jail. And by the way, Sylvia. It’s the Don Jail, not the Don Valley Jail.

  6. Reality Checker says:

    Nah….this is just too tempting 🙂

    Anyone know WHO Roger “PETERSON” is????


    And as to the the comment about “his I-wear-the-pants-in-the-family wife” you know I once had a wisw old man tell me…”as*holes do f*rt”

    Looks like it’s true!!!

    Sorry Sylvia but I just couldn’t resist 🙂

  7. Reality Checker says:

    oops WISE OLD MAN

  8. Sylvia says:

    Wow Racie Gracie!! Wow!!! A few below the belt comments there.

    I’ll limit to the following comments:

    (1) You say: “As for Perry Dunlop, he and his I-wear-the-pants-in-the-family wife wanted an inquiry. When they got what they wanted, they shunned it. “

    I am not aware that Perry and/or Helen spear-headed a campaign for an inquiry. That aside can you direct me to at least one instance which backs your assertion that Perry and/or Helen Dunlop asked for an inquiry into “allegations of historical abuse of young people in the Cornwall area, including the policies and practices then in place to respond to such allegations”?

    You say “when they got what they wanted, they shunned it.” Where did you ever get the notion they “got what they wanted.” Again, show me something to back up your assertion that Perry and/or Helen wanted an inquiry into “allegations of historical abuse of young people in the Cornwall area, including the policies and practices then in place to respond to such allegations”? As for shunned it, that criticism rests on your flawed assumption that Perry and Helen spearheaded a campaign for an inquiry into “allegations of historical abuse of young people in the Cornwall area, including the policies and practices then in place to respond to such allegations” They did not.

    (2) You say Perry “got what he deserved.” That’s very charitable on your part Racie Gracie. Very charitable.

    (3) You say: “HE let down the victims that he professed to be campaigning for.”

    How did Perry let the Cornwall victims down? And, which victims in particular did Perry let down? Name them please.

    What do you mean by “he professed to be campaigning for”? To my knowledge Perry wanted the truth to come out. Of necessity getting to the truth in the Cornwall sex abuse scandal and cover-up entails determining both (1) the veracity of the sex abuse allegations of all those who are now dubbed “alleged” victims for life and (2) the veracity of the denials of those who are now dubbed “alleged” molesters. The inquiry can and will do neither. The truth of the allegations of sex abuse levelled at various prominent men in the community is, like Justice Colin McKinnon, James Chadwick and all federally-appointed Project Truth trial judges, mysteriously and conveniently beyond the scope of the inquiry mandate. Indeed there’s not even a mention of the word “sex” in the mandate. Passing strange indeed!

    (4) The Don is in fact on occasion referred to as the Don Valley jail. Check online. For example:

  9. Reality Checker says:

    Check what happened to one of the Cornwall Standard Freeholder’s main NEWS ITEMS that was published on their main page on Friday September 05,2008 of the on-line edition entitled “Dunlop failed heroic victims” . It is actually an editorial that made it as BIG NEWS on the main page of the Freeholder for all to see!!!
    Saturday a.m. and geez it’s nowheree to be found in the NEWS SECTION but has conveniently made its way back and is hidden in the EDITORIAL SECTION. That after there was some overnight slagging of David Humphrey posted on the main page .

    Well…it appears its okay to slag Perry Dunlop very publically and harshly calling editorials written in distaste of the man NEWS but it certainly isn’t okay to slag anyone else – especially David Humphrey – and make that NEWS!!! They hide it!

  10. Shirley says:

    racie gracie….what rock did you crawl out from under? and are you related to the infamous pea-brain Claude McIntosh from the Freeholder?
    Before you go spouting off at the mouth, try researching the facts surrounding the inquiry, it’s mandate and Perry’s investigations regarding allegations of sexual abuse. Read Perry’s ‘Will State’!!!

    As for Sylvia’s rantings? Give me a break! This lady spends hours upon hours researching the facts regarding the inquiry, it’s mandate, witnesses and other pertinent matters regarding any and all of the allegations stemming from abuse of children – past and present. The media is biased and in most cases misinformed and/or the media cuts out truths. Wake up, gracie!

    I went online to check out the ‘Don Valley Jail’…..I suggest you do the same.


  11. Myomy says:

    racie gracie is one of may who have a naive belief in the government as the solution for all our problems. News Flash – government can become corrupted and there is good evidence of this in the news from Cornwall. Perry Dunlop is a more reliable defender of innocent children than any government agency. He doesn’t deserve the treatment he is getting. The government that doesn’t serve it’s proper purpose becomes a tyrant and threat to all citizens. It is very important that this be corrected when it happens.

  12. prima facie says:

    As time gets closer for Dunlop’s “discharge” and “release” from all “holds” the Ontario Attorney Generals Office and the Cornwall Public Inquiry have on him and as time grows near when Perry Dunlop will return to his home, leaving this corruption behind him, I suspect we will see many, many, desperate people spewing hatred and fear; desperation!!!! ex) above post and via the Cornwall Standard-Freeholder online articles and postings.

    Over fifty million dollars will have been spent over several years on this Inquiry, not to mention the “Project Truth” costs and the many, many related costs. In review of the facts, in reviewing this Inquiry, and in reviewing many of the “Cornwall Standard-Freeholder” editorials/columns, I certainly conclude, this was truly one “helluva” an attempt to “get” Dunlop.

    “The Dunlop Inquiry” and remarkably, so many people, including many of the lapdog, mainstream news media, are so brutally ignorant of the facts, to this date..intentionally or through laziness.

    After all this, the “pearheads” will conclude, “it is all Dunlop’s fault”, the “high costs”, the “inconclusiveness”, the “negative perceptions people around the world have about Cornwall. Dunlop will be accused of re-victimizing or whatever and abandoning, the “ALLEGED” victims etc., etc.

    Imagine, such a spectacle as this, portraying itself as being totally dependant on one person for everything, everything!!!What if Dunlop, like others had produced Dr’s notes, which would have excused him from appearing at the Inquiry? What then? What would the Inquiry, what would the salivating herd of greedy, self-serving, insurance carrier lawyers, done then? What would the ignorant, naive, blind-following or complicit “meatheads” like the “complicit, lapdog, mainstream news media”, done then? Another symptom of a closed system trying to destroy a “whistleblower”. Another example of the WRONG social intervention strategy, orchestrated by the WRONG intervenors/change agents and an “assignment” with an evil intent. GOOD will win over EVIL. Having TRUTH on your side, carries hero’s to the finish line.

  13. wildone says:

    A quick note to racie gracie……My name is John Mac Donald (alleged victim for life…thanks to our justice system). I stand now in defiance to your comment that “He (Perry) has let down the victims that he professed to be campaigning for”. I have sat at EVERY court appearance that Perry has been through, I have cried MANY tears for him and his family. I have watched this travesty unfold and have supported him at every turn. Perry and Helen were there for me 13 years ago when I needed an ear. I will be there for him for whatever he needs. If that is the definition of being “LET DOWN” then I will take that kind of let down any day. I have been truly blessed with angels throughout my ordeals, they are all equally as important and I am proud and honoured to say that Perry, Helen, Heather, Marlee and Monica (The Dunlop’s) are part of that blessed group. I am looking forward to standing outside the OCDC compound on October 4th to watch Perry take his first step to freedom.

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