I cringe

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Perry Dunlop is a political prisoner. He has spent 159 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Hearings resume at 1300 hours (1 pm) this afternoon, Monday 28 July 2008.  Father Bernard Menard will take the stand.  Menard will be followed by Bishop Emeritus Eugene Larocque (former bishop of Alexandria-Cornwall).  Whether Larocque takes the stand tomorrow morning or later in the afternoon remains to be seen.  I would think at the rate diocesan witnesses have been rotating on and off the stand it could be morning, but, who knows?

Which ever day or hour he starts I believe Larocque will start his testimony this week and return after the three week break.


I have updated the Bishop Adolphe Proulx page to incorporate the scant information from the ODE (Overview of Documentary Evidence).  One thing which has caught my eye is that now deceased clerical homosexual predator Father Don Scott apparently spent time with L’Arche in France.  The L’Arche community founded by Jean Vanier is committed to the care of mentally retarded adults.  It’s home base is in France.

I cringe to think of Scott around a L’ Arche community.   I cringe.

Father Bernard Menard spent about seven years working in a L’Arche home then situated in the St. Raphael’s area (within the environs of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall). I am hoping he will be asked and can shed light on what involvement, if any, Scott had with the L’Arche community in the St. Raphael’s .


I am dumbfounded by the preferential treatment Proulx afforded Gilles Deslaurier.   How Deslaurier managed to get through “ seminary”  in such short order is astounding.  The fact that Deslaurier was bouncing from pillar to post for years is telling.  The fact that he was all set to join up with Catholic Children’s Services in Toronto is sickening. Equally sickening is the fact Proulx seemed to have a nack for assigning Deslaurier to work with youth.

I am also intrigued to see that one short year after ordination Deslaurier was bouncing around Steubenville Ohio!   Off across the border no less!!  Why Steubenville I wonder?

Not a whisper in the ODE about the “ alleged” sexual relationship between Proulx and Deslaurier.  All “ rumour” and “ innuendo”  I suppose.

I do believe that what was going on between Deslaurier and Proulx could go a long way to explaining the diocese’ s response to allegations of sexual abuse within the diocese could it not? Deslaurier could be put on the stand to clarify matters.

As far as I’m concerned Deslaurier could and should be subpoenaed.  He won’t.  But he should. If he was subpoenaed he could decline, be charged with contempt and put behind bars.

I don’t believe Deslaurier spent any time behind bars?  If any at most it was a day or two pending “ trial.”  That was it.  A convicted clerical sexual predator who preyed on young males was ‘ punished’  after he was finally charged and convicted by being put into the tender loving care of his very dear friend Bishop Adolphe Proulx!

But, never ever forget that there is and never was a ring, clan or pack of paedophiles and/or sexual predators, and there is and never ever was a cover-up.


I never managed to get back on top of the two days of testimony I missed last week :(.  It will have to wait for another day.  When the testimony and therefore the transcripts are in French it is just too difficult to catch up.  I tried but gave up after listening to a few hours of tapes.

Speaking of which I am way way behind.  There are things I want to scan and post.  There are documents and information I want to dig out.  I look forward to the three week break starting next week 🙂  I don’t know how the gathered throng is holding up but I must say I personally am on overload and more than good and ready for a breather.  Time to think.  Time to catch up.  Time to smell some flowers 🙂

Anyway, will get this up for now and carry on. Perhaps I will get some scanning done before day’s end?

Enough for now,



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