A win for the bishop

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Perry has now spent 136 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Yes, they’re in lock up in the Weave Shed again. The public at this “public” inquiry is excluded.

Believe it or not this session is to argue in secret how they should deal with Dallas Lee’s desire to pose questions of Father Denis Vaillancourt regarding 19 persons who I gather have each at some time been charged, sued or accused of sexual abuse.

Bishop Paul Andre Durocher has apparently ordered his lawyer David Sheriff-Scott to battle this one out. So, the gathered throng are all behind closed doors hammering away.

2 vs how many?

I’m not sure how many are in the Weave Shed today but with the exception of Ian Paul and Dallas Lee one and all are backing Durocher’s yen for secrecy to protect those 19 who have never been charged and may, it is argued, be subjected to erroneous nasty rumours if their identities are revealed. (I think the 19 are clergy – if not all clergy then at least Catholic.)

Need we be reminded that the public asked for an inquiry because of persistent allegations of a paedophile ring/clan and cover-up? Those allegations of cover-up included public concerns that men were charged and not convicted, and men were accused and never investigated and/or charged. The majority if not all are Roman Catholic.

Why Bishop Durocher would demand secrecy on this is beyond me. If no wrongs have been done there should be no shame and nothing to hide.

It’s 12:20 pm and the “In camera” notice was just taken down. I assume the gathered throng have headed for lunch. We will learn the outcome when public hearings resume – I assume that will be at the normal time: 1400 hours ( 2 pm)

Will transparency prevail? I wouldn’t bet my bottom dollar on it.

12:30: They’re back. A compromise on transparency – a little here and none there. Some names will be held confidential. Some will not. This is all the commissioner’s way of balancing privacy rights of certain persons with the public’s right to know.

A win for the Bishop.

Enough for now,



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