Panic mode

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Perry Dunlop is a political prisoner. He has spent 188 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. He has served his six months and then some – he’s still in jail.  He’ll stay in jail until  03 September 2008 so “they”can throw him back in for another 15 months on a criminal contempt of court charge and conviction which morphed out of the civil contempt charge and conviction because he told the media the same thing he told the commission – he had lost faith in the justice system in Ontario.  

 This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Perry was still in the detention centre in Lindsay, Ontario late yesterday afternoon (Saturday, 23 August 2008).  I had a call from him.  He sounds good.  He is in a rather spartan cell.  No table.  No chair.  He has none of his papers or possessions and will not receive them until he reaches what is supposedly his ultimate destination, the infamous Don Valley jail.

He has been out in “the yard.”  The yard is apparently extremely small but, believe it or not,  does have a resident ground hog.  Perry hasn’t yet spotted “Lindsay” but has heard of him from fellow inmates.  The yard is covered – no sunshine, but, fresh air.

Food is the same as the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre.  Exactly the same.

There is no access to the phone after 6 pm.  Perry of course no longer receives his newspapers so reading material to fill the day and keep him up to date is sparse to none existent.

He did have a visitor – a good friend holidaying close by arrived – a most welcome visit indeed 🙂 

Ten days till Perry’s next appearance at Osgoode Hall.  Hard to prepare without a table or chair or access to the few bits and pieces of paper he had on hand.  Perhaps that’s all part of the master plan?

Keep him in your prayers.


The inquiry is going into overdrive to finish by Christmas.  We’ve already seen the change in pace  – along came the institutional witnesses ad they’re on and off the stand in the twinkle of an eye.  Now they’re making a beeline for the finish line.

All I can say is small wonder they don’t want to put Roger Robertson on the stand.  It would be awfully hard to hold to the “no ring” and “no cover-up” line if Roger’s testimony were thrown into the mix.  If Roger were allowed to tell the world who did what to him and where, and what he saw and heard the whole inquiry would be stood on its ear. 

So, Roger won’t be testifying.  They’re dashing for the finish line in the Weave Shed. 

And, in a community awash with nothing but “alleged”victims and “alleged” paedophiles/molesters/sexual predators the huggy-bear-kissy-face folk at the inquiry are mysteriously going into overdrive to promote healing.  Since the real victims and real molesters in Cornwall are few and far between healing for who from what is truly a mystery, but the push is on.  Meanwhile health care workers are bickering over the spoils and who gets dibs on the “alleged” victims and what’s going to happen when the inquiry gang folds its tent and silently steal away.  And, it seems,  “alleged”victims are being groomed to help “alleged” victims. And the bishop is meeting with “alleged”victims.  And someone truly thinks that men from Ottawa will travel to Cornwall to access the services at a men’s home or shelter or whatever it’s going to be? 


Panic mode.

But, credit where credit is due.  Someone apparently sensed the mood – a public forum to discuss sentencing of convicted molesters.  Yes indeed.  One sure way to keep a molester from molesting another child is have him locked behind bars for a good long time.  So heinous a crime surely warrants a heinous sentence, not the traditional Canadian judicial gentle little tap on the wrist. If our children truly are our most precious asset then those who do them irreparable harm must be punished accordingly.  If at the very least the inquiry launches a movement to make the punishment for child/youth sexual abuse fit the crime then some good has been done.


I posted the clip of the duty counsel Paul Lemieux telling me that he didn’t think Roger would be convicted if he went to trial.  This is the same lawyer who apparently worked out a deal with the Crown:  Roger would get off with clean slate if he entered a guilty plea and paid $1,800.  This makes sense?  (the clip is MP3 – it can be played on Windows Media or Real Player.  Download and play.  I can’t sort out how to make it open and play right away.)


Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) Monday, 25 August 2008. Bishop Eugene Larocque is scheduled to resume his testimony.  Speculation is rampant as to whether or not we will actually see him back on the stand.  I never did get back to his testimony, but what a mess!  He did not cover himself, the diocese or the Church in glory.  I am sure there are some in high places who are trying to pull what friendly strings are at their disposal to keep Larocque away from the Weave Shed and off the stand. 

We shall see 🙂  I had thought that if he does return the entire week would be committed to Larocque.  There is still much ground to cover in his examination in chief.  But, …Bishop Paul Andre Durocher is scheduled for next week as well.  They are indeed sprinting !

Enough for now,



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