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Perry Dunlop is a political prisoner. He has spent 154 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Well, I have had ‘change’ for two days, and if a change is as good as rest I’m away 🙂  Company Monday during the day yesterday and dear friends I rarely see these days popped in for a visit in the evening – a pleasant and welcome visit.

I then set to trying to get a quick handle on yesterday’s testimony from Ottawa’s Msgr. Peter Schonenbach.  Well, there’s no quick handle when a witness testifies in French – it essentially means going through recordings in real time  🙁 – all disturbingly intriguing testimony but at a point in the wee hours I finally had enough – set it all aside and tucked in for the night.

Today? Well my husband is on holiday so today he and our son headed off fishing.  And while they were off enjoying a good day I did likewise – I had my new little grand-daughter all to myself for a full day 🙂    The Weave Shed droned on in the background for the day – I caught snatches when the baby was up – most if not all when she napped.  I caught the karfuffle with Callagahn strenusously objecting to questions regarding diocesan bursar Gord Bryan’s stint with the Conrwall Police Service Board!  No resolution there – it’s on the agenda for lawyer-to-lawyer discussion this evening.

So I heard a lot – not all – but enough to get a feel for the day.  And now I’m back to business refreshed 🙂 I will come back later with info re yesterday’s testimony – later still with today’s.  For now,  a Perry update:

(1)  Lots of cards and notes for Perry’s birthday yesterday – from coast to coast in Canada and beyond.  You can not begin to imagine what they meant and mean to him.  So deeply appreciated.  He will read them again and again and again.  You all made a 47th birthday behind bars a little easier to handle;

(2) The birds are gone.  Gone.  Not hide not hint of them to be seen or heard.  Yet again Perry missed the launch;

(3) I don’t believe I shared what CIA was up to a few days ago.  He had been off and returned to religious themed messages for his fellow inmates.  The message was:  “The Lord said, what you build in three days I can…uh, … what the H-ll did He say now?  I forget”  I asked and apparently he’s back to Rock N’Roll themed messages today;

(4)  Perry has turned into a voracious reader.  He absorbs every word in his three dailies and reads every book he can get his hands on, either from the prison library or purchased from the canteen;

(5)  Prison temperature throughout the summer remains at the Dalton McGuinty energy-saving-dictated 25 degrees.  Perry spends most of the day stripped down to his shorts.  Perry notices a change I atmosphere amongst the inmates with the summer months here.  Perhaps memories of summer on the outside, but more sentimental and perhaps a little more unsettled? I am sure the constant 25 degrees doesn’t help!

(6) I would guess that Perry is doing a lot of thinking about how what started as a desire to fulfill his moral legal obligation to protect children has wound up with him behind bars and “alleged” paedophiles foot loose and fancy free.

Yesterday he said something that caught me.  He told me that he’s sure the soldiers who hit the Normandy beaches didn’t say ‘I’m here to fight but I don’t want to get hurt.’ How true.  No one wants to get hurt, true enough, but the reality of every battle is those who fight on the front lines do indeed get hurt.

On that note will get supper on the table – yes, a late supper – and then finish up on yesterday’s testimony and start on today’s 🙂

Enough for now,



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