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Perry has now spent 141 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Don’t forget.  Perry’s 47 th birthday is 22 July 2008.  Pick up a card now. Have Masses said for him.  Flood him with well wishes  – lots of cards, letters and notes of best wishes.

Perry Dunlop c/o OCDC
Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre
2244 Innes Road
Ottawa ON
K1B 4C4

Monetary gifts can be sent to Helen or deposited at a bank.  As always they are much needed and would be greatly appreciated.


Hearings resume Monday afternoon, 14 July 2008,  with lawyer  and Church lawyer and “alleged” paedophile Jacques Leduc on the stand.


Out and about all day again yesterday (Wednesday 09 July 2008).

Started the day with a visit to Perry.   There were three of us – we divvied up the time – worked well – and a chance to visit with each other while we waited.

A lot of people visiting yesterday.  The waiting room was a busy spot.  Getting to know a few of the visitors.

Perry’s hair is growing longer and the beard is getting fuller.  A little tear on the sleeve of his orange jumpsuit, but it was clean and he was looking good 🙂

He still hasn’t had his treasured odds and ends returned since they were packed in a bag for storage when he was shuttled out at dusk and hustled off to Quinte for the Kingston court appearance that never was.

Imagine!  Perry’s been back at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre for three weeks and still hasn’t had his belongings returned!!  I don’t know if this is coercive tactics or just sheer oversight.  Whatever it’s not impressive.

Still not a word from his lawyer Lawrence Greenspon.  No calls answered.   Perry calls about once a week and leaves a message.  Nothing.  Helen I believe calls daily and leaves a message.  Nothing!

The pressure that family is under is beyond comprehension.  They don’t need this. I can not wrap my head around what I see playing out before my very eyes.  It’s almost surreal.

Keep the family in your prayers.  Now more than ever.

People are asking when Perry is due back in court.  I have no idea.  Perry doesn’t know.  Helen doesn’t know.  All anyone knows is that Perry’s ‘coercive’ six month civil contempt conviction will have been served ++ in the early days of September, and at some point in or around there he will have to appear at Divisional Court for sentencing on the criminal contempt conviction.  I rather doubt he will be released pending sentencing.  Heaven forbid Perry have a few days of freedom before they slap him with 15 months for losing faith in the justice system and daring to say it.

What’s happening with the appeal?  Not a clue.  I’m not even sure the finally technicality of that have been taken care of – that’s the technicality which as I understand it transfers the appeal from one classified as an inmate appeal to one classified as a solicitor appeal.  That I understood was supposed to finalized on 17 June, but Perry’s 17 June appearance was cancelled at the 11 th hour for as yet unknown reasons.

My question is the obvious:  If the transfer it hasn’t been done what happens to the appeal?  And where does that leave Perry?

Some are wondering if Greenspon has agreed to lay low?  That perhaps he’s agreed to let Perry languish for six months of coercion to ensure he has every golden moment given him to renew his faith in the administration of justice?  They think maybe a deal has been struck in the backrooms of the Weave Shed?

Again, no idea.  The mind can run wild with this one.  I don’t see too many positive options, but, I’ll keep an open mind and hope for the best.

I had a few things I wanted to check at the Ottawa courthouse.  Once finished I decided to pop into courtroom 337 to see if I could get a look at Mr. Greenspon in action defending a client.  (Courtroom 337 is the venue of Canada’s first terrorist trial.  Greenspon is defending alleged terrorist Momin Khawaja.)

You would not believe the security!  I nearly died when I reached the top of the stairs on the 3 rd floor:  Soldiers with machine guns or guns of some kind, check in, and conveyor belt, and a double barricade reaching nearly to the ceiling and forming a long walk to the courtroom door.

I must say the soldiers/guards were extremely pleasant.  I decided to let myself be put through the wringer. So, produce photo  ID.  Then purse and all into the little box and away it went on the conveyor belt.  Then shoes off and into the little box and away on the conveyor belt too!  Then .patter through the arch, retrieve purse and shoes.  Leave umbrella against the wall, and off down the walkway.

337 is a large courtroom.  It was nearly empty.  Lawyers and court staff aside there were a total of 13 people  in the room – media included.  I believe I saw the back of Mr. Greenspon’s head up at the front.  I can’t be certain but it had to be him.  Unfortunately in the few minutes I was in the room it was Crown David McKercher who was up, examining a man who seemed to be an expert on the Digimonster, a remote control device which presumably could be used to trigger a homemade bomb.

I didn’t stay too long.  Wish I had opportunity to see Perry’s lawyer defending a client 🙂  I’m sure we’ll catch it all in today’s paper.

On that note will call it a day.  I am supposed to be have company today – missed confirmation of the visit because I was out and about all day –  chances are however I will be busy for part of the day.

Keep an eye on New to the Site on the Home page 

Enough for now,



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  1. Myomy says:

    As you point out the mind runs wild to many possibilities when we don’t have answers. Could it be that Perry will have to sit in Jail for extra time while awaiting the court date? It wouldn’t be the first time! I thought there had to be judicial warrant for ALL the time spent in jail but in Perry’s case it seems that this bit of the Charter of Rights is a dead letter.

    Also could it be possible that they will find a way to make the time on the criminal conviction coercive as well? Is there a way they could dangle an immediate release on this time as well in front of Perry to get him to testify? Perhaps he has enough extra time served that this could all be credited to him magically paroling him out of a longer sentence if he testifies. Judges are nothing if not artful and circumventing the rules/ laws legislators make to restrict them. They are dedicated to coercion and where there is a will there is a way.

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