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Perry Dunlop has finished 200 days in jail – on a six month sentence! – for civil contempt of court!!!This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse. 

Perry starts a 30 day sentence for a criminal contempt conviction tomorrow.


NOTE:   Bishop Paul Andre Durocher will resume his testimony at 0930 hours at 11:30 am


30 days.  Another 30 days for Perry.  More punishment.  But, on 04 October 2008 he will finally be a free man, at least as free as Perry will ever be :).

I got home late in the evening.  A long day.  Still sifting through my thoughts.  They are mixed. I am happy Perry will be out in the not too distant future.  I found the rationale for the sentencing decision confusing and disturbing.

For now, some quick comments and observations

(1)  Seems there has been a lot of back-peddling going on behind closed doors.  The orginal demand for a 15 month sentence for Perry’s criminal contempt was whittled down to demand for three to six months, and demand for three to six months became demand for three  months, and those three months were whittled down to one month after Perry was  awarded double time for the two weeks served prior to sentencing, and a further month was shaved off for mitigating circumstances such as serving the bulk of his time as “hard” time. 

(The three days Perry was in custody after his initial arrest were excluded from time served.  Justices Ferrier and Swinton decided that that those days were Perry’s ‘choice.’)

(2)  Perry represented himself.  He did a great job!  No, he was not represented by Lawrence Greenspon.  Perry was abandoned by Greenspon several weeks ago. 

(3)  Much relief from family and friends that Perry’s time behind bars is coming to an end.  Perry’s mother Heather is quietly relieved.  His sister Rosalie was ecstatic!

 Helen is exhausted and weary.  She had hoped against hope that Perry would be going home today, but, a month will slip by quickly.

(4)   A hand-cuffed Perry was greeted with rousing applause each time he was brought into courtroom #3 at Osgoode Hall.

 (5)  Some of the mainstream media readily admit they know nothing of Cornwall, they don’t have a clue what the Weave Shed is or who Eugene Larocque is – but somehow they ‘know’ Perry is central to the inquiry and should testify ?! 

I must say there was a surprising and discomfiting air of hostility to some of the questions put to Helen during a media scrum.

(6)   Justice Ferrier’s first question to Perry was : ‘Do you still refuse to testify at the inquiry?’ Perry answered in the affirmative: That became grounds to “punish” Perry with a one month jail sentence for criminal contempt of court.

That begs the same old question:  When will Perry’s  “No” finally mean “No”? How many times will he be punished by “the system” for the same ‘crime’ of saying “No”? Is this really and truly the end of it? 

(7)  I’ve met some wonderful people at the courthouse in Toronto.  More new faces today.

(8)  I don’t know what happened to Roger.  Perhaps more bike problems?   He and his biker friends didn’t make it to Osgoode Hall, at least not before we all left for our respective homes.

(8)  Monica, Heather and Marlee, your Dad is coming home.  He’ll be with you for Thanksgiving.  What a Thanksgiving dinner you’ll all have this year!


Bishop Paul Andre Durocher will resume his testimony at 0930 hours at 11:30 am tomorrow morning (Thursday, 04 September 2008).  I have no idea what happened today.  I invite those who watched to blog and bring us up to date. 


Enough for now,



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5 Responses to Back-peddling?

  1. Reality Checker says:

    It was truly a pleasure to meet some REAL PEOPLE today at Osgoode.Iam honoured to have had the priveledge.

    My thoughts and prayers are with all.

    He’s coming home!!!

  2. Reality Checker says:

    BTW….I agree with your anology about the press not knowing anything about Cornwall! It was upsetting to learn the big media outlets and their editors were sending their reporters and cameramen out to cover this story (some got called last evening) and none of them knew anything about the story they were covering!!! I don`t know if you noticed how many of them came in mid proceedings too…and yet were getting such thorough stories in the press about what transpired??? How can any reporter do a good story when they don`t know what it is they are covering or haven`t done any background work?

    I watched to see which one of them would be the first to get something on line or broadcast/print. Guess WHO won???


    It was posted BEFORE I got home!!!

  3. Birdy Bird says:

    Dear Sylvia,

    I can’t really explain how I feel at the moment. I’m over-tired, I couldn’t sleep at all last night in my parent’s bed. This morning I was unattentive and dreary as I prepared myself for what I thought was inevitable.

    During second period, History 12, I snuck out to make a phonecall to my mom. I was disturbed at the sound of her quiet voice. It was still the recess, and everyone was walking on eggshells, digging down, and getting ready to hear the news. For the rest of the block, and through lunch, I sat back and enjoyed the distraction of pointless teenager talk, and relaxed in the hum of back-to-school nerves.

    I was ordering a cool drink at a local coffee shop when Heather’s number came up on my cell. I handed everything over to one of my girlfriends and found a quiet place outside to sit. Heather’s voice was monotone as she asked me how I was. We both stopped talking for a minute before she calmly explained how Dad was to be freed on October 4th.

    I couldn’t breathe.
    Heather heard my shrill voice repeating, “What!? WHAT?!”.

    But I understood completely…my dad, my hero, my light, had an official countdown to the day when our family could finally become whole again. There were nights when I was certain this news would never come.
    Now I believe in angels like you Sylvia. My family, my friends, the victims, and all of the supporters sent their love, energy and prayers to our family, and kept us living.

    I don’t think I would be able to thank you for all the work you’ve done covering this sadistic inquiry. Know that I love you, and respect your undying faith in true justice.

    From a lonesome, ecstatic, mystified teen to her father-

    “I’ll see you soon Dad.”

    Love Monica Anne Dunlop.

  4. RealityChecker says:

    To the Dunlop girls…..

    YOU DID IT!!! You’re parents have so much to be proud of! You hung tough and you did it. He’s coming home – where he belongs! I was standing beside your mother when you called. I intuitivitly knew you were anxious to hear the verdict. I saw the concern and the heartache in your mother. It was gut wrenching – I had to move away and give your mom her privacy to talk to you and not having a verdict yet.

    Your Dad did well – an amazing man. All of you can hold your head high!!!

    Thoughts and prayers are with you and have a wonferful Thankgiving – there is so much this Thanksgiving to be thankful for – enjoy your family – that’s what it’s all about!

    Reality Checker aka. Megan

  5. Anon says:

    If sentenced to 30 days one would be released in 20 with good behaviour.

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