From the Saints

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Perry has now spent 137 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


NOTE: Perry’s birthday is 22 July 2008. He will be 47. Pick up a card now. Have Masses said for him. Swamp him with love – lots of cards, letters and notes of best wishes.

Perry Dunlop c/o OCDC

Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre
2244 Innes Road
Ottawa ON
K1B 4C4


Hearings have recessed until Monday 14 July 2008.  Jacques Leduc will take the stand.

An early early wrap up today. Swish bang!  Father Kevin Maloney was on and off the stand.

I don’t even know what time it was all over – I think perhaps around 11:15 am?

Will blog on the morning’s events later.  I need a breather 🙂  This is all disgusting beyond words.

For now a few thoughts to ponder on the priesthood from three great Saints of the Church:

(1) “The priest by nature is like all other men; by dignity he surpasses every other man on earth; by his conduct he ought to compare with the angels. ” ( St Bernard)

(2) “Great is the dignity of priests; but also, when they sin, great is their ruin. Let us rejoice at having been raised so high, but let us be afraid of falling.”  (St. Jerome)

(3)  “Hell is paved with priests’ skulls.”  (St. John Chrysostom)

Enough for now,



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1 Response to From the Saints

  1. prima facie says:

    “A Case Dismissed or Not Pursued Does Not Mean Allegations Are False or True:”
    Again I ask: Is anyone following this Cornwall Public Inquiry “closely”? In my opinion, yesterday, but specifically today, very, very “sensitive” and “fragile” interpretations were delicately, craftily and deceivingly entered into the record BEFORE OUR VERY EYES. Oh, beautiful….like a master thief replacing a genuine with a faux…right in front of our own eyes. That’s why “they” get paid the “big bucks”.

    It has been my experience and education that in many civil or criminal cases, where a “complainant-plaintiff-petitioner-applicant” alleges an “accused” has sexually abused them, the “complainant”, for various reasons, changes his/her mind to “pursue” what they originally thought was, “a pursuit for justice”.

    Often is the case, that, unwanted, lengthy and intense scrutiny, interaction and/or examination from the “accused”, his/her lawyer(s), agent and/or other surrogate occurs. For various reasons, in many cases, the “complainant” is convinced or coerced, into just “giving up” and “walking away” or convinced, coerced into stipulating (i.e. “agreeing to conditions”) to, “so-called”, “agreements and/or settlements”.

    Money and/or other actual and anticipated compensation, payments, benefits, promises, obligations and/or other “promises of some performance or forbearance”, are offered, negotiated, compromised and exchanged between an “accused” and a “complainant”, in exchange for all allegations, complaints and/or information, made by a “complainant” against an “accused”, being withdrawn or “dropped”.

    These so-called “settlements-agreements-stipulations” or “volunteer withdrawals”, can take place BEFORE a “complainant” goes to a lawyer, the police, the courts or the justice system in general, or, can occur, after the “complainant” originally contacts a “lawyer”, “the police” or “the courts and justice system”; ex) civil or criminal proceedings or proceedings under other jurisdictions such as the “Ontario Criminal Compensations Board.”

    Consequently and sadly, in many cases, as a result of the “perceived” coercion, intimidation or other influences, there is no witness, willing to testify or “follow-up” on the original complaint-allegations. The investigation and possible prosecution of an accused is usually halted, the allegations are not pursued and the matter may be considered “resolved”; “case closed”; the “allegations”, what happens to them?

    THIS DOES NOT MEAN the original allegations were “FALSE” or TRUE. It simply means the “complaint” was abandoned or dismissed, because it was not prosecuted or pursued by the “complainant, victim, applicant and/or petitioner” or “justice”.

    UNFORTUNATELY, at this stage, the “crème de la crème”, well-versed, well articulated and experienced lawyers, pounce on “the opening” and “spin” the “facts”, presenting “their own” biased motivations, interpretations and implications, therewith, dramatically influencing public opinion.

    Immediately, as if on queue, the same, “interpretation” is then disseminated by a waiting, lazy, uninformed, lapdog mainstream news media.

    As is “par-for-the-course”, so to speak and as I have previously mentioned, “it is my opinion”, in this “Cornwall Public Inquiry”, the “principle” lawyers, who have defended the “accused” for close to fifteen years now, challenging and appealing, “court”, “tribunal”, “commission”, “board” etc., rulings, procedures, formalities, etc., into submission, on behalf of the “accused”, are able to, enter into the record, incomplete information and biased interpretation, with impunity. UNCHALLENGED!!!UNSCATHED!!!

