Here we go again

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 Perry has now spent 129 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.


Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) tomorrow morning, Friday 27 June 2008. Father Denis Vaillancourt has started testifying.  He will return.


Perry is holding his own.  He had “yard”time.  He had a shower.

He told me yesterday he now has his canteen supplies.  He stocked up on his weekly supply of chips: Doritos ( 3 bags), cheese popcorn (3 bags) and all dressed chips ( 1 bag).  He also has lots of pepperoni sticks – a favourite.

Supper last night was a cold meal.  That’s unusual.  Bologna, bean salad and coleslaw.  Not bad, but, not the greatest.


Former Chief Repa’s comments as promised below, those in which Repa pities Perry, and those in which he refers to the vilification of the Cornwall Police Service and the  “outrageous and unsubstantiated allegations” in the media.

First, two thoughts and some questions:

(1) From what I hear I have concluded that lawyers have been running the Cornwall Police Service for years.  Just how many years is up in the air;

(2)  Former Chief Repa testified on Tuesday that he arrived in Cornwall in 1995 with no knowledge of the problems which had plagued both the community and the police service. He said he called and spoke to a Corporal L. Jenkins with the RCMP.  According to Jenkins what he heard from Jenkins was the smuggling issues. The message conveyed by Repa was that he knew nothing of the CPS problems.  He apparently did research on Cornwall and, it would seem, came up with nothing about the cover-up which had been all over the news.

Under cross-examination today Repa told Dallas Lee (Victims Group) that before his departure from the Halton police some people asked him “Are you sure you want to go there?” and “Have you not heard anything about Cornwall?” Repa said he didn’t follow up on that.

I am dumbfounded!  Floored!!!

He didn’t have any interest in finding out what the caution was?  He was relocating his family across the province to a new city and taking on a new job and he had no interest whatever?

That I’d say is, to put it mildly, passing anyone ask former Chief Repa if he is a Roman Catholic?  If the question was posed I missed it.

If the question was posed and he responded in the affirmative was he asked if he is or ever was a member of the Knights of Columbus?  Or what Church he attended?

(3) Did anyone ask Repa if he is a Roman Catholic?  If yes and he answered in the affirmative, did anyone ask what church he attended in Cornwall?  And if he is or ever was a member of the Knights of Columbus?  And if during his time in Cornwall he had friendships with any diocesan clergy?

If no to posing the question, why did no one ask?

Now, back to pity and outrage:

(1) “I pity the man”

The following are former Chief Repa’s comments on Perry’s incarceration:

I understand Mr. Dunlop is serving a six month jail term for failing to testify at this Inquiry.

My understanding is when he appeared before whatever court it was in Ontario he appeared before, he was given a choice; either testify or you go to jail. Mr. Dunlop was not sentenced to jail by that court. Mr. Dunlop chose to go to jail for six months.

He was given a choice. He chose to not come before this Inquiry. He chose to go to jail. In other words, the power of this Inquiry, the power of the courts of Ontario couldn’t force or convince Mr. Dunlop to come here and testify. That was the same Mr. Dunlop that we were dealing with, that mindset to say, “No, I’m not going.” What normal human being, an ex-cop, would choose to go to jail?

He chose to go. The same Mr. Dunlop that chose to go, we were dealing with as Constable Dunlop.

I don’t understand why he chose jail. I don’t understand why we had to do all this with him. To say that he was in a civil litigation and that; well, my position is, Mr. Commissioner, and I — I just — I will not back down from it because of all my experience and training and his duty as a sworn — he took a sacred oath as a police officer; that was his primary duty. And to suggest that the whole system of justice in Eastern Ontario was corrupt; well, if that’s what he believed, I pity the man. I don’t know what else to say.

Perry did appear before the inquiry.  Twice.

The fact that former Chief Repa fails to understand why Perry “chose” jail speaks for itself.  And the fact Repa would say “I pity the man” because Perry thought the “the whole system of justice in Eastern Ontario was corrupt” is pitiful.  That Repa fails to grasp that the latter no doubt in whole or in part explains the former speaks volumes.

(2) “Vilification”of the CPS

The following are former Chief Repa’s comments regarding the “villifation” of the CPS and other matters

My previous police experience with Halton, coupled with the training I received and the guidance of good leaders and chiefs of police made the transition to Cornwall an easy one and the issues as I have described to be manageable.

However, there was one issue that no amount of training or experience could ever have prepared me for and that was facing on a day-to-day basis what became the ever growing problems associated with what has been covered by this Inquiry.

I found that I was managing a Police Service that was continually being vilified in the media as an organization which protected pedophiles. This unbalanced attention was national in scope.

