We shall see

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Perry Dunlop is a political prisoner. He has now spent 190 days in jail – on a six month sentence! – for civil contempt of court!!!

This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Hearings resume at 0930 hours this morning, Monday 25 August 2008. Bishop Eugene Larocque, former bishop of the Alexandria-Cornwall Diocese, is scheduled to resume his examination in chief.  There is much speculation that he made such a mess of things he won’t be back, not through a choice of his own making but through a decision made by others, either right here in the Nuncio’s palace, or across the wild blue yonder in the Vatican.

We shall see.

I am guessing that a deal was probably made that if Larocque took the stand there would be no mention made of the sex abuse allegations against him.  Whether that still holds after he himself opened the door with specific mention of the allegations against him in the Ron Leroux affidavit remains to be seen.


Two motions have been added to the week’s roster:

(1)  Detective Inspector Randy Millar, Ontario Provincial Police, is apparently seeking limited standing for Part I of the Cornwall Public Inquiry.  As a member of the OPP Millar should be covered by the OPP legal counsel.  There must be a problem within the ranks that he feels the need for his own lawyer.

(2)  The Diocese and Bishop Eugène LaRocque are seeking more funds :).


The Duty Counsel at the Cornwall courthouse who dealt with Roger Robertson was Paul Lemieux.  I had the first name wrong.  It has been corrected.


Perry was still in the detention centre at Lindsay yesterday afternoon.

He was out in “the yard” for a spell.  The yard apparently is on the second floor and not at all like a yard per se.  The ground is concrete, and, as I mentioned yesterday, the whole area is covered – no sunshine.  On the wall someone left  message for all to see:  “You are loved by others.”

I misunderstood where Lindsay the groundhog fits in.  He doesn’t scamper around the yard.  He is free as ground hog can be outside the compound.  Inmates however can see and enjoy Lindsay going about his business.  There is apparently talk amongst the inmates of getting Lindsay kitted out with a little orange jumpsuit!

Because of the transfer Perry has missed out on his canteen.  I am realizing that canteen is definitely one of the highlights of life behind bars.  The day to order and the day canteen supplies arrive are big days, each awaited with eager anticipation.  Perry’s canteen supplies arrived at OCDC the day he was moved out.  He couldn’t take his goodies with him so, no canteen.  When he arrived at Lindsay he missed again because he had no pencil to fill in the form!  It may sound insignificant to us on the outside, but it’s a big loss to an inmate.

Nine more days!  03 September 2008 Perry appears before the judges of Ontario Divisional Court (Osgoode Hall, Toronto) for sentencing.  Mark your calendar and be there to show support for this good man locked in a jaws of a legal juggernaut.  Show him your support.  Let the judges see that Canadians are rallying behind Perry and want this judicial vindictiveness to come to an end.


Rally at the Weave Shed

Don’t forget the rally at the Weave Shed, 8:30 to 9:30 am this Thursday, 28 August 2008.

Date: 28 August 2008 (Thursday)

Time: 08:30 – 09:30 am

Place: The Weave Shed

709 Cotton Mill Street , Cornwall, Ontario

Bring your signs.  This is your chance to say what you have to say or have been wanting to say.

Roger will be there. So will Helen.

Enough for now,



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