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Perry Dunlop is a political prisoner. He has now spent 198 days in jail – on a six month sentence! – for civil contempt of court!!!This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse. 



Hearings resume at 1300 hours (1 pm) this afternoon (Tuesday 02 September 2008).  Bishop Paul Andre Durocher will resume his testimony.




A bit of a health scare in the family on Sunday.  Thanks be to God all is well, but a wee bit of a scare and a good few hours in emergency. 


Nothing accomplished on the website 🙁




Helen got in to see Perry at Toronto’s notorious Don Valley jail yesterday.   A good and welcome visit for both 🙂




I am hoping and praying for better from the bishop today than a few tears after saying he would like to punch Father Gilles Deslaurier in the face!  I expect better from a man of God, particularly a bishop in the Roman Catholic Church.  How pitiable .


This is the bishop who mocked the victims during his installation as Bishop of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall.   While a number of sex abuse victims picketed outside the cathedral in Alexandria carrying symbolic teddy bears Durocher took to the lectern inside, pulled out a knapsack which was every colour of the rainbow and, with a grin, and to the unfortunate but great delight  of the congregation, pulled out a teddy bear.



I have posted some pictures from the 28 August 2008 Rally at the Weave Shed.  Media put the numbers in attendance at around 60.  I’d say perhaps 70, but in truth didn’t do a count – am going more from memory as I worked through the pictures and saw those captured by the camera and added those who weren’t.  Either way, I have learned over the years that for Cornwall that’s a healthy turnout.   When it comes to the sex abuse scandal and cover-up many in Cornwall just don’t show their support publicly, plus, the forensic unit cameras act as great deterrent.




I see a few stalwarts are still railing about Perry not testifying at this inquiry.  Once again, ….Perry wants nothing to do with THIS inquiry.  He did not ask for THIS inquiry.  Never in his wildest dreams would he have asked for, supported calls for, let alone lobbied for, an inquiry with the mandate given to the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  Nor would have lobbied for an inquiry headed by a  Roman Catholic commissioner with deep Cornwall family roots beholden to the office of the Attorney General for his paycheque.


Perry always wanted and still wants the allegations of sexual abuse, a paedophile ring and cover-up to be properly and fully investigated and the truth to come out.  That will not and can not and has not been done at the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  The inquiry does not have a mandate to investigate those allegations, nor is it capable of investigating the actions/behaviour of judges at the Project Truth sex abuse trials because the trials and federally-appointed judges are beyond the scope of the mandate.  Mandating an inquiry to investigate the institutional response to historic allegations of “abuse” and the policies, practices and procedures then in place is a far cry from mandating it to investigate allegations of a paedophile ring and cover-up. 


I believe I can say with certainty that Perry would have gladly testified at an inquiry with a proper mandate put in the hands of an out of province judge/commissioner who is as free from any and all real and/or perceived conflicts of interest as is humanly possible.




Look at this:   02 March 2008: ‘I have known about Jersey for 15 years,’ says award-winning journalist  Allegations of paedophile rings and cover-ups and police officers blowing the whistle are not unique to Cornwall.



Rally at Osgoode Hall


Rally for truth and justice at 0900 hours (9 am) in front of Toronto’s Osgoode Hall tomorrow morning, Wednesday, 03 September 2008. 


Perry will appear before the Divisional Court justices at 10 am for sentencing on a criminal contempt conviction which morphed out of his civil contempt conviction. 


Be there to show the judges this travesty of justice is not going un-noticed. 


Be there as a voice for the children whose rights are being trampled by a paedophile-friendly judiciary.


Be there to support a man who has had the courage to stand against a system which persecutes, prosecutes and incarcerates whistleblowers.


Be there if you want paedophiles and sexual predators off the streets.


Be there for Perry. 

Time:   9 am at the entrance to Osgoode Hall for the rally.

           10 am inside Osgoode Hall for Perry’s sentencing hearing.

Date:  Wednesday 03 September 2008 

Place:   Ontario Divisional Court (Osgoode Hall)  

Address:  130 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ont.

Come to show your support for Perry, justice, victims, children and truth.  Bring your signs.  Bring your friends.  Pass the word.


Directions to Ontario Divisional Court, Osgoode Hall

(30 Queen St. West, Osgoode Hall, Toronto, Ont.)


Travel east toward Kipling Avenue, turn south (right) onto
Kipling Avenue, travel on Kipling Avenue until you get to
the Gardiner Expressway, turn east on the Gardiner
Expressway, stay on the Gardiner Expressway until you
come to York Street/Bay Street turnoff, follow York Street
to University Avenue, follow University Avenue until you
get to Queen Street, Osgoode Hall is located on the north-
east corner of University Avenue and Queen Street.


Go west on Steeles Avenue to 404 south, take 404 south,
404 south turns into Don Valley Parkway, take Don Valley
Parkway to Downtown/Richmond Street, stay on Richmond
Street until you get to University Avenue, turn north on
University Avenue (right), travel one block to Queen
Street, Osgoode Hall is located on the northeast corner
of University Avenue and Queen Street.


Go east on Lake Shore Blvd toward 28th Street, turn left
onto Islington Avenue, take Gardiner Expressway east ramp,
exit off Gardiner Expressway at the York Street/Bay Street
turnoff, follow York Street to University Avenue, follow
University Avenue until you get to Queen Street, Osgoode
Hall is located on the northeast corner of University
Avenue and Queen Street.


Take 401 east to Markham Road, turn west (right) onto
Kingston Road, follow Kingston Road to Queen Street, turn
west (right) onto Queen Street, travel on Queen Street
to University Avenue, Osgoode Hall is located on the
northeast corner of University Avenue and Queen Street.


Parking is available in several areas close by, including on the south side of Queen Street
directly across from the main doors of Osgoode Hall.


Keep an eye on New to the Site on the Home page.  If I get a chance to get some scanning done today I will note the artciles posted there.  

Enough for now,



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