    PROVIDING NO proof of guilt or innocence, of their clients or that those allegations against their clients are false or true.

    UNRESOLVED!! The inquiry is NOT commissioned to find guilt or innocence.

    In fact, the transcripts speak for themselves, read them. There was NEVER any investigation or intense questioning of Father Maloney.

    Even though (read the transcripts) some witnesses sat in a group and discussed suing individuals and organizations and “how to” sue those individuals and organizations, thereafter, mutually deciding to sue those individuals and organizations, the inquiry has heard yesterday and today, that “the witness” has no idea on how the many, many lawyers were retained and who paid all of their legal fees, retainers, costs-disbursements and other. Very $$$$$$$ costly. Was it political?

    Various law firms and various lawyers were retained. As the transcripts disclose, none of the litigations were prosecuted entirely and therefore none of the “counts-charges” outlined in the “Statement of Claim” were proven to be true or false. Not one litigation was ever decided, one way or the other, whether the allegations asserted in the litigations were true or false. In fact, as the transcript discloses, the very costly litigation(s) were all dismissed or withdrawn by the “witness-plaintiffs”, in ALL cases.

    In some cases, as the transcript and record discloses, “the witness” had to pay large amounts of dollars to the people they sued. HELLO!!! NOTHING RESOLVED!!! Could this be interpreted one way or another about the, true or false allegations, debate?

    I am a simple layman, who recognizes the above. Similarly, I believe professionals, including Commissioner Glaude are no fools. Yet they say and do nothing. I guess, judgement must be saved to the end.

    But, coming from the malpractice, liability insurance carrier perspective, no one is interested in the facts. They are interested in saving their “butts and $$$$$”. They are interested in protecting what “they” have said, since in or before 1993, in other litigations, hearings, criminal court cases, or proceedings.

    WHAT they have said and relating to previous litigations, current litigations and anticipated litigations.

    Does no one perceive a MONSTER “conflict of interest” here?

    However back to the “settlements” explanation, etc.

    In addition to and in consideration of, the “agreement-settlement-compromise-stipulations” mentioned above, the “person” agreeing to drop allegations, charges against someone, in exchange for compensation, promise or other benefit, in most cases and most certainly, as a condition to the “agreement-settlement-payment”, must “stipulate to” and sign a confidential, “release of all claims”, non-disclosure (silence) “clause(s)”, document, which legally “binds” them and his/her heirs, successors, representatives, entities, agents, etc., from the beginning of time to the end of time, to the conditions outlined in the “settlement-agreement-stipulations”. “Release of all Claims” includes any actual or anticipated, compensatory, punitive, etc., damages, claims or sanctions, a person may have against the “payer” his/her heirs, successors, agents, etc.,” “from the beginning of time to the end of time.”

    Violation or “breach” of the “settlement-agreement, etc.” could result in future civil or criminal prosecution by the original “accused et al-payer” versus the original “complainant et al-payee”.

    The above is why many people, for example, the original “accused-witnesses” et al, file frivolous, unfounded legal complaints, without merit, against others “Defendants” and never intend to prosecute the litigations.

    In my experience and opinion, the litigation, the justice system and the “defendant” are intentionally, unlawfully and sometimes fraudulently, manipulated and maliciously, intimidated and coerced into making unwise decisions, which will benefit the “payer-accused”.

    Additionally, “the court” if the proceedings had made it to court or into the “justice arena”, could easily “deem” it necessary to “Order” that a publication ban or “gag” be placed on all related information for a specific time period or indefinitely, subsequent to “renewing” of the original “Order”.

    So, based on the above, for various reasons, (1) there is no witness willing to testify to the “allegations” or proceed with their original “complaint” (2) there is no file or there exists only an insignificant and incomplete file, (3) there is no direct or indirect evidence presented or pursued and therefore “available”, to justify, corroborate, qualify, confirm and validate. (4) The police and perhaps the Crown Prosecutor have none of the above to investigate and prosecute an “accused”. (5) other “settlement”, with attached “stipulations”, classify some cases as “closed” and supporting evidence is under publication ban, etc., and, good or bad, (6) The file will be referenced and utilized as supporting documentation in other “trials, hearings, PUBLIC INQUIRIES, proceedings” and entered into the “record”. With this record will be included, the “wise” lawyers, (perceived), misinterpretations and misrepresentations, all of which is disseminated for public consumption and believed TO BE TRUE!!!, until the end of time.

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