Strange. Strange. Strange.

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Perry Dunlop is a political prisoner. He has now spent 195 days in jail – on a six month sentence! – for civil contempt of court!!!

This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Perry’s third cell in the Don does indeed have a bed.  He may be in the Don’s deluxe suite:  a sparse cramped dirty cell with a bed.  There is blood on the walls.  Traces of feces and blood and vomit on the floor.  Perry managed to acquire a pail of water and rag to do a bit of housecleaning 🙂

Perry’s mind remains agile.  I asked how under those circumstances he would be able to get notes together for Wednesday’s hearing?  Would he lie belly down on the floor and scratch away on a sheet of paper with his stump of a pencil? 

No.  Perry had worked out something better.  He will take the mattress off the metal bed, fold the mattress in half to create a seat, and use the metal base of the bed as a table 🙂

Surprisingly enough the food at the Don is not too bad.  The ‘accommodations’ may be the worst in the province but according to Perry the food is not too bad at all. Seems the Don has an in-house kitchen. The menu is different than than that of all the other detention centres he has ‘visited.’  A welcome change. 

Thursday morning breakfast was  the Don’s equivalent of an Egg McMuffin.  Perry enjoyed.

A cold breakfast yesterday with Rice Krispies,  – but, semi-toast.  Not real honest to goodness toast browned on both sides, but bread toasted on one side.  That’s the closest Perry has come to toast with breakfast in over 90 days.  A welcome addition to the breakfast tray.

Supper on Thursday was sweet and sour chicken.  Potato cubes mixed with the chicken cubes, but, it was tasty. Another welcome change.

Perry missed ordering from canteen again, but he had a few odds and ends in his personal possessions which were finally returned to him after his arrival at the Don.  As of yesterday he was holding on to 4 pepperoni sticks, one Coffee Crisp chocolate bar, one Kit Kat bar, and a few scotch mints.  He will try to spread them out so there is a bit of treat each day. 

He is preparing for Wednesday as much as is humanly possible in inhumane circumstances.  Since he was locked up he has had no access to a computer, no pen, no notebooks and no access to books of his choice.  But, Perry’s a warrior – he has consistently tried to make do and make the best of a bad situation.  He will do the best he can.

His humour is in tact.  He’s quite a man.


I am still trying to wrap my head around the bizarre events of the last couple of days at the Weave Shed.  It was cloak and dagger stuff.  Not one but THREE forensics cameras rolling throughout the rally:  one very visible across the street, another mounted on a car window at the corner, and another up in the public parking lot.  Three angles of the rally.  Perhaps someone was up on the roof filming the action from the rear?  Or hiding in the bushes with camera rolling?   It wouldn’t surprise me.  Nothing much surprises me anymore.

Inside the Weave Shed lawyers for the Ontario Provincial Police were craning necks to check the public gallery –  fingers were flying across blackberry keyboards and little red blackberry lights were a-flashing.  Pictures?  Who knows? 

When not inside the Weave Shed the Cornwall Police Service’s Staff Sgt. Gary Derochie was on watch outdoors, keeping a close eye on the public’s every move. Derochie was seconded to the CPS legal team for, as I understand it, the duration of the inquiry. Was he therefore patrolling to report back to CPS lawyers? or to the CPS?  Does it make any difference?

All strange.  Strange. Strange.

As for Roger Roberston and the SIU, well, Roger saw the two SIU officers chatting with Bill Carrol on Wednesday.  Carroll is legal counsel for the Ontario Provincial Police Association.  

Roger was upset.  What were SIU officers doing talking to OPP lawyers?  Still, he was prepared and willing to meet with the SIU after the rally the following morning.

Roger changed his mind overnight.  By morning he was adamant: He wanted nothing to do with the SIU.  He couldn’t understand why they were tracking him down, who told them he had serious allegations involving police, and why .  He spotted the two officers watching the rally from the parking lot.  He didn’t trust them.

