Alas, only in Canada

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Perry has now spent 128 days in jail – for stepping up to the plate to protect children, and then daring to say he has lost faith in the justice system. This is the institutional response to allegations of childhood sexual abuse.

[Hearings resume at 0930 hours (9:30 am) this morning, Wednesday 25 June 2008]


An update on Perry, a word on finances and then some thoughts along with comment observation on Repa’s testimony of yesterday.

Update on Perry

When I talked to Perry yesterday afternoon he had not had “yard” yet. Seems there have been a few misses over the past week or so. I do hope and pray that that one small liberty and pleasure is not in the process of breaking down.

On that thought, a question: How is that there are pictures in newspapers of prisoners with laptops? What does an inmate need to do to warrant the privilege?

Pancakes for breakfast yesterday. Enjoyed!

A chicken with rice and sweet sauce concoction for lunch. Not bad.

Interesting, according to Perry the food at Quinte Detention Centre is better than at the Ottawa Carleton Detention Centre. There is a kitchen on site at Quinte – the meals are cooked right there. Those at OCDC are cooked elsewhere and shipped in. The on site meals win hands down 🙂

That he is missing and yearning for food wise is a good salad. There are small salads which accompany meals, but Perry finds he would love a nice big salad!

He misses condiments too. There are the little packs of mustard which at times accompany a meal. One little pack. There is no way to get more. He would love to be able to get some through the canteen. Surprisingly the canteen does not carry such highly prized and desired items.

I think it has to be tough on Perry right now. He reads his papers cover to cover. He sees what his lawyer Lawrence Greenspon is doing to defend an “alleged” terrorist. It has to be so terribly terribly frustrating. To my knowledge Perry still has no idea why his hearing was cancelled at the 11th hour. Nor does he have news of a rescheduled date.

As it stands Perry’s next court date is 03 September 2008. As I understand it that appearance has nothing to do with an appeal. That’s simply when he will have completed his six month sentence on the civil contempt conviction. At that time the “purge” option is over. So, on 03 September he will have served his six months and head back to Osgoode Hall in Toronto – he will then stand before the Divisional Court justices to learn his fate on the criminal contempt charge – the one which morphed out of the civil contempt charge. Justice Glaude et al want Perry behind bars for another 15 months on that one!!

So, by the look of things Perry will be languishing behind bars until September. He will serve every single day and hour of the six month sentence. No time off for good behaviour for Perry. No deductions for time served for Perry. He will serve every day and every hour …..and then some.

A reminder: If Perry were a paedophile his six months would be long done.

Interesting that as the purge clock runs down there is increased activity behind the scenes at the Weave Shed to get Perry down there. My oh my but do they want to find a way to get him on the stand, and believe me the lengths to which some are stooping in their efforts to get him there are less than becoming. For now, I’ll leave it that.


A correction. Donations to Helen at CIBC

Bank: CIBC
Account name: Helen Dunlop
Transit #: 240
Account #: 83-23038

BC residents can direct all or part of their $100 refund to that account. Others wishing to donate to assist the family financially in this difficult time can also do so via that account.

Some thoughts on incompetence and cover-ups

I’ve been thinking: Is it ipso facto that evidence of incompetence and/or negligence negates any possibility of cover-up?

I’m getting that impression. The message I’m getting is that if someone seems to prove negligent or careless or whatever on the job then there is absolutely no way he could have been party to a cover-up. Nor could he have been a member and/or buddy of a pack of paedophiles.

Does that make sense to anyone? It doesn’t to me. I think paedophiles and those who cover-up on their behalf are every bit as capable of being incompetent or lazy or negligent as anyone else. I’m quite certain they are capable of double tasking.

Likewise I get the impression that paedophiles and those who cover-up on their behalf are somehow rendered inoperative if there is a shortage of staff in the work place, or poor morale or shortage of funding. In other words, if the work environment is unhealthy than the work environment is unhealthy. That’s it. Don’t even think cover-up or paedophiles under those circumstances. Somehow we are to believe that that too is an impossibility.

