Much to ponder

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 Perry has now spent 133 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


I’m here.  I have been doing a bit of hunting about and looking up.   Now that witnesses for the diocese are taking the stand I want to post some material regarding the Roman Catholic 1983 Code of Canon Law, specifically (1) the code pertaining to priests who give absolution in confession to a sexual partner, and (2)  interpretations of the code pertaining to the sexual abuse of minors.   With regard to the latter, as we know all too well, the law is one thing, interpretation of the law can be quite another!

I also plan to post documents related to a 1995 lawsuit launched by David Sheriff-Scott against Paul Ledroit, Adrian St. Louis and Ledroit Beckett (Ledroit Beckett represents the Victims Group at the Cornwall Public Inquiry. The firm also launched a series of lawsuits against the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall and/or various clergy.   Adrian St. Louis alleges he was sexually abused by Eugene Larocque, Bishop Emeritus of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall)


Heather Dunlop, Perry and Helen’s 17-year-old daughter, graduated last week – with an average of, I think, of 85%!!!

Well done Heather.  Well done.   Under the circumstances, a remarkable achievement.

Congratulations Heather!  Your Dad is so very proud of you!  And rest assured that all who know or have come to know your family in the past year are proud of you and wish you well.

I hear there were many tears at the grad – no Perry to share in and celebrate Heather’s achievements.  I also hear countless people sought Heather out to offer words of comfort and much appreciated and kind words of support for her father.

Heather received a $300 Future Shop gift certificate.  That will help defray computer costs.  She is off to U.B.C. in the Fall – every dollar helps, particularly with Helen on disability and Perry in jail.


My last chat with Perry was on Saturday.  He had had “yard” around noon.  The baby birds still seem to be in the nest.  He still can’t see them but can hear the chirping.  They must be ready to take flight any day.

There is also a little squirrel which provides some entertainment.  The little fellow was apparently scuttling around the yard on the prowl for food.  Perry thinks the squirrel  must have happened on a garbage can somewhere because he disappeared for a few moments and shortly thereafter re-appeared with a nice chunk of bread 🙂  If you’ve ever watched those little fellows go after food you know how very persistent and innovative they are.   The are quite entertaining!  It’s nice that one has found his way into the yard – a pleasant diversion for Perry 🙂

It was hamburgers for lunch on Saturday.  The hamburger comes with a bun on the side.  Perry didn’t eat the bun – he stuck with the hamburger and the potato wedges tucked under the burger.  There was also corn, which Perry ate, and onions which he left.

He has mentioned those onions before.  Apparently they routinely accompany the hamburger.  True, onions are good with a hamburger – if they are raw or fried.  These onions however are neither raw nor fried – they are boiled!

Perry never touches them.  Can’t say I blame him.  Boiled onions on a hamburger? Ugh!!!  Doesn’t sound at all appealing.

Tomorrow is Canada Day.  Not much to rejoice over and celebrate this year with Perry in jail, is there?  What kind of Canada is it that puts a man who tries to protect children behind bars while real and “alleged” paedophiles prowl the streets with abandon?

A different kind of Canada Day this year – there is much to ponder on the future of this once great nation and well being and safety of all Canadian children.


Will take care of a few other things on the home front and then get back to canon law and lawsuits. Much to ponder there too 🙁
Enough for now,



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2 Responses to Much to ponder

  1. Myomy says:

    Pondering Canada Day – there are persistent reports that our Governor General Michelle Jean is bypassing the usual procedure along with others to honour Morgentaler with the Order of Canada.

    Here is a man who changed the law by defying it. Perhaps the rest of us should ignore the law as well and we could all be honored by the Order of Canada. Why is Perry in Jail for having lost faith in the justice system and Henry Morgentaler receiving high honors for defying the law?? Both events show there are very evil people in control in this country. Patriotic Canadians are in distress this July 1

  2. Sylvia says:

    Not a good Canada Day yesterday – Morgentaler getting the Order of Canada ‘for terminating” babes in the womb and Perry behind bars for protecting children.

    We are reaching the bottom of the barrel

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