His wife Patti and I talked to him and he reluctantly agreed to meet with SIU if and only if we were with him.  

By the time the rally was over and he was back into the Weave Shed for the hearings he had spotted the officers interacting with OPP lawyers.  That did it again.  Once again he was adamant:  he would not meet with them.

More talking.  Yes, if Patti and I went with him and explained the situation to the SIU officers he would go.

A break in the hearings.  In a flash the officers were motioning to him.  He shook his head “No.” They disappeared.

More talking between Patti, Roger and me.

As Roger swung the doors to exit the hearing room who was staring him in the face on the other side?  Right.   The SIU officers.

The officers curtly asked Roger to come along for an interview.  Roger said first he wanted to know who called them?

The officers refused to answer.  They tersely said they would talk in the interview room.

Roger said he go to the interview room only if Patti and I could accompany him.


That was it for Roger.  He refused.  He was angry and he was upset. He can not understand why these men were chatting with OPP lawyers.  He can not fathom why he is not entitled to know who specifically contacted the SIU to tell them about his sex abuse allegations?  Who?

After that little scenario I doubt that Roger will have anything to do with the SIU in the future.

I tried to nab the SIU officers to explain.  They tersely told me they would not speak to me.

I am frankly both disturbed and alarmed that the officers dispatched by the SIU to round up Roger for an interview seemed to have so little understanding of sex abuse victims in general and the climate in Cornwall in particular.  There was no inkling of compassion for Roger.  No indication whatsoever of his fears. 

They blew it.  The wrong men for the job at hand, …..whatever the job at hand happens to be!

Where under the circumstances does a sex abuse victim go?  It’s a problem.  A serious problem.

Please pray for Roger, the little man with the big heart.

And, if you see him pop into a Timmy’s for coffee or around about town, slip him a few dollars.  He needs them to carry on his Freedom Ride for Perry.

Make sure it’s Roger.  Look for the pearl-white bike. 

I say make sure it’s Roger because of this. One of the local bikers has added a Free Perry Dunlop sticker to his bike.  Some one thought he was Roger and tried to slip him a few dollars to help him out.  The biker didn’t know what was going on and declined.  A case of mistaken identity and an honest biker  🙂   


I have some pictures from the rally to compress and post.  Will do so over the weekend.  Also some documents to scan and post.  Again, will do so over the weekend.

Meanwhile, as chaos seems to be erupting on all fronts, prayers, prayers, prayers.

One final note.  I had a chat with Ron Leroux.  Yes, he saw the gang head off to the “VIP” meeting on Stanley Island in September or the summer of 1993.   Yes, there was a ritual at Cameron’s point involving candles. Yes, he saw Murray MacDonald at Ken Seguin’s place.  No, Perry did not coerce or threaten him.  And yes, he was so confused by the time he hit the witness stand he didn’t know whether he was coming or going. 

There is still some issue about a pack of affidavits which were put in front of him and some names which he says he doesn’t recognize, but as far as the major elements of Ron’s “story” – those which certain persons like to tout as recanted – as far as I can tell, it hasn’t changed.


Rally at Osgoode Hall

Time:  probably 9 am with sentencing hearing at 10 am.  Time will be confirmed and posted here.

Date:  Wednesday 03 September 2008 

Place:   Ontario Divisional Court (Osgoode Hall)  

Address:  130 Queen St. West, Toronto, Ont.

Come to show your support for Perry, justice, victims, children and truth.  Bring your signs.  Bring your friends.  Make travel arrangements now.  Pass the word.


Keep an eye on New to the Site on the Home page.  As I get things together and posted I’ll note it there.

Enough for now,



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  1. Myomy says:

    It sounds like Roger has lost faith in the SIU just as Perry lost faith in the justice system as a whole. What can I say, they are not stupid. Perry is in jail for not being stupid. These days it is a crime. Watch your back Roger.

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