Does that make sense? I don’t think so. In fact I’m inclined to think that problems in the work place are probably a boon to any half decent pack of paedophiles.

But, I do believe we are being methodically groomed to believe that a little institutional negligence here, and a little mistake there – and, oh yes, a little Perry Dunlop the other place – is a healthy rationale for all that ails and has ailed Cornwall for years on end.

If at the end of the inquiry day there’s proof of negligence or incompetence or ineptitude somewhere, well, there you go. Proof positive: There was/is no ring.

Or if, at the end of the inquiry day there is proof of low morale or under-staffing, well, there you again. Proof positive. There was /is no cover-up.

I think to date we have evidence of negligence, incompetence and/or ineptitude. And we have evidence of under-staffing and low morale.

So, there it is. Who could or would dare breathe the word “ring” or whisper the word cover-up against such decisive evidence.

That’s what I’m seeing and that’s what I’m thinking and I do believe that’s where we’re at and that’s where we’ll finish.


Former Chief Repa’s testimony

Former Chief Anthony Repa took the stand yesterday. An interesting man. Loyal to his troops +++.

A few comments and observations on his testimony:

(1) No CPS systemic problems: As far as he was concerned when he arrived Cornwall in 1995 and was briefed on the David Silmser pay-off and “ investigation” Repa knew all he needed to know. And as far as he was concerned the Ottawa Carleton Police had it all wrong in saying that there were systemic problems with the CPS (‘I will not agree there are systemic problems with the Cornwall Police Service –at any time’) And as far as he was concerned the Ontario Provincial Police had investigated and there was no evidence of cover-up so all was well.

(2) No cover-up: Repa paid little heed to the flurry of media and talk of cover-up. He knew beyond shadow of a doubt his officers were beyond reproach. There was no cover-up.

(3) The police are the public…: Repa believes “the police are the public and the public are the police.” I would guess that philosophy doesn’t translate well to Perry. When Perry was approached by victims off-duty was he a member of the public or police? According to Repa it makes no difference. And as for, say, Carson Chisholm and Dick Nadeau, well, it seems according to Repa as members of the public they were the police. Too bad Dick wasn’t here to hear that 🙂

(4) “Assist public”: A rather intriguing piece of information regarding the CPS intervention on Father Kevin Maloney’s behalf in the summer of 1995. That was when CPS Emma Wilson called John MacDonald, “alleged” victim of Father Charles MacDonald, and told him not to contact Father Kevin Maloney.

By way of background here, if you click on the previous link you will see that John had turned to the priest for assistance. He later made ONE call to Maloney about retrieving a page from a document which inadvertently wound up at Maloney’s house. He left a message on the answering machine.

Father Maloney called the police! This priest actually called a lawyer (Sean Adams!) and then called the police!! And officer Emma Wilson in turn called John and instructed him not to phone Maloney!!!!

Repa was asked why this action?

His response? That was an “assist public.”

An “assist public” is, according to Repa and as I understand it, a sort of public service- an aid to keeping the peace. It seems if there’s someone you don’t want phoning you all you need do is contact the CPS to file a complaint. On the heels of that an officer will probably pop by and then be happy to take your side and your word and tell whoever you say is bothering you to leave you alone.

So, as confused and upset as John was by the call, and as convinced as he was that he was somehow under investigation and didn’t know why, the truth we now hear is that this was simply an “assist public.” It was no more than the CPS providing a public service! And in this instance it just happened that the public service was to and for Father Kevin Maloney!!

Bad enough that John at the time was struggling to come forward and in essence had the police sicced on him by a Roman Catholic priest, but, as we learned yesterday that “assist public” was done at a time when the CPS was busy, busy, busy and overworked and understaffed and backlogged! But, time in their busy days to do an “assist public” for Father Kevin Maloney!!!

