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 Perry has now spent 129 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Hearings resumed late – at 1004 hours (10:04 am) this morning, Thursday, 26 June 2008.  Justice Glaude apologized for being late.  Former Chief Anthony Repa will undergo cross-examination.


All I can say after glancing through yesterday’s transcripts is that, when it came to going after Perry Dunlop, former Chief Anthony Repa and S/Sgt. Garry Derochie were quite a team.

I’m even getting the distinct impression that Project Truth officers, namely Pat Hall, teamed up with the pair.

The whole lot seemed disgustingly relentless in their efforts to pin something – anything – on Perry Dunlop.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  Perry did not have a hope.  Not a hope.  There is not a soul on the face of the earth who could withstand the scrutiny that man has endured at the hands of a throng of police officers and lawyers eager to label him the bad guy. If Perry didn’t dot an i here – go after him. If he didn’t cross a t there – get him.  If he did this, dissect his every move and word and interpret it to say he did that.

How much money and manpower has the Cornwall Police Service divested in going after Perry?  For all the wailing we’ve heard about the force being understaffed and overworked and backlogged, how much did it earmark to get Perry?  And how much has it spent?

I would venture a guess that if just a quarter of the funds expended on getting something on Perry had been invested in tracking down and rounding up paedophiles Cornwall would be a safer place for children.

Since the day Perry stood up to the plate to protect children “they” have not let up.

It is my understanding from what I read that former Chief Anthony Repa never talked to Perry.  Never. He took the word of anyone who told him anything negative or derogatory about Perry Dunlop.  No checking with Perry for his side of the story. Repa took it all at face value!

I am frankly floored by Repas’ pathetic explanation regarding the CPS refusal to allow Perry to wear his uniform to receive an award Vancouver Island Human Rights Coalition. Note:

“As you are receiving your award in your personal capacity, it is understood you will attend in civilian attire.”

Repa tells us that doesn’t mean what it says!!  He tells us that Perry and everyone misunderstood!  As I understand it what it actually means according to Repa is this:   the CPS sought legal advice on this and therefore while on the one hand they don’t want Perry to wear his uniform, on the other they don’t want to order him NOT to wear it because if they ORDER him not to and Perry decides to wear it anyway then they’ll have an issue on their hands and they don’t want an issue on their hands, so, on the advice of their lawyers they came up with this wording in the hopes that Perry will be duped to understand that he is being ORDERED not to wear your uniform but in legal truth that’s not at all what they’re saying – what they’re LEGALLY actually telling Perry without actually saying it is that Perry is NOT to wear his uniform, but he is not being ORDERED not to wear it so if Perry decides to go ahead and wear his uniform anyway it’s OK.

Perry did NOT wear his uniform to receive the award.  He understood he had been ORDERED not to wear his uniform.  He obeyed.

Such are the legal convolutions and legal hair splitting and parsing of words with which Perry has been dealing for 15 long years.

Ever wonder where would we’d be now without high-priced lawyers who spend hour upon hour dissecting words and scratching their heads to come up with the likes of this? Seems every move CPS made and every word they said for the past 15 years was floated by and/or provided and/or approved by lawyers!
Anyway, I’m going to try to put up a few more exchanges from yesterday – I can not bypass Repa’s comments on incarceration.  He pities Perry!  Will get that up for sure.  For now must tune in and get at media coverage of the day

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