The source of these outrageous and unsubstantiated allegations being quoted in the media were in fact small groups of very vocal people and individuals who ought to have known better.

The officers who were named as the ones who consorted with and protected the pedophiles suffered the worst form of humiliation, as did their spouses and children. The other officers and staff bore the stigma collectively, albeit less painfully.

In spite of the imposed negative environment, I observed that the staff did not let it interfere with their productivity. In fact, the clearance rates were consistently at or above the average.

Some mistakes were made and in a few cases time-lines were far too long. That was wrong and should never have happened. However, the very good work far outweighed the mistakes.

Throughout this time period, I began to appreciate that the police are easy targets. They are crippled in their ability to defend themselves by their oath of office which includes the Police Services Act Order of Confidentiality.

We simply could not respond to the media. I shall be forever grateful to those of my staff who honoured their oath of office and soldiered on so professionally.

I found that our staff focused on the positive rather than the negative and this was clearly evidenced by the many and varied accomplishments and the pride with which they grew our organization.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the great number of charitable fundraising and community events which they were consistently involved in. I was both proud and honoured to have been given the opportunity to serve the citizens of Cornwall as their Chief of Police and to have served in the company of such fine civilian staff, special constables and police officers.

Mr. Commissioner, I have only one request and that is that at the end of this Inquiry, after the last witness has testified, if you find that no member of the Cornwall Police was involved in any criminal cover-up, then I respectfully request that you consider so stating very clearly, even to naming the innocent officers.

Your report will be a meaningful opportunity to have their names publicly cleared. These officers deserve no less.

There you go:  some mistakes were made and a few case time-lines were far too long!  Such teeny weeny glitches aside, all was hunky dorey – the good outweighed the bad, and one and all focused on the positive instead of the negative.

Where Perry Dunlop fits into this blissful scenario I have no idea.

A final note.  We learned from Repa that the Halton police force reported all allegations of sexual abuse to the Children’s Aid Society.

My question: How did all those officers down in the that end of Ontario know they had a duty to report?  and how – with the exception of Perry – did all those officers  at the CPS not?


The CPS witnesses have finished.  Unless officer Ron Lefebvre is obliged to testify, that’s the end of it.

The diocesan roster of witnesses has started.

Father Denis Vaillancourt took the stand and started his testimony.

Saints preserve us!   Here we go.  He doesn’t remember.  He can’t recall.

This is the Chancellor of the Diocese of Alexandria-Cornwall! A canon lawyer!!

He doesn’t recall!!  And he’s barely begun his testimony!!!

To make a bad situation worse, Vaillancourt is testifying in French.  True there is simultaneous translation, but, if the feed goes down, that’s it.  We’re in the dark.  The transcripts in this bilingual country at a “public” inquiry are in French only.

The problems with this are already apparent.  A storm system was sweeping through the region this afternoon – my feed was lost several times.  I have no idea what was said, and, I won’t be able to find out. Unless things have changed the transcripts will be in French only!

Apparently there are 10 witnesses who will take the stand to testify as diocesan witnesses.  That’s right.  Ten.  Only 10!!  And, of those 10, apparently half will testify in French and half in English.

I think I will put in an official request to the commission to have the transcripts made available in both official languages.  Others with a desire to follow and read this testimony should do likewise.

Ten!!!  Only 10 witnesses will take the stand for the diocese.  I can think of any number who should be taking the stand, but, 10 is it.

I think the diocese is getting away easy here 🙁  Wonder why? Perhaps because this is all about institutional response vs allegations of cover-up and a paedophile ring/clan pack it makes sense?

I wonder if by chance Bishop Luc Bouchard,  the bishop of St. Paul, Alberta, is on the list?


Chad Kilger, hockey playing son of Cornwall Mayor and former Liberal MP Bob Kilger, has been suspended indefinitely without pay by the Florida Panthers.

Enough for now,



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10 Responses to Here we go again

  1. prima facie says:

    Regarding the “Ontario Justice System”, I suggest readers who are interested, purchase the book, “Lawyers Gone Bad”, by “Philip Slayton”. It’s a good and informative read about the Ontario Justice System.

    Some lawyers and “Societies” tried to stop it from being published and I believe entertained suing the author, the publisher, the editors, the distributors, “the tree”, etc., etc.

    For me, the “read” gives several examples of what I have experienced and perceived as being the case. If Mr. Slayton had contacted me before writing the book, I would have directed him to several “Canada Labour Relations Board” cases/witnesses, “Ontario Securities Commission”, etc., cases/witnesses, who could have provided additional information about various related issues.

    I consider “Lawyers Gone Bad” a “must read”.

    How many perceived, “smoke and mirror” law firms mentioned in the book, have lawyers representing clients at the “Cornwall Public Inquiry”, two, three, ????

    Regarding Chad Kilger. I find it very strange Chad disappeared from the radar, so-to-speak, near the end of the season. Not a “peep” on him, even on the “Standard-Freeholder” pages. They usually keep a good line on Mr. and Mrs. Kilger’s fine young man Chad.

    Now, he is suspended indefinitely and not a mention of it.

    How are Mr. Mayor Bob Kilger and Mrs. Bob Kilger, anyway.

  2. Myomy says:

    It shouldn’t be too hard to follow the testimony in french with the feed down. The answer is always ” I don’t remember” or “No”. This guy doesn’t know anything. What a joke these “witnesses” are. Perry explained that he has lost all faith in the justice system. That is a lot more than this witness told us. They are let get away with being know nothing witnesses.

  3. Sylvia says:

    I’ve heard that Lawyers Gone Bad is a good read. Must pursue.

    And Myomy, you gave me a good chuckle 🙂 How true!!

  4. RealityChecker says:

    Remember the story of high profile T.O. lawyer Peter Shoniker?? Charged and convicted of money laudering in an undercover sting in 2006??? Bunch of high profile individuals (including Fantino) showed up in court for his defence???

    His conduct hearing before the Upper Canada Law Society is this week (June 25th).

    Watch what the Law Society does with “lawyers gone bad”.

    Who thinks he’s going to lose his liscence???

    We Shall see.

    • Brenda Kover says:

      Dear Reality Checker – Of course, I realize that this response comes some 6 years after your Post. Obviously, you don’t know Peter Shoniker or you are his ex-wife. Otherwise, you would know that none of the “so-called” high profile individuals” gave evidence on Shoniker’s Sentencing. Before you trip over another falsehood, Shoniker offered his Resignation to the Law Society of Upper Canada, and the Law Society “Revoked his Licence.” Why do people like you enjoy kicking people when they are down. “Come out of the closet” REALITY CHECKER – tell the world who you are, and who is supporting your biased views. I can’t imagine that pride, integrity or fortitude have anything to do with your gutless and silly comments. My name is Brenda Kover – I don’t know Shoniker or Fantino but I have followed this case for 10 years primarily because there certainly is something that doesn’t “smell right” about : 1. Shoniker engineering his old friend Fantino’s transfer to York Regional Police to replace Chief Bryan Cousineau (who Shoniker pleaded “Guilty” to a $120,000 Bribe from Frank Stronach, and got a “kiss” – a Conditional Discharge with some Community Service – to say nothing of the fact that through his Godson Peter Czapka – De La Salle chum of Shoniker – Stronach was never Tried and didn’t had to testify) when the York Regional Police Board was caught “flat footed”, and Shoniker’s friends Chairman Eldred King and Mayor Lorna Jackson were completely prepared for the sudden transition; 2. Shoniker had told Fantino to stay at home with his wife and await the phone call. Don’t even get knowledgeable people into Shoniker’s power over the 1999 Toronto Police Services Board, and how Fantino was “Anointed” not “Appointed” at an emergency Sunday Meeting of the Toronto Police Services Board, and Mayor Lastman leaked everything to the media through his son/lawyer Dale Lastman at Goodmans. I hate the power that Shoniker wielded as much as any Ontarian, but it does no good for us to sit around “beating a dead horse” while he has already arisen, and is live and well and continues to control the Administration of Justice. Now, what is your name?

  5. Sylvia says:

    Yes, interesting man that Shoniker. Law school at Ottawa U. Articled for Ontario AG then for a spell worked in AG office during Ian Scott years. Defended Toronto Christian Brothers in the Christian Brothers sex abuse scandal. Fund raiser for Premier Earnie Eves. Helped Julian Fantino land job as Chief of Toronto police. At trial a psychiatrist testified Shoniker had been sexually abused as a teen by Christian Brothers.

    Good article here:

  6. prima facie says:

    Peter Shoniker has a lot of history, as the link discloses, and, a lot of “friends”, so-to-speak. “The book” goes into some detail about him.
    And well, what can we say about the likes of “Eddie” Greenspan…
    I wonder how a guy like me or Dunlop would “square”, against, “the inner circle” pillars, the likes of “Eddie” hangs out with.

  7. prima facie says:

    In Re: Posts 4,5 and 6:
    On “Eddies” website, the high-profile-showboating Mr. Greenspan writes among other things, “The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Section 11, says that every person charged has a right to counsel. It doesn’t say every person except bank robberies, child molesters, murderers.”

    Well, “would it be fair to suggest”, as in Perry Dunlops case, “every person except” a person who has lost confidence, faith and trust in the Ontario Justice System. Dunlop, “the honest cop”, has elected to serve his punishment for “failing to appear”.

    That’s it, or, that should be it. In short form, crime, prosecution, conviction = penalty and penalty is in some cases, jail time. YET in Dunlops case, this is not good enough for the “Ontario Justice System” or their “strawmen”; just not enough.

    But bank robbers, some child molesters and murderers when caught, prosecuted and convicted, sometimes receive a penalty for their crime…over, that’s it,…and in short time, they are released!! But not in Dunlops case.

    Again, to reference Mr. Greenspans writings regarding the “Charter”, “every person has a right to counsel”, except, Dunlop? From the point of Perry Dunlop’s arrest, how long was it until Dunlop securred the services of a lawyer? Was duty counsel assigned or requested, denied or delayed? What laws, rules, protocol, procedures, etc., etc., were circumvented to facilitate the extradition of Perry Dunlop from British Columbia to Ontario?

    At the time of this writing, why is Perry Dunlop being denied up to date information about his status?

    MAKE NO MISTAKE about it, a terrorist, muderer, bank robber or child molester, as Mr. Greenspan referenced would, in my opinion, be much better informed and treated than Dunlop. Who is Mr. Dunlops lawyer now…does anyone really know? Ottawa lawyer, Lawrence Greenspon? Isn’t he just the lawyer on record for Perry’s appeal? Has Perry been assigned a duty counsel or full-time lawyer, or, is Mr. Greenspon handling everything?

    AND, don’t mistake, Lawrence Greenspon with “Eddie” or with Brian H. Greenspan of “Greenspan, Humphrey, Lavine” “” We all know Mr. Humphrey as lawyer for the Ontario “Attorney General’s Office”. Gee, an awful lot of very high profile lawyers and $$$$$$$ occupied with Perry Dunlop and does Dunlop have a full-time lawyer? (visit the lawyer websites)

    You see, when former politician, lawyer, judge, etc. Garry Guzzo once said, “THIS GOES RIGHT TO THE TOP”, he was MORE than “right on”.

    MAKE NO MISTAKE about it, I believe, people like Perry Dunlop and similar “whistleblowers”, will pay dearly, “with their sanity”, if they expose “the inner circle” goings on. IN fact, I believe Perry had no idea, HOW, deep and exposed this “cut” really has become.

    “Every person charged has a right to counsel.” Ya, right. Mark my words, when Mr. Greenspon (Perry’s appeals lawyer), began to appreciate the “complexity” and “deep roots” of the Perry Dunlop issue, I believe, he realized, he must get out of this case. I believe Mr. Greenspon will, discreetly provoke a situation with the Dunlops, wherein Mr. Greenspon will declare, the Dunlops are too difficult to work with and will not cooperate. The “mainstream lapdogs” will slurp it up.

    Or, the Dunlops can’t pay their bill, or, Mr. Greenspon will pass on the case to another lawyer or firm, indicating he is too busy in high profile cases to give the Dunlops, adequate attention; which takes us back to, “every person charged has a right to counsel.”

    I mean, has anyone else noticed!!….hasn’t the “bar” been raised yet again in Dunlops case? Is there an undisclosed, “different set of rules”, when the “creme de la creme” risk being exposed? YES!!!

    Finally: Again, please, for some readers; don’t confuse, the high profile celebrity Edward L. “Eddie” Greenspan at in Toronto (a lawyer for Peter Shoniker, Conrad Black, etc), with high profile Ottawa lawyer Lawrence Greenspon, who is defence lawyer in the current heavily publicized, alleged “terrorist-terror, “Mohammad Momin Khawaja trial” and of course Perry Dunlop’s lawyer, on record for Perry’s appeal.)

    And as mentioned above, don’t confues Edward “Eddie” L. Greenspan with Brian H. Greenspan of Greenspan, Humphrey, Lavine, a Toronto based law office.

  8. RealityChecker says:

    I think the federal court ruling on the Gomery Inquiry (related to judicial BIAS in public inquiries) is going to or should have a significant bearing on the Cornwall Public Inquiry.

    Is it not evident Glaude and his council are BIASED against Perry Dunlop???

    I am certain (with little effort) blatent bias from the judge towards Perry Dunlop can be found in numerous exerts from the Cornwall Public Inquiry – that would indeed have an impact on the outcome of this public inquiries

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