(5) Only in Canada: One final observation. Repa said “I couldn’t believe this was happening in Canada”! He actually said that. He couldn’t believe this was happening in Canada. When he got wind that Perry had sent a raft of files to London Chief Julian Fantino that was Repa’s response. He couldn’t believe this was happening in Canada:

“I couldn’t believe this was happening in our country called Canada, I just could not believe it. “

Amen to that.


I just realized I need to create a page for former Chief Repa. Will get at that right now 🙂 [Done!]

And that’s enough for now,



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9 Responses to Alas, only in Canada

  1. RealityChecker says:

    Why is it so hard for these higher ups to believe or accept that YES the whole system of Justice in Eastern Ontario could be corrupt!!!

    That could be a possibility – a very strong possibility.


    Why is that so hard to believe???

  2. RealityChecker says:

    I gather that would be admitting they are corrupt and wrong themselves and who’s going to do that???

  3. RealityChecker says:

    Repa “PITIES” Perry Dunlop for ever believing that the Eastern Ontario Justice system could be corrupt…well you know something….then you pity me too!!! and a whole bunch of other people!!!

    I know and learned along time ago where sympathy is found. It’s evident in Repa’s testimony!

  4. Myomy says:

    Repa in his final plea and recommendation to Glaude asked that the people he thought of as wrongfully accused should be exonerated in the report. That would be nice for him but it betrays a double standard. None of the abusers who have been accused credible will be found guilty by the terms of the mandate. Their positions in front of the inquiry is guaranteed! If no-one can be found guilty then no-one should be exonerated.

    I also find Repa hopelessly naive or willfully blind in thinking that corruption cannot go that far. The number of people who have the character shown by Perry Dunlop is far too few. Repa was exasperated and unable to understand his way of thinking. That part is credible because Perry Dunlop is far superior to him morally. Repa is nothing more than a cog in the machine. Perry is a real moral subject ready to sacrifice his own position for the sake of a higher good. The widespread corruption happens because people of Perry Dunlop’s character are far too rare.

  5. Sylvia says:

    Was out for most of the day today – heard bits and pieces this morning as I prepared to leave – enough to make my stomach churn ….again!!

    Must now wait for transcripts to find out what was said. Those who watched the procedings please give us you observations.

    Question: Did Repa identify those he considers to have been wrongfully accused?

  6. RealityChecker says:

    No names were mentioned in the final plea. He alludes to those wrongly accused of pedophilia but does not name anyone! No mention to any victims in his plea. The words sexual historical abuse were never uttered. However, I don’t even think he mentioned the word “investigation”. Pedophile and wrongly accused are mentioned though and reputations of those wrongly accused.

    It was a written commendation to the men and women of the Cornwall Police Service and how GREAT they all were…and it was a pleasure to work for CPS and for the Community of Cornwall. A great PR exercise for CPS – nothing more. They must have hired a PR firm for this show….they come reasonably priced in T.O. Many of them. Love to know who did this one.

  7. RealityChecker says:

    I got it!!! I knew something was “funny” about this PR.

    They stole the phrase from Red Rose Tea!!!


  8. RealityChecker says:

    They’re playing the “Hokey Pokey” at the Freeholder again.

    Something’s odd about that site – signing in and the spam that’s coming from it.


  9. prima facie says:

    You are correct “RealityChecker”.

    The “measures” desperate people take. Sometimes they are more destructive than others.

    On the “Standard-Freeholder” website this morning and under the “Former chief Repa “pities” Perry Dunlop” article by “Trevor Pritchard”, a comment was posted #14 by someone, utilizing “James “SPEAK OUT” as the author. “James “SPEAK OUT”, the actual person registered with the “Standard-Freeholder” to post comments, declares he never wrote the comment.

    This appears to be an ongoing problem at the “Standard-Freeholder”, as others have written about.

    This is also reminiscent to earlier years (post 1992)and during the “Project Truth” investigations and other, when many people including myself, complained to the “Freeholder” and others, that letters to the editor were being modified, altered, changed and edited, beyond recognition, from the original text.

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