Compassion and humanity

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Perry Dunlop is a political prisoner. He has spent 184 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Freedom Ride

The ride continues….

The little man with the big big heart is somewhere in Ontario.  He could be on the #11, or he may likely by now on the #17 bound for Ottawa en route to Cornwall.

Watch for Roger Robertson astride his pearl-white Harley as he continues his Freedom Ride for Perry.   If you spot him, give him a honk and wave.

Look for him pulling into a Tim Hortons for a quick cup of coffee. If you have a few dollars to spare, slip them into his pocket to help defray his costs. He is doing this literally on a wing and a prayer

Yesterday Roger was tied up with a bad accident somewhere in Northern Ontario.  By night fall it was pouring rain.

Nothern Ontario is moose country.  Bad enough biking moose country in the dark of night never mind rain.  The rain prompted Roger to pull off the road and catch 40 winks. I think he was somewhere in the Kapuskasing area.

Yesterday Roger’s wife Patti flew in to Ottawa – she will meet up with him and accompany him on the  final leg of the journey – Ottawa to Cornwall.  The original plan was for Patti to head right into Cornwall.  When last minute travel problems  were encountered my husband and I were only too happy to pick her up at the airport last evening and bring her to our home.

Then Patti and I burned the midnight oil 🙂

The more I hear of Roger the more amazed I become.   A Cornwall native now living in Calgary, Alberta Roger is a victim of sexual abuse.  I don’t know the details of his story yet, I know only that Roger was so outraged when he learned that Perry Dunlop is still  in jail that he decided he had to do something.  Biking from the Dunlop home to Cornwall to raise awareness of Perry’s plight would be the start.

Patti supports Roger 100%.  She too is outraged.

The pair agreed that Roger would bike from Vancouver Island to Cornwall.  Both quit their jobs 0n the spot, and off they went to Duncan, B.C. to meet Helen and the girls – Roger astride his beloved Harley,  Patti  following close behind in her SUV.

On Wednesday 13 August Roger dipped his front tire into the Pacific Ocean.  The mission had begun.

It’s now nearly noon on Monday (18 August 2008) – Roger must be getting close to Ottawa – an exhausted Patti is catching a few winks.

Watch for that beautiful pearl-white Harley tomorrow on the 417 and perhaps round and about downtown Ottawa.  Honk you horn.  Give that little man with the big heart and his dear wife a thumbs up.   An amazing couple they are.  Amazing.

Perry has two new and very committed friends 🙂

Roger says he is going to give his beloved Harley to Perry when this is all over.  Patti says he means it, and she supports him 100%!

Quite a pair.

I think perhaps this constitutes  the  COMPASSION, HUMANITY, and HEART wildone was talking about?

Enough